First cast & first fish was a 48” northern pike on lindy rig and leech. Lots of walleye and northern pike, we are coming back!!

- Two Guys | Minnesota

Wavell Lake


Built in 2001, Wavell cabin is the only cabin on the lake, can accommodate 6 people very comfortably between 2 separate bedrooms. 

Amenities include indoor shower with hot/cold running water, knotty pine tongue and groove walls, vinyl flooring, screened-in porch, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, large cooking/food preparation area, refrigerator, propane cooktop, wood burring stove, and large deck overlooking the lake.

The walkway extends from the cabin right to the dock. This is a beauty - even highly rated by a honeymoon couple desiring the most private and romantic setting imaginable! 

23 min. plane ride from KaBeeLo's main base


Bed Capacity: 2 – 6 people
Bedrooms: 2
Sqft: 815
Year Built: 2001
Other: ONLY cabin on the Lake


Distance from main base: 40 miles North West
Dimensions: 3 × 3 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 1,934 acres
Shape: Round
Average Depth: 14 – 20 feet
Deepest Point: 60+ feet
Structure: Vast amount of underwater structure: sunken reefs, ledges, holes. A moderate number of coves, islands, bays and inlets.
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: 2 rivers flow into the lake, 1 major flow out of the lake

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Guest Comments

2022 Season


Kiefner Party ------------- Kent & Joe


Monday, July 11

Good Success between cabin island & fish cleaning island “ the chute”

Not much success N of cabin or E of cabin

Fish mainly in 8’-12’

Trolling help located fish

Tuesday, July 12

Good success on island cabin SE of cabin “the Islands”

Fish mainly in 8’-12’

Best fishing between 6pm & 8pm

Not much success on SW side of lake

Wednesday July 13

Good success fishing “the chute” & “the islands”

Good fishing in rock structure ¼ mile E of “the island” … “the Rocks”

3 walleye over 21”

Thursday July 14

 Good success fishing “the Rocks”

Not much success between “the Rocks” & “ the Islands”


Friday July 15

Decent – to – good fishing everywhere

Off the lake early due to weather (hot & calm) & last day

The KaBeeLo For an awesome Fishing trip!  Back to reality in Missouri & Oklahoma.

2018 Season

Koury Group



The fishing was everything we could have hoped for.  It was a little on the warmer side but the boys couldn’t have thrown down the waters quick enough.  It was the perfect getaway to relax, unplug, and spend quality time with friends from all over the state (MN).  When we wanted to catch fish we could, when we wanted to relax and have a beverage we did, and when we wanted to eat – we ate…I think salads are in the future.

Perfect couple days.

Amazing amenities.

Friendly staff.

Lots of FISH!!!!!

Flights were breathtaking.


Van Wyks


July 13, 2018.  First time at Wavell.  Very windy.  Went across from cabin then a little south between boulders and island, Walleye were hitting niche fish here. Pulled in more 18-19” fish than we did little ones.  We’ve gone to Okanse several times there you could catch 100+ fish a day, here it’s harder work but just as fun.

July 14 – checked out the falls inlet.  Water is very low everywhere.  Not much in the way of fish there by the falls.  Very windy again.  Kept the flies off.  Once again caught nice fish not a bunch but nice.

July 15 – Headed down to the rapids.  We parked boat and jigged in about 5’ and we couldn’t get our lines in fast enough both crawlers and minnows.  Our limit to take home was in the freezer.  Brought the stringer out one more time for dinner.  Very windy.

July 16 – Rainy & windy.  Robin didn’t fish.  Doug braved it.  Both suffering with colds.

July 17 – Cooler day, windy but nice.  The Lohn’s sure know how to spoil you with food.  Although we had walleye twice so far.  Crawlers froze in the fridge so they are now mush.  Still have plenty of minnows.

July 18 – Decided to fish deeper.  AHA – fish in 22’-30’ of water.  Fish for dinner tonight!  Warm & windy.  Smoke came rolling in around 6pm.  Never saw any flames so we felt safe.  It’s been windy every day.  We would just look for some shelter so it wasn’t bad.  Doug went out almost every morning, Robin didn’t at all.  Fin night fishing across from the cabin again.  It’s been light out ‘til midnight.  Campfires almost every night.

