The Canadian border is OPEN to American land and air visitors. Please refer to our COVID 19 page for updates..

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We are thankful for all the support throughout this pandemic and look forward to the 2022 season.

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Prepare Your Trip


3PM checkin at the Main Base.  This later checkin allows staff & management time to clean, rest and work on maintenance projects prior to your arrival.  We appreciate your understanding and abiding by the 3PM checkin time.


LICENSE: A fishing license and outdoors card is required.  The outdoors card is valid for 3 years.  Both must be purchased online:

REGULATIONS: Ontario publishes an annual guide to the rules and regulations for recreational fishing in Ontario. It contains information about recreational fishing licences, open seasons and catch limits, as well as up-to-date fishing regulations for each fishing zone


Below is a sampling of the food & quantities provided for fishing trips. 

Something missing?  Guest are encouraged to fill in the gaps with foods brought from home or picked up along the way.

Want more of something?  Let us know and we will try out best to accommodate


We encourage you to downlaod or print our "helpful hints" checklist to keep your packing on track.


For dependants under the age of 18, accompanied by only 1 parent/legal guardian (or neither parent/guardian), we strongly recommend completing a constent form before crossing the border.

While it is not mandatory, we would rather our guests be prepared in case you are greeted by an overly inquisative border agent.  You can download a template: minor consent form


Floatplane load limit is 40 pounds per person - this includes your personal gear, fishing gear, sleeping bag and life preserver/jacket.  In ADDITION to this 40lb limit, each person can bring (1) case of beverage of your choice. 

For every 2 people, you can add (1) cooler without wheels (our pilots will thank you).

Please keep these weight limits in mind since any gear beyond this weight limit will be left behinf or you may have to pay for an extra flight.