Exceeded my expectations!  Fabulous cabin, fantastic fishing!

- Grazzini

Wakeman Lake


New cabin built in 2017 comfortably sleeps up to 8 guests and boasts excellent Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. 

Complete with 2 separate bedrooms, indoor shower, hot/cold running water, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, knotty pine paneling, vinyl plank flooring, solar refrigerator, propane cooktop, wood burning stove and a large deck.

16 min. plane ride from kabeelo's main base


Bed Capacity: 8 people
Bedrooms: 2
Year Built: 2017
Other: ONLY cabin on the lake


Distance from main base: 24 miles East
Dimensions: 1 × 3 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 1,361 acres
Shape: Electric drill
Average Depth: 12 – 18 feet
Deepest Point: 30+ feet
Structure: Lots of rocks, inlets, bays and sunken islands
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: Lake is on the Sesikanaga river and flows into BETTY LAKE

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Guest Comments

2018 Season


Peterson Group (3)


Day 1 – Stormy windy in am. Got out for 4 hours in afternoon. 20+ walleye and 3 northerns. Then stormy.

Day 2 – Nice day slept in good breakfast fished the whole lake. Beautiful out there son & his lady 2 big northerns. That is all I can day. Just be ready!

Day 3 – Wow, not ready to go home yet; what an experience. Dad caught his big lunker today. Didn’t realize how exhausting it is pulling in all those big ones. Thanks KaBeeLo, we had such a great time. We will definately be back again.

Oops forgot one day! Very cold! Winds but still had a blast!

4 ppl: Krieser / Wilcoxson Group


Sunday – 100 walleyes in the mouth west of outpost 60 degrees

Monday – rain wind – 100-150 mixed fish- around islands 60 degrees

Tuesday – rain wind – trolling – islands – 60 degrees 50-75 fish slow day – storm at p.m.

Wednesday – calm – slight breeze west of outpost – drift – troll 200 mix fish 55 degrees

Lots of fish and fun – see ya next year



Day 3 of a great multi –outpost trip from KaBeeLo’s.

8 fishermen in our group. Several walleye caught in the morning & afternoon. Northern pike were strong in the shallows. Largest pike – am 42” and pm 45”.

Thank you!

The Amundson Group; 5 people


Day 1 – Cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. Arrived about 7:00am and started fishing around 8:10. Killed the fish!!! We started jigging first and got over 70 walleyes in less than 2 hours, counting 9 Pike. Went out around 1:30 after lunch till 4:00 and trolled around the islands got some walleye and tons of Pike. Went out for the evening bite, lots of walleye and some pike. Biggest walleye of day 1 – 19 ½ “and biggest pike of the day – 32”.

Day 2 – Sunny and upper 70’s!!! Great weather! Caught over 140 fish today. Caught biggest walleye and pike today. Caught a 42 ½ “pike, it was 25 lbs.! and a walleye that was 23”.

Day 3 – Cloudy in the morning then sunny all day, some wind but not too bad. Last day fishing as well, the most recommended spot to go is off that point to the west (on your left side if you were standing on the dock), it is off that point. We got a 41” pike today off that point swell fishing and over 50 walleyes just swell fishing. Also casted and got over 20 pike but nothing too big. I would say for all of us it was a heck of a trip and the people reading this hope that you have luck catching fish!

Biggest pike: 42 ½ “25 lbs. and biggest walleye: 23”.

The fab 5


Day 1 - Flew in late afternoon, on the water in less than an hour. Great fishing

30-40 walleyes in 90 minutes off island to the west 17’ of water. Jig and minnow. Smallish but good eating. Handful of Northern but nothing big. Weather perfect sunny and 70.

Day 2 -  French toast & bacon, on the water by 8:00am. Best day of the trip 75ish walleyes by noon. Zach learned the finer points of jigging for walleyes and a few new words from Uncle Dennis.

Lunch of walleye cakes.

Recipe for Walleye Cakes: Diced walleye, Eggs, Crushed Saltines, Sweet Corn, Diced Jalapeno’s and green pepper, diced onion and old bay seasoning. Fry’em up

Quick nap and back on the water. Zach now has learned to bait hooks and take off fish. Good thing since he was the King of the afternoon. He caught a  24” walleye biggest walleye of the trip and one of the few over 20”. Rachel reeled in a 30” Northern.

Iowa sweet corn and KaBeeLo steaks and off to sleep by 9:00pm

Weather near perfect sunny 75 degrees.

Day 3 - Biscuits and sausage gravy – laid a great base for the day.

Slow – slow to start. No more than a dozen walleyes in the first 2 hours. So we took off exploring. Wiley buggers have to be somewhere. Zach & Gary found them by the small upside down Heart Island (on the map) east of the big island a half mile or so. Not big numbers and not huge fish but perfect take home fish in the 17-18” range with a few 19-20” mixed in. call the day 75 walleye and 15-20” northerns.

Fish taco night

Jalapeno slaw, cabbage, lime juice, cilantro, diced jalapeno, pineapple and Avacado, Mexican cheese, franks red hot and sour cream. Gary O – new record, 8 tacos.

After dinner fishing – casting for northerns went different directions only to have a little adventure. Failed recoil rope left Zach & Gary O. stranded on the other side of the lake. Thank goodness for walkie talkies and a left behind anchor rope and we towed in and switched out boats for the next day.

Weather – just about new perfect 80 degrees sunny.

Day 4 -Oatmeal & sausage biscuits

Sunburns, a few scraps and some kind of foul odor ---hmmm

Slow start again – could be the fish, could be the fatigue.  Could be that foul odor. Could be we started late and finished early – Call day 4 – 75 walleyes and 20 northerns. Cleaned a few fish for dinner tonight which is where this fish tale ends.

Weather, pretty near just about near perfect sunny and 80’s. Weather about to roll on from the west.

Until next time, which will be next year!!! Fish on!! Yeah fun!!


Inman Party of 4


Rachel (6th time here, 1st trip was 2010)

Dennis (10ish times here, 2nd trip back to Wakeman, sweet cabin, outhouse still the same)

Gary O, Tucson, AZ, 1st time to KaBeeLo, 2nd trip to Canada, trip I was in college Shenanigans.

Zach O. 11 years old, Tucson, AZ, 1st time to KaBeeLo, asked if he’d come back, response, “yeah, fun”.


Day 1 - Monday 23rd

we were delayed getting in due to thunder and lightning about an hour. Made camp and out fishing by 9:30am struggled to fins walleyes to bite but pick up enough for a great first night supper. 20 walleyes and 6 northerns northing big size wise.

Day 2 – Tuesday 24

Breakfast by 0800 – Fishing by 0900. Fished on north side of island out front caught 45 – 50 walleyes by 1300 in for lunch back out fishing by 1600. Caught another 20 walleyes & 6 northerns. Windy & mostly cloudy with breaks of sunshine in the afternoon.

Day 3 – July 25th

Went out and were fishing by 9:00am on the south side of the island straight out in front of the cabin. Caught 30 – 40 walleyes and a few northern. Fished there until 12:00 and then had to come back to the cabin because of the wind & rain. Went back out at 6:00pm when the weather cleared a little and caught 15 – 20 walleyes down to the left of the cabin right to the west of the gap. Then went out to the sunken tabletop in the middles of the lake for an hour and caught 10 more walleyes and 2 northern. Weather was cold, wet & windy.

Summary:  Had a blast with great friends.

6 fishermen from Minneapolis, MN


Day 1 – Arrived around 4pm and lost 2 hours to 4 thunderstorms. Fished 4 hours before dark with mixed success. 38 walleye, 7 northern and 1 perch. Walleye off west of island & in channel near cabin.