July 19 – Last day here, it’s beautiful but windy.  Flies have been a pain but worth it.  Doug lost his glasses back on the 15th. Sure am glad I had some cheaters with me.  They’re not perfect but he could at least see to tie his line.  It’s gone by fast.  Fun lake but be prepared for big winds.  Plane is supposed to be here tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Doug’s 24th trip, Robins’ 20th.

Biggest walleye 22” – Doug had 2 of them

Robin’s 19” – had a few of them

2017 Season


Gloustermen - Kansas


4 Gloustermen from Kansas made the annual trek to KaBeeLo Lodge. 

Everybody wants to talk weather, so I will.  It was fine.  No rain, no wind.

Everybody wants to talk fishing.  Fishing was excellent.  Lots of fish – lots of nice fish. 

Nobody wants to talk about bathroom habits.  Nobody should feed the gull.  He craps all over everything and he carried a plate away.

Nobody wants to talk about the guy who ate al my damn jerky and cookies.  Pretty sure it was the gull enabler.

We missed the meteor shower and the northern lights, but you can’t beat Canadian Shield Lake fishing.  I will go back to he “real” world and not get p o’d for a whole week. 

Best walleye lake in KaBeelo’s group of lakes…..Ciao,




First trip to KaBeeLo for one of us, second for another.  One of many for the others and it was as great as always!  We caught MANY walleyes, a few northerns (the biggest was 38 inches – Diana).  Our biggest walleye was 25.5” – Jack.  Always a great experience – the KaBeeLo crew does a fantastic job!  We look forward to many more trips!


Brandon & Sam Bongard


June 29th – flew in at 6:30am, started fishing by 7.  Caught a few walleye down behind outpost cabin by rapids.  Also caught a lot of northerns, managed to land a big 37” northern.

June 30th – Was on the lake by 6:30 am.  Went to the waterfall/rapids across the lake, caught a lot of walleye at the base of the falls, live bait and plastics, also caught a few northerns in the same area.  Rained most of the afternoon from about 2:30 onward.

July 1st - Went back across the lake to the water fall and caught many walleye, finished our take home limit, all around 17.5”.  Proceeded down behind outpost camp to other rapids where more northerns were caught and another 34” northern was caught.  Rained from about 5:30 on. 

 This trip was a very memorable experience for the both of us on our Honeymoon, it was something we will never forget.

We will be back for sure

Grazzini/Harrison/Ferguson Group; Twin Cities, MN


June 21st – Flew in at 7pm – Started fishing near waterfall/rapids.  Caught a lot of good sized walleye.  Ended the night catching a 33” Northern around 10pm.  All catch & release first night.

June 22nd – Fished near the waterfall again.  Best fishing was right against the rock walls close to the waterfall, and right outside the small bay.  Caught a lot of walleye, biggest were 20-21”.  Had a great fish fry for dinner.

June 24th – Fished in the back river/rapids in the morning and caught the rest of our take-home limit.  Great sized walleye 16”-18”.  The sun finally came out in the afternoon and we ended the night by the rapids/waterfall catching a lot of walleye, a few Northern and a lot of snapped lines.  Rodded in one of our biggest walleyes of the week at 21”-22”.  We had shore lunch-fish fries for both lunch and dinner.   We perfected the beer batter recipe by the end of the week.

Overall great trip, ate well and had pretty good fishing each day.  The weather could have been better but we could fish until almost 10pm each day so we always had enough to eat.

The Haukes - WI


Day 1 – fished the incoming rapids.  Caught one right after another.  Lots of 17”-18”.  Biggest was 22”.  Caught all vertical jigging, they bit on live bait and plastic.  Got rained off the lake.  That evening/8pm. Vertical jigged of left side of dock, caught 13 more then went to bed.

Day 2 – Fished morning @ rapids, same sort of fishing.  Rained all day, so fished only when it wasn’t downpouring.  When it was down pouring, made wood to survive the 44F night.  Met Steven the seagull, and phil the Pheasant.  They kept us entertained during the rain.  Caught supper off the dock, then a pesky northern showed up.  Hoping for the weather to break, and sunny weather, so we can go exploring tomorrow and spend the day outside.

Day 3 – Happy Fathers Day!!!!  We woke up to no sun, another gloomy, cold day.  Fished the rapids, same results.  Then explored the lake with little success.  Came back in, had to chop wood to stay warm.  In the evening, the kids made their dads dinner.  Then we played cards, and discussed how we were sick of rain, clouds, and being too cold.  If there is a god, let it be sunny tomorrow.

