The Canadian border is OPEN to American land and air visitors. Please refer to our COVID 19 page for updates..

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We are thankful for all the support throughout this pandemic and look forward to the 2022 season.

Our dedication to guests' safety is evident in our adherence to strict aircraft maintenance and experienced staff.

Safety and Liability


The safety of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance and is imperative to the survival and success of KaBeeLo Lodge Inc. & KaBeeLo Airways Ltd.  The Main Base and aircraft are equipped with up-to-date first aid kits and equipment, maintained on a regular basis.  We also offer our guests convenient satellite phone rentals for their outpost packages.  

Liability & Responsibility:

Tours are carried out under the business management of KaBeeLo Lodge Inc. which makes every reasonable effort to serve guests - however it assumes no responsibility or liability for any hazard of any kind associated with these trips. Neither is any obligation or responsibility assumed for any political, meteorological, climactic, or other event or for the services of transportation companies, contractors, or other principals for which KaBeeLo Lodge Inc. acts as an agent and is subject to the terms and conditions of those owners or operators.

Prices, terms and conditions are all subject to change without notice.