Best Canadian fishing trip...lots of walleyes 26”+. Cheryl got the biggest walleye of her life (27.5”) and I got my biggest northern (40”). 

- Tom & Cheryl Wiensch | WI

Dead Dog Lake


Remodeled in 2019, complete with 2 separate bedrooms, indoor shower, hot/cold running water, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, knotty pine tongue and groove walls, vinyl flooring, screened-in porch, large cooking/food preparation area, propane cooktop, solar stainless steel refrigerator, wood burning stove, and a large deck overlooking the lake. This is a beauty!

Located 28 miles NE of KaBeeLo's main base, it is the only cabin onthe lake and comfortably accommodates 6 people.

15 min. plane ride from KaBeeLo's main base


Bed Capacity: 2 – 6 people
Bedrooms: 2
Year Built: 2008
Last Remodel: 2019
Other: ONLY cabin on the lake


Distance from main base: 28 miles North East
Dimensions: 1 × 3.5 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 1,050 acres
Shape: Dog
Average Depth: 8 – 16 feet
Deepest Point: 40+ feet
Structure: Numerous reefs, bays and coves, fewer islands. Good underwater structure.
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike

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Guest Comments

2022 Season


The Workman Group


July 30 – August 6, 2022

There isn’t enough room to write down all the wonderful things about these lakes.  If you come for the fishing …. Well, there are plenty of walleye to eat and there are plenty of “marbles” above 20” to bend your rod.  Pike are abundant with some old “shovel heads” getting up to 38”.  If you come for the scenery … there is a wood chuck out back.  A warren of snow shoe rabbits’ lives under the cabin.  There is a chipmunk out front that watches our every move.  There are two spiders that live under the dock that as big around as your head and are ready to suck the life out of you (spiders … I don’t like).  The eagles and gulls watch intently to see if you catch fish and head for the fish cleaning station.  Then there is the blue water and peace and solitude that recharges a person.  I am here for that and the comradery.  The guys I come here with are of good character and enjoy the experience.  They are good fishermen, although if there was real silver in silver minnows there would be a silver rush at Dead Dog.  Well the plane is coming and off we go. T/W

Josh & Hollie Hein


July 1 – July 8, 2022

We finally arrived for our long-awaited honeymoon which should have been in 2020��!  After a week at the Bear Paw outpost, we were ready to catch even more fish!  We caught several nice walleyes over 20” with Mrs. Hein getting the record at 29”!!

It’s great to be back at Kabeelo after 2 long years.  We had a great family trip to Bear Paw before our stay here at Dead Dog.  First time on this lake and we would love to come back.  Fishing was better on the windy days but we caught quality walleye every day no matter the conditions.  Great service as always by the Lohn family and staff.  Glad they weathered the storm and hope the best is yet to come.  Not every outdoorsman is fortunate enough to have a wife who truly enjoys all the wilderness has to offer. I’m very fortunate to have one that does.  Looking forward to many more adventures with the love of my life.


Rich, Randy, James & Scott


June 27 – July 1, 2022

Great fishing, tough weather.  Hight winds and a lot of rain kept us off the water for hours at a time.  When we could get out, fish were biting.  Windy conditions forced us to troll.  Used crankbaits that dove 4-6 feet.  Fished in 10 ft of water (about 20-30 yards off the islands) or shore.  We used light colored jerk baits and caught tons of quality walleye.  Biggest 25 inches.  If crankbait is hitting the rocks, you are too shallow.  Troll just faster than an idle.  All rocky points/islands hold fish.  If you catch one, there are probably several more there.  We could make 3-4 passes and get fish every time in same spot.  If you find weeds, you’ll find the pike.  The two bays on opposite side of lake – just northeast of cabin – held many quality fish.  Probably got 4 pike over 36”.  The weed beds are not all the up yet so you need to be looking.  They are in the middle of the bays.  Keep your eyes out while trolling for the weeds; once you find weeds, cast to them with red and white dare devils and hang on.  We used ¾ oz – 5/8 oz to cut through the wind.  Reel quick to keep lure at top of weeds.  Spectacular pike fishing.  We hardly fished at all in the “head” of the Dead Dog.  Also, barely went lower than the “out” river.  Water was still cool from all the rain and temps in 60’s during the day and 45-50 degrees at night.  We caught much more quality fish ere than we di in 2019 at Perrigo Lake.