Day 4 – Woke up…no God heard our prayers.  Another day of rain, clouds, and no sun.  Night was much cooler than expected, wood supply was depleted again, off to the rapids to catch some walleye.  Had a lot of fun fishing, caught LOTS of fish, but not a lot of size.  Caught decent walleye off the dock, biggest was 23”.  Glad we got to experience this untouched nature.

Casperson Family


Another fantastic fishing trip.  This trip makes 6 times as a family.  6 people here, full house.

Fishing was amazing.  No shortage.  Biggest walleye 23”, biggest pike 28”

Weather was nice, VERY windy.  Makes fishing off some points difficult.  Not too cold if you dress right.  Rain came consistently on and off.

Good northern fishing in western river.  Good sizes.

Walleye caught in south falls and north rapids.  We always had luck there catching 17” plus.

Overall this trip did not disappoint.  Enjoy the time and solitude.  It’s back to reality before you know it.


Dan & Bill - Twin Cities


Dan’s 1st time doing a fly in to canada.  Blue skies and could see forever; truly one of the most memorable views I have ever had.  Love the cabin, fishing has been amazing:

  • First stringer I started got caught on the prop.  Poor little Walter got his head chopped up.
  • Bill lost his favorite jig to a feisty Northern and decided to step up his game and tossed a #5 mepps and the SAME northern hit it. 
  • Bill got him in the boat with a bedazzled jig still in its mouth.  Call this a draw.
  • All our fishing action has been at the Rapids coming into the lake
  • I used to scoff at people that claimed to catch 100 fish in a day – not anymore.  Amazing day, so much fun.
  • We tried the out flowing river today and had only a few bites
  • I watched Youtube videos on the way up on how to fillet….I still SUCK.  Anyway….Bill is awesome @ it so we ate well.

Bill and I met in College and we’ve been friends ever since.  To be here with a guy who you have shared so much of life together is a blessing that I thank the Lord for!  Funny…our wives are in California together while we are here…clearly we have the better deal.


  1. Two big Northern 40” and 36” out of mouth of 1st incoming river nearest to cabin.  Considering I had never caught a fish bigger than 5 pounds it is a huge thrill.
  2. Caught so many fish that we ran out of minnows.  20dz in 3 days.  To our surprise, worms worked just as well.
  3. Did not find walleyes anywhere but @ the rapids
  4. Biggest walleye, 23”
  5. Caught an eel pot (I think) and fed that to the birds
  6. On our last night the pump stopped working so we had no water, not sure what happened

I will never forget the fishing, the beauty of the falls, a bald eagle flying just in front of our boat, the amazing river journeys…

But most of all, the chance to be in nature, try new things and share it with my best friend of 39 years.

Goodbye and thanks for a great experience

Dan & Bill.

2016 Season


Skudlarek Trio - IL


Brian (Dad), Jessica (Daughter) & Ken (Papa)......Gorgeous lake, looking forward to coming back!  

DAY 1: Flew out early, trolled around to get a feel for the lake.  Found a cool moose antler under the cabin!  This is our 5th fishing trip with KaBeeLo, 1st time at this lake.  Decided we’re going to fish by all the rivers/rapids to catch some fish =-)   

DAY 2: Slow day fishing.  Caught 3 walleye and 7 northerns,  But we did go down the river behind the cabin (decent fishing) then down towards the beaches (no fish, just huge waves) then to the grassy river (got stuck but caught fish) then down to the other rapids which has a pretty waterfall!  So far best fishing has been by the fish cleaning island!

DAY 3: Trolled around the island that the cabin is on, caught a handful of fish back there.  Found where the fish were hiding!  They’re in deeper water, going to go cast with jigs and bait to see if we have better luck after lunch (total fish so far: 16)  Caught a whole bunch of walleye across from the fish cleaning station.  Saw the eagles too.  Oh and by the way, the seagull that’s probably sitting on the dock now is named Norbert because he’s an idiot.  He dive bombed the eagle while we were fishing.  7 walleye, 21 pike

DAY 4: What a hot day!  Water temp was 75F, not too many fish were biting.  Final total: 9 walleye (20”) and 29 pike (25”).  Did have a lot of fun though, went by the waterfall again and as I climbed out of the boat to check out the top I hear my Papa go “If she’s getting out, I wanna get out too!!!”  So he proceeded to climb out of the boat with my dad behind him!  It was quite an adventure.  

O'Neill Crew


Great trip as always!!!  We had rain the first two days followed by two beautiful sunny days.  The rain provided the best fishing & the sun provided a fun day trolling the lake & an afternoon on the sandy beach.  We saw a very large moose running back from an island between the beaver dam and the large sandy beach!  Three bald eagles were flying around the whole time we’ve been up. 

The largest fish caught was a 32” Northern caught at the mouth of the double falls.  The best walleye spot was near the mouth of the river going out.  We caught at least 12 fish every time we stopped here.  The water was high enough to go to the 40’ falls at the end of the river.  It gave us a beautiful lunch spot & a fun place to catch some more walleye.  The cliffs east of the cabin were great in the early morning.  We caught a good mix of walleye & northern before 9 am.

Spangler Party


Our 5th trip to KaBeeLo, first stop at Wavell!  Total fish DAD = 89, Son = 97

DAY 1 – arrived, unpacked, geared up and on the lake by 3pm.  Best luck closest island to cabin south west side.  18 walleye in 60-90 minutes and 3 small northerns.  Lessons learned: Mosquitoes abound little wings make a lot of noise in your ear ar night!

DAY 2 – started first fish 7:05 AM Fished islands behind cabin, island spent most of AM down river to North, good production.  “Falls” to south are hard to fish but do have fish.  Walleye mostly 50+

DAY 3 – Tough day. Travelled all way back to rapids North, no luck.  Tricked south to falls, no luck.  All spots that hot yesterday – dry today, found them mid-afternoon by the small island behind cabin.  Lessons Learned: fishing line does not last forever and a reel without line is as pointless as an ex-wife!

FINAL DAY!   Rest of day of fishing small island south side directly behind cabin island – large #’s

Finally learned how to fish falls north of cabin.  Fish sit outside opening on shoreline.


  • 1 reel – toast
  • 1 rod – toast
  • 1 fishing net – bottom of lake – sorry Lohn Family – force me to repay you by making a 6th trip back (to KaBeeLo)!


Ellis Bus Party (White group)


Good Lake, had a problem finding enough fish under 18” to eat, but we managed.  Nice cabin, boats were a little rough & needed some work but otherwise a fun, trouble free trip.


The Sims Party


Tons of fish (walleye ) caught by the river coming into the lake, 3-8 ft of water.  Moved into river right by rapids, caught one right after another – boated easily 200 walleyes in 3.5 days.  Many pike as well, not as much for size, largest 30”.  Many laughs, great memories!  Will be back!

2015 Season


Workman | KS


4 Kansas guys.  Weather was rainy and cold.  Lots of fish Switky and Workman Brothers.  Big walleye all over the lake.

Played pitch every night and the Workman’s showed complete and utter domination over the Switky Twins.  It’s all strategy.

I am the grizzled veteran and the other 3 are just grizzled.

Sadly we had to leave a guy behind.  Poor Dale went to the “shi**er” and never came back.  We figured a bear got him, but turns out he just fell into the hole/

Have a drink to Dale.


3 Guys: 1 MN, 1 WI, 1 CA


First class.

Great weather.

Ate walleye every minute.

Fish were everywhere.

Jigs + Minnows – Leeches

Full Moon on 6-30-15

Great Cabin.

Fished off dock – south inlet, south off islands.

Great Northern fishing.  Mostly 20”-28” caught using a silver stream minnow off the rock peninsulas along the north and northeast shoreline.  Beautiful weather all three days.

Fantastic fishing, almost every walleye was 16-22 inches, even better company with great buddies, and great cooking.  The cabin is first rate and he shower is a bonus.  30dz minnows were not enough.  Thanks for the rip of a lifetime!


Koury Crew | MN


Koury Party caught their fair share of fish.  Walleyes in the inlet river.  Biggest walleye caught by Joels, 26 inches.  Biggest Northern by Rice 43 inches.  Walleyes were caught in gold and yellow jigs.  Northerns on the one-eyed wiggler.  Weather was beautiful.  Joels, Timmer and Beltz went swimming.  Bran went down the water slide. We got’em when we needed ‘em.

2014 Season


Cold & Wet


July 10 - July 15:  We had 1/2 of a nice day otherwise thunderstorms, clouds, rain & COLD!!!!  Thank goodness for the wood stove and foresight to gather wood & kindle.  Saturday the sun was out too but it was cold - went to the big falls down the river but the trip back was brutal - the wind was so strong it shook and rattled the cabin - the boat was blown on it's side at one point.  Despite all that - LOTS of fun in the cabin - restorative!!!! 


Group from Arkansas


Day 1: Beautiful first day on the lake - arrived about 7:30 got things settled in and went right to fishing - caught approximately 80 walleye first day with the largest at 24".  Also about 8 northern 18" to 24" long.  Walleye are hitting minnows, worms or artificial grubs at several spots on the lake.  Ate lots of fish tongiht!

Day 2: Another beautiful day - a little too hot and very little wind today which made walleye fishing more difficult.  Still caught 80-100 walleye and half a dozen northerns.  Minnows, worms and just about any plastic grub or jig worked today.  Best fishing was 6:00 to noon then about 1 hour before dark.

Day 3: Fishing is a lot tougher today.  Real windy but we located fish and caught 30-40 walleye and half a dozen small northern.  

Great 3 days with about 300 walleye total!!!! 

First timer from Kanas, Mike Smith


Thank you guys for a great time! I was with the Wallace family on my first trip to Kabeelo. We had an outstanding time. It was everything that I had hoped it would be. I hope to be back at some point. Thanks again!


Family from Kansas


We arrived on Thursday afternoon & started right in fishing - we were able to catch more than enough walleye for dinner & some nice pike - we were fishing the south rapids.  

Had great weather all week - Saturday was choppy & windy which made for great walleye fishing - the best place were the points on the south east coastline; smallest walleyes were 18" with 23" biggest.  Sunday was cool & windy - found spot about 30' off east island - gave up over 100 walleye in about 4 hours - GREAT TIME!  Our last day with warm sun & glass water was the slowest day 23" walleye & 25" northern were our biggest catches - hundreds of each were caught - great memories with our kids & delicious food!  

Funny Story:  my husband & 16 year old decided to venture out on the canoe - son hooked a walleye - dad shifted a little to help him & canoe overboard - dad, son, fish & two poles in the water - after many laughs they were pulled back to the dock - poles gone & canoe parked indefinitely!

4 great fishermen


July 7 - July 10: 

  • Water Temp 64F
  • Two overcast days - one sunny
  • 300+ fish caught by four people  

Walleye - all caught witj minnows and 1 fake leech.  LOTS of mosquitos!!!!!  GREAT food - alot of laughs.  Mossetracks on the sandy beaches - only 1 eagle sighting.  We had one visitor who was on a 9 week canoe trip on week 3 of his trip.



June 25th - June 28th:

  • Water Temp 68F
  • Walleyes @ entrance to falls in 4'-12' with the biggest walleyes being 22"
  • Few small northerns
  • Work the points in shallow water for walleye


Caught a ton of fish again - windy in the morning - east wind all week.  Most fish caught at the falls and in the river just up from Heidi's rock.

Now some facts:

  1. Lost all of our minnows on the first night - cover came off the minnow bucket.  That was followed by Mark snapping his pole in two trying to fish out the cover.
  2. Lost the top of one pole inthe river.
  3. Mosquitoes can carry you away if you spend too much time outside.
  4. Estimate we caught 300 walleye.
  5. Large northerns attacked our stringers several times.
  6. Great food & great fun.


June 21st 10:30 am: Arrived and unpacked - cloud cover but no rain.  Went out and caught a great number of walleyes and brought them back for shore lunch at 1pm.  BEST fishing was near the rapids.  In the afternoon we fished south shore, caught fish on anything; worms, artificials and yet minnows seem to be the BEST!  We caught fish everywhere.  North of outpost in the bays, and yet we have not tried the islands.  Fishing was good and returned 20 walleyes into the lake.  Caught a few northerns - wind was from the East.

June 22nd: Good day of fishing, good food and friendship.  4 guys just having fun.

June 23rd: Caught A LOT if fish today.  Over 100 between the 2 boats.  The rapids South gave great entertainment when walleye was attacked by 40" northern that would not give it up.  The rapids to the North was fun to see and the channel gave us 38 fish which we caught and released.  The big rock with wood piled up (on the West) like a small beaver damn gave up 16-20" walleyes.  Great fun.


  • If you go to the rapids - stay to the LEFT of the island.....
  • Keep SOUTH of the big rock....
  • Rapids to the NORTH were best found by going west from outpost and straight North-NorthEast.

Hungry Northerns....


We arrived - nice flight out although very gusty up there, went to channel at 3:30pm where we caught a big walleye and a couple northerns for dad's fish soup.  Then went to rapids and caught about 20 walleye with a big northern attacking our stringer and reeling in walleye tried to net him but he's pretty quick.  Came homeate a great walleye dinner with potatoes & soup.  Went to bed to start a great weekend of fishing!!

Went out Sat am and caught mostly walleye at the falls - netted a 36" northern that wouldn't let go of fish on stringer....cloudy - light rain and cool 60F.  

Totals: In all - caught 264 walleyes, 186 northerns.  Northerns were catching all the walleyes! 

Bait: minnows were better than leeches

Summary: Ate great, laughed a lot and had an excellent time!

2013 Season


Michigan, USA


We arrived. Amazing island cabin, surrounding area is serene and beautiful. Enjoyed great walleye fishing, Merlin the Gull, building wood stove fires, playing cribbage. It was cool and rainy but cooked up a storm of good food – smores, scalloped potatoes, French fries, drank wine, Boddington’s, Guiness. I caught the most, but know the least.

Four guys from Kansas, USA


We arrived after a long drive from Kansas. First couple of days we did not catch a lot of fish but ate some & they were delicious. On our third day in the afternoon had the poorest day of fishing ever experienced – quite warm with lots of sunshine. No fish so we will eat the cow & pig tonight.



Note: The lake was closed for angling and dock construction undertaken. With four dock workers from the local area working for approximately one week a new dock was completed. The old dock was completely removed and a new one constructed parallel to the old site.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


The 4 of us arrived from Minneapolis Minnesota, flew out, unloaded our gear and went fishing. FISHING WAS GREAT! Caught plenty of walleye (9-12 feet) on jigs and minnows or jigs and crawlers. Twister tails were pink, white or, in fact, any bright color. No issues with motors or anything. Four days in paradise with temps in low 70’s during the day and mid 50’s at night. With calm winds and star filled nights, including northern lights, what is there not to like.

The Honeymooners from Pennsylvania


First week of June we arrived and flew out to Wavell Lake for our honeymoon (yes, you are reading correctly). We were the first honeymoon couple ever on Wavell! We’ll be back for our anniversaries! Great weather, beautiful scenery, super remote & a lovely island cabin… oh & good fishing. Yes, we did fish in the SW part of the lake (in coming river) and caught walleyes faster that we could get minnows on the hook. Nice size eaters were caught with pink and white twister tails with jigs and minnows. Out companion was a seagull named “Merlin.”

Group of 4 from Minnesota


We are the next group of four from Minnesota who caught many walleyes in the falls on any color twister tail with jigs, minnows, crawlers, leeches, etc. Note to the owners: dock needs work! Four fishermen from MINNESOTA USA.


Two guys from Minnesota, USA


The two of us arrived, unpacked and went fishing. First cast & first fish was a 48” northern pike (at last) lindy rig and leech. After that everything else was uneventful but still exciting. Lots of fish (both walleye and northern pike). Found most of the fish in shallow water on ne corner of lake and caught with both live bait (minnows & leeches) as well as artificial baits (power baits, gulp, etc.). We are coming back!!

2012 Season


A couple 24th trip to KaBeeLo/5th trip to Wavell


Another great trip to KaBeeLo. Caught lots of walleye 16” to 22” and plenty of northerns that were small. But they offer lots of action. What a beautiful lake, eagles, loons & small wildlife. We will be back next year & for many to come.


Father with his 2 sons


3rd trip to KaBeeLo. Boys like to hike, pick berries and read so I had lots of bait.

3 of Kansas finest!


For five (5) days we drank beer, caught fish (109+ in one single morning!), told stories, wrote stories and told lies. Best advice we can offer is fish for walleye in 15-18’ deep water and sleep on your back.


Four buddies from Minnesota


In 2 ½ days we caught 250+ walleye and northerns. Everything worked for us.

Couple from Illinois


A couple of novices returning for a second trip to Wavell Lake. Fished for five days and caught fish and on Day 5 caught two of the best walleye we have ever caught. Weather did not cooperate everyday but we had a GREAT time, again.