Day 2 – Mix of rain and clouds. Fished about 11 hours with 6 fishermen. 140 walleyes & 40 northerns. Fish caught all over lake jigging & trolling. Fish tacos for lunch and dinner.

Day 3 – sunny & calm. 108 walleye and 82 northern. 1 fishing pole went overboard.

Day 4 – Best day of fishing yet. Caught 200+ fish caught.

Criss & Flanagan


Fishing was good not nearly as successful as last group.

Caught around 75 walleye & 150 northern with 4 people

Weather mostly was good. Same heavy winds.

For walleye, we had the most success fishing the western shore on the other side of the island using rapalas that went 7-10 feet down.

For northern, we used spoons & top spinners. (They eat anything around here though)

Overall, very relaxing & fun trip.


8 people – fished 20 hours/day

909 fish – good steady fishing

Largest walleye 23 ½ “and Largest Pike 31”

Windy most days

For walleye – hot under water drop-offs

For northern – cast against rocks anywhere except shallow bays.



Great cabin. WOW

Day 1 – fished ¾ day, 2 of us, 70+ Northern Pike up to 29” and 6 walleye.

Could not get walleye on minnow. Despite hitting drop-offs, channels, etc… Pike fishing fun. Best success was jerk baits in shallow water. Literally casting in 1-2 ft. of water all around lake with best luck (and biggest). Rocky bank down from cabin. Wind blowing “easterly” what is supposedly is bad. Weather was nice. Water temp 68 degrees.

Day 2 – Rain, Thunder, Lightning … Rain. Thunder. Lighting = cards + booze.

2pm weather let up. Fished ½ day caught 50+ pike. 20+ walleye. Spinner Bait was my favorite in shallow for Pike. Figuring out minnow – jig technique for walleye.

Day 3 – very windy… VERY. Got on water at noon. Figured out minnow – Walleye. Caught 100+ Walleye, 75+ Pike. Fished till dark. Favorite bait = Spinnerbait in shallows. Landed a monster 38”. Fat beautiful fish 16+ lbs. trophy.

Day 4: fished 6am – 10am caught 30+ walleye (minnow) and 40+ Pike (spinnerbait)

Summary: Caught fish pretty much everywhere. Only walleye hot spot was left side of island as you look out window. 400+ fish: 70% Pike, 30% Walleye

Biggest Pike: 38” and biggest walleye 21”

Left boat anchor by boats.

 Rax and Michelle



Great cabin, the lodge really went all out, nice job.

4 of us spent about 4 hour per day caught about 70 walleyes and 25 northerns.

Two largest walleye 25 inch and 23.5 inch.

Largest northern 37.5 inch




Party of 3

Largest Northern: 42”

Largest Walleye: 22”

# of fish in the week +/- 900 ( roughly 60 % Northern and 40% walleye)

Hours on lake: 8-10 per day

Hot spot NE channel (NE of outpost) Wildlife seen: otter, beaver, bear cub, American eagle, Chipmunk, leech, crawdads, and one drowned mouse

First Group of 2018


We caught lots. 992 fish. New Fishing champs.

2010 Season


Alfred, Colorado USA


Today may be my last entry. We are weak and dehydrated. We have underestimated the lure of the lake. Alas, as we fished our way to Euphoria we neglected out most basic needs; sleep, food, regular bowel movements, hygiene and alcohol abuse. We are huddled together this last night awaiting our angels of… rescue. I pray that we are alive with memories intact. In reality we had a GREAT TIME; Fellowship, Fishing as good as we could hope for and weather we truly enjoyed. Here’s to Lake Wakeman and here’s to us.

2005 Season


Messick Party of 4


July 17 – 24

Caught too many fish to count.  Lots of quality walleyes 16-19”.  One 20” Northern hungry & persistent, caught hundreds, biggest 27”, lost 2 larger.  Any type of lure will work – color not a factor. Walleyes in 7-10 ft on windy points.  Northerns in same spots and along shorelines.  Good Luck.

PS – white spinnerbait the hot ticket (for both fish)