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There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

- Steven Wright

News & Updates

News & Updates

  • We’re Live…

    Our fully responsive mobile site is now up and running!  Why did we create this?  78% of KaBeeLo’s website visitors access our web data from a mobile device; tablet, phone, watch and who knows what else; justifying the need for a mobile upgrade.  We transitioned from our previous “mobile-friendly” design to a “fully responsive” mobile site.  In laymen terms –this means the new site will look good on all devices.  The URL is the same, meaning the moblie site can only be viewed from a tablet/mobile device (unless you change the resolution on your desktop)...

  • Flying High Over Ontario - A Bush Pilot’s Journey

    Over the last 100 years, bush flying has been used in Northern Ontario as an important resource for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

    Many bush pilots across the region have made their living by utilizing their expertise in flying highly customized, rugged aircraft to commute people and cargo to the most isolated areas throughout the northern wilderness.

    It is a necessity for which many camps and lodges in the area rely to transport their guests and goods to and from their destinations. Most remote outposts each have their own personal bush pilots to whom they entrust this incredible responsibility. For one man, however, being a bush pilot is more than just a necessity.

    It’s a way of life.

    Erik Lohn, operating bush pilot for KaBeeLo Lodge located 50 kilometres outside of Ear Falls, Ontario, is a man of great integrity who, through his awe-inspiring commitment to his craft and family, makes his living by navigating the remote areas of the dense northern forests.

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  • OUT IS IN…

    OUT IS IN AT THE KANSAS CITY BOAT SHOW | by Brent Frazee - The Kansas City Star 01/24/2015

    When Harald Lohn worked for the state of Maryland, he was not much of a fisherman. He’d wet a line a couple times a year, but that was it.  “There’s no way I would get in the car and drive 400 miles to go fishing,” he said.

    But that lifestyle changed when Lohn’s cousin invited him to go fishing at his KaBeeLo Lodge in northwest Ontario.

    “It was absolutely beautiful,” said Lohn, 71. “It was everything I could possibly dream of.  “We caught fish, but it was the beauty of the country that fascinated me.”

    So much so that Lohn bought the place when his cousin put it up for sale. That was 33 years ago, and Lohn has never regretted his decision.

    Today, he operates a remote fishing lodge that flies fishermen out to 13 outpost lakes. Photos of the living quarters that Lohn displays at the Sportshow reveal that customers aren’t exactly roughing it when they travel there.

    But it’s not the accommodations that hook the customers. It’s the fishing.  Lohn calls the walleye and northern pike fishing at those lakes “unbeatable.”

    “If conditions are good and you don’t catch 100 fish a day, something’s wrong,” he said. “Either you’ve overslept, you don’t have a boat or you’re drunk.” Read more here:


    As many avid hunters and anglers are likley aware, sportshows host a vast array of outfitters and lodging booths and make for a very busy venue.  So it was a great compliment to KaBeeLo when the Kansas City Boat & Sport show awarded us with the 2014 "Best Hunting Outfitter Display".  We sincerely thank all our guests and staff for making KaBeeLo a premier fishing/hunting destination.

  • Hunt News

    Moose Hunt

    Moose hunting in the fall of 2013 was poor.  This is not the type of news we like to announce as naturally we would rather like to share our successes.  While there were signs and sounds of Moose in the forest, none were shot.  The hunters and guides feel the presiding factor for the poor hunt was the unusually warm weather.

    Bear Hunt

    On a better note, our 2013 Bear Hunt was a GREAT success with a hunt rate of 86%!

    Bird Hunt

    When thinking about a bird hunt, Northwest Ontario, Canada may not be your first thought.  However, keep in mind the pressure on the species is very low and nature’s beauty is bountiful.  KaBeeLo would enjoy your company in mid-September to hunt some ruffed & spruce grouse.

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune: New Year’s Wish to All Anglers - Choose Your Trip Carefully

    Posted by: Tony Capecchi under Fishing Updated: December 30, 2012 - 1:03 PM

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens’ famous line refers to life during the French Revolution, but he may as well of been writing about Canadian fishing trips.

    Because when you’re on that dream fishing trip and everything’s going great, life doesn’t get much better. But when you’re stuck on a trip that’s a total bust, it’s a real kick in the pants––mainly because for months in advance the Ghost of Christmas Future teased you with visions of unreal fishing, and the disappointment of a squandered trip is devastating.

    So, my New Year’s wish to fellow anglers is that in 2013 you enjoy the former, rather than suffer from the latter. To help with that goal, here are 3 tips for making sure your precious, hard-earned and well-deserved fishing vacation lives up to your great expectations (OK, no more Dickens’ references)......Click here to continue reading.

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