Jim, Jeremy & Steve


June 17 – 20, 2022

Great to be back at KaBeeLo – three years is a long time to wait.  Back at Dead Dog for about the 15th time.  Things have changed dramatically in the last 4 days and certainly since previous journal entries.  On the 17th, a cold north wind blew all day; fishing was really off with water temps at 57-58 degrees.  By Sunday, it was 70 degrees w/a strong south wind which at time, blew from SE, the SW, the W and back to South – whitecaps every day.  Walleyes were “shut down” the first day – all the “go to” places, many mentioned in previous entries.  It appears the earlier visitor witnessed the pre-spawn feeding frenzy in 6-8 feet of water.  Now, big fish are recovering from spawning and just started feeding (not robustly though). We caught a 23” walleye that you could touch you thumb and little finger together when holding it around its girth.  Finally, water temps rose to 65 degrees and the fish started biting but were very spread out; from 10-26 feet of water.  Few schools of fish so had to really work for them.  Many fewer big fish compared to past years – maybe the best is yet to come for some of you.

Jeremy is a northern pike nut & throws all kinds of hardware at them.  He caught over 30 northerns by himself but longest was only 32”.  All 3 of us caught 34” pike walleye jigs.  See all the spots on the map as they represent standard fishing areas but also, strike out on your own & find your own new “secret” spot!

Of course, the KaBeeLo experience is much more than fish caught.  It is stories about the big ones that got away; eating belly-busting meals; enjoying a beautiful sunset over a placid lake; good friends & enjoying this little slice of heavenly solitude knows as Dead Dog Lake.

Take care of the cabin and its contents for us and others, pick up paper & other garbage from around the cabin site (note to previous guests) and enjoy the time away in this special place.

Thank you, Lohn Family



June 9 – 10th, 2022

Finally allowed to return after the world’s biggest **** **!

Northern – two 36” back-to-back.  I was slimed from one end to the other��!  By myself this year.  So total fish day one – 25 more the next morning.  The wind was relentless during the day; 6’-8’ is the magic sports.  Had Natures bountiful supply of protein hatch out – Mayflies.  Fish – birds, everything goes on the feed.  Walleye bellies are full of them.  Go slow, they aren’t hitting hard – slow bites.  Bring more friends!


4 guys from Mahtomedi


4 guys from Mahtomedi, arrived June 1st and caught walleyes on most points and across from cabin by the island, biggest was 26.5 inches.  Northerns are mixed in. Henry (one of our guys) caught a 35” northern while jigging.

June 2nd was rainy day. Went out in the morning and went south of the cabin and caught a lot of walleyes – biggest so far 28-inch pig.  Northerns are mixed in.  Jig and a minnow with bright colors working best 6’ to 8’ of water, drifting and back trolling.

June 3rd started day overcast but turned out sunny and calm towards evening.  Lots of walleyes caught, and northerns mixed in.  Can’t wait to come back.  Had a great time.  Thank you, Lohn Family, for such a great experience

Tim, Joe, Collin, Henry


Hoff Brothers from Appleton and our friend Doug aka Dan


Good to be back at Kabeelo.  Been a couple year.  First time on Dead Dog.  Lake is good but small compared to other KaBeeLo lakes.  Lots of walleyes in 6-8 feet. 25 inches was the biggest.

Most big northerns that we have ever run in to up near north bay the out river on NE side of lake.  Dozens of 30–38-inch hogs in there.  Catching one after another on spoons from falls to island.

Thanks, Lohn Family

2021 Season


Kufahl Family Dan, Stephanie – Claire and Ian


Rain kept us inside for about half the trip.  When we did get a chance to get out we caught some nice fish!  We had to work for them though.  The bite was not crazy hot.  Lots of walleye in the 18-22 range.  One nice 36” northern.  Fish were on rocky points.  Shallower than expected!  Had our best luck trolling.  Was great to be back at KaBeeLo!  The kids are hooked and are already asking when we can come back! ��  Thanks for another great trip Kabeelo!

Be safe & Be kind   Dan , Claire Stephanie Ian ��

John, John, John & Neil


Fried fish, broiled fish, fish tacos, more fried fish.  About 17 hours of bridge (it was a beat down, but we won’t divulge who lost…)  72 (or so) lures, lindy rigs and other losses to the lake, several eagle sightings (eagle’s nest at southeast end of the lake) lots of (irrational) fear of bears, and, the author’s highlight, a 30-minute battle with a (pardon my French) f@#$ing big Northern (s/he) was 42” and very slimy) complete with taking two of us to land him!  WOW! That’s it.  We’re tired, happy, and we’ve all but forgotten the crazy world we normally inhabit.


Larry & Darlene Devries


This was out 1st stay at Dead Dog.  We’ve been to Bertha and several times to Brokenmouth. SO happy to come back!!  Weather was perfect! Had a couple of overcast days, a little cool, light wind.  The rest of the week was sunny & calm.  We both caught A LOT of nice sized walleye and Northerns!! FUN!!!

We are looking forward to coming back next year!

Randy & Nancy


First of 2021! First since 2019!

So glad to be able to get back to Dead Dog!!  Although a little warm (Hot) we loved every minute and fished every morning and afternoon.  Our best spots were at fish cleaning island and two spots on south/west side of lake.. Walleye were deep – got one 26” walleye and a 30” northern (both by Nancy) Total catch 265, (I have pics!!) 



  • Just being here!
  • New Cabin (solar fridge/ etc..)
  • Eagles and finding nest on southeast end of lake
  • Birthday cake from KaBeeLo
  • Every dinner

We are making plans for next year – with the whole family.

2019 Season


Wedding Anniversary



First time to Kabeelo   Fun Plane Ride Eric Harlad and Staff are Great. Saw Bear Driving up. little windy tucked in bay of Dogs head caught 6" eyes eater size super sallow 3'. lost one nice pike 30" + will get bigger when we get home. (The story)

Day Two - Friday the 13th. It rained it Poured It stopped we fished it rained. We Drove the boat around we had good times in the cabin enjoyed the quiet tried to fish More only got 7 Walleyes. Ate lots of good food.

We fished a rocky point and the fish felt are mood they were biting caught almost 40 walleye from 8am to 11am many over 20". Jigs & minnows 13 to 24 ft. fishing slowed miday had lunch at cabin. Tied 3 walleyes from morning catch and headed back out. later. not many fish Mid Day but got back for and early super and our favorite story of weekend occured Ariving Back at dock.... We found our walleyedinner on the stringer under attach.

We ended up neting the monster northern 40" and took pictures and sent him home hungry. Only in Canada. We also lost our water on this day. I called Harold from our satellite phone(amust) and four hrs later eric and Jason had it running no problems the wife super thanks them.

After showers and more food & fun we went back to the point east of cabin out of dogs leg and caught a ton of walleyes 65 on the day we think give or take a few we also caught are fair share of Pike. 20+ small to 33" and the silly 40" off the dock.

Day Three - Bound and Determined to catch fish headed east sun was Bright and warm early.  A Brand new day was upon us.  We fished naped ate enjoyed all God had put forth for all of us and caught 30 some eyes. super great time my wife and I Will never forget.

thank you everyone at Kabeelo.

no better way to spend a ten year wedding anniversary.



Sept. 7-10

The Klawitter's managed to eek out a Few Fish From the Lake. Weather Kept changing and everytime we seemed to Find Them they were gone an hour Latter. Made us work for them But still managed to eat out Fill of Fish & go home with a Limit. Most were Between 15-18 Perfect eating size. a Few 22-33's (3) and one monster 27.5 caught by Dad. Jameson managed ok with no internet & even had some Fun. Small northerns seemed to Be everywhere we went with a couple of 26ers in the Mix. Caught Fish off the island across from the Bay with the sunken Rock pile & in that Bay also At the Far east end of the Lake.

  Thank you to KaBeelo Lodge For another awesome experience.


Dames of Dead Dog


Aug 29-Sept 5

As always, a good time at a KaBeeLo Lodge Outpost.

Fishing was good, catching was hard!

Multiple weather fronts moving through almost daily. Saw Northern Lights twice.

Nothing beats fresh walleye for dinner.

Good food, good friends, fishing and playing cards at night. Lots of laughs.

We will return!

Thanks Eric, Harold, Ann & Allison!

The Dames of Dead Dog,

Gretchen, Becky and Barb

   MN.        MN.        MI.

Four Celebrities:


Tootsie Pearl, Rip Sunset, Ace PoHawatomie and Anus VanBuren conducted a thorough search of Dead Dog, -- and in Tootsie and Amo's case -- each other during a six daytrip that had us seeing a plethora of wildlife.

We saw swimming bears which Tootsie mounted. We saw an otter that swam to fast to be mounted. We caught walleye, northern pike, perch, clams, and each other.

The highlight of the trip was when Tootsie (the Skipper) and Amos (Gilligan) went on a three-hour tour and got marooned on a desert island about the size of a picnic table. They are actually still there, so maybe the next group can float them some food and toilet paper.

There is a seagull hanging around the camp that loves people food and plastic tails. If you closely examined the piles of fecal matter on the dock, you might see a few Berkeley Power Baits mixed in.

Anyway, this little sneak was caught repeatedly rifling our tackle boxes for all soft plastic. He then stole all our wallets when we were asleep and blew this lake.

Now we are without lures, no money and no food so we are so much better off than we were when we came.

If you are looking for fishing tips on where to find them, there is a small lake a mere 1/2 mile behind the cabin.

The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. Well maybe not so innocent.


4 Cheeseheads


July 28-1

  4 Wisconson cheeseheads Tyler, Tyler, Dave & Troy stayed 4 nights and 3 days at Kabeelo Lodge. It was the 3rd trip to Kabeelo with prior visits to Bear Paw and Brokenmouth. The first dae we arrived at 11:00 and went out and caught out limit. Then the next day all through the morning there were bad storms with lots of whitecaps. We decided to fish from the dock and caught about 10 fish. Then later in the day the storm died down and we caught about 30 fish. Then the next day we caught 40 walleye in the morning then we fished northern. We caught a lot of small ones and the two Tyler's caught a pair of 34 inchers, one on a top water. At night we also caught about 8 over 20 inches and then a few 18 inchers.

The last day we caught 50 walleyes in the morning then had little luck with northerns. At night we caught a bunch more walleye but ended on 99 fish for the day. Overall we caught 252 fish on 3 days of fishing.

For our third trip to Kabeelo it was another unbeleivable. We even played a game of cards where the loser had to clean the Schmid house. So until next year when we return for more stories we will remember this.


                                           Tyler X2, Dave, Troy

                                           (From Wisconsin)


Dibbs Crew


June 14 - 17     Jim, Steve & Jeremy

No matter the weather, a trip to KaBeeLo always seems to work out great.  Our first 2 days were wrought w/ high winds out of the north/ NE which meant temps in the "see your breath" category.

And yet, the big walleyes showed up. At one point on the 2nd day, Steve had 24 walleyes with 14 of them over 20".

The third day, ironically, was without so much as a breath of wind which made for tough fishing. But, warmer temps meant water temps moving from 50's to the 60's & fish started biting that afternoon.

By the 4th day, walleyes turned on & the pike were busy every day(we ended up with 64 pike w/ 14 of them over 30")

Once the water warmed to late 60's the walleyes started to bite. Lots of small(12"-14") but also many fish over 20"(34) with quite a few in the 24-26" range.

The last group said walleye were shallow; not now. We caught then consistantly at 22-26 feet. Working right off dropoffs from 10' to 20-30', we were able to stay on the fish most of the day.

The last 2 days were bright & breezy w/ beautiful sunsets. Put in the time, you'll find the fish. Enjoy the scenery & quiet!

A couple of requests;

  1. don't feed the seagulls your fish guts at the dock. Take them to any rock away from the cabin.
  2. Please clean the cabin better than you found it in! Keep it nice for future parties.
  3. Have fun & stay safe; this is no place for a serious injury!



                        Steve, Jim, & Jeremy


6-10 - 6-14  2019

Three blokes from Keokuk, Iowa and one from Broomfield, Colorado had a great time here. The fishing started off slow but gradually built up to a crescendo on the last day.  But of course, the fishing although important, was secondary to the experience, the fish stories and of course the "one that got away" but mostly the time spent with friends. One story i must tell - while fishing on the east end(where we nad done quite well,) Clark, our Colorada dentist friend thought he had a fish - but it was just an old rod & reel -"crazy." Have heard of golfers throwing their clubs in the drink but never fisherman.

Anyway, thanks to "KABEELO" for a great wilderness experience.


4 Colorado Guys







2018 Season


Sims Party


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Allow me to explain…

The best of times: Landed a 38” pike – caught on white muske lure.  Almost largest fish

The worst of times:  Sat Sept 15 the craziest of events happened. (wait for it).  Corey of North Mankato actually landed (2) yes two fish at the same time.  As he was realing in a nice size walleye a much larger pike decided it was his and attacked the walleye.  Corey set his drag so light that he was able to real in the walleye (still on hook) and the northern, who would NOT let go.  Pictures of both will be on KaBeeLo website.

We thought it was highly unusual to have that happen, let alone to see it in the wild…However, get this…It happened (3) three more times on the same day…although we did not land all.  Saw 3 more attacks on walleye by pike when fishing from the dock – only in Canada!

Steve & Sophia


Sophia & Steve returning again from Florida.  Second trip this year.  Upon arrival there was three gentlemen from Massachusetts.  Great Guys!  Split some wood for us befre they left.  Made certain I knew all the fast action spots before they left.  Plane departed & I caught 2 walleye off the dock!  They are everywhere!  Bad hale storm on the 11th.  1.5” hale pled up quick.  Don’t cut it close while your out in the boat.


Workman Group


Beautiful weather for a fishing trip.  No rain, northern lights and a meteor shower at night.

We kept stressing the word shower in meteror shower with Chris, but he didn’t get the hint….funky.  Kelly, gage and Eric were the rookies on this trip!

Eric had extraordinary luck.  He had a huge northern as his line.  As he reared back on his seat to pull him up to land his seat gave way.  His eyes were as wide as saucers when he went over backwards and into the lake.  Kinda reminded me of old Lloyd Bridges and how he we over backwards in his scuba days.  Eric lost the fish though – and old Lloyd would have kited it under water and ate it there instead of whining about how cold the water was or how I was dragging him to shore too fast - - blah blah – whining – blah blah!

Lots of wildlife.  Eagles, bear, beaver, rabbits, colorful toads and loons.


Jes, Ken, Brian Skudlarek


This is our 7th year with KaBeeLo!  Fished Seagrave several times, and also been to Bertha and Wavell.  This is our first trip to Dead Dog and it’s been great so far.  Caught some nice walleye for lunch and our biggest pike was just shy of 30”.  There’s a black bear across the lake that we saw this morning, dumped our fish guts out by the sandy beach and the eagles flew over but didn’t go down, we think the bear is still over there.  Keep an eye out for a cool looking bald eagle with white speckles all over his body, found one of his feathers too.  Got half a dozen walleye to fillet this evening, the rain brought us in early, but we got to see a full rainbow and to end which was super cool!  Calling it a night now.

Didn’t get in much fishing today, it’s been raingin like mad out.  Caught a few walleye while we were out, but that was it.  Hoping the rain lets up so we can fish this evening.

Good fishing this morning, had luck by the island with al the trees that survived the forest fires.  Biggest walleye today was about 20” and biggest pike (couldn’t get him in the boat) had to be all of 35”.  Eating our smaller for lunch today before we start packing up camp.  Going out for a bit more fishing this evening afterwards.  As always, the greatest vacation destination.  Caught another dozen fish, largest pike 22” and largest walleye 19”.

<3 Thanks KaBeeLo!  See you next year!

Kyle, Wayne, Brad, Adam, Bryan, Neal, Mychal, Andrew


First couple days fishing was great.  Caught many fish over 20”.  Biggest was 27” for walleye.  The wind was brutal the whole trip.  The last two days fishing was very slow.  Ended up finding the walleye in 405’ of water.  Fished all the locations that they pointed out to fish, all produced,  Charlie the seagull is always hungry.

Jim & Steve (Old Guys), Jeremy & Alister (young guys)


We flew in on a blustery evening but were able to get right into fishing w/ good success.  A stiff wind shadowed us all day but the weather was beautiful, resulting in our best day fishing.  Once of the party tallied 100 walleye this day.  Others were catching walleye & northerns all day as well.  Jim got a 28.5” walleye & a 26” walleye within minutes of eat other.  A beautiful sunset ushered out the last good weather of this trip!

The rest of the trip was characterized by one word; WIND!  And not just wind, but gale-force winds at time.  On Saturday, burned pine trees were crashing over all around the cabin; toppled by string gusts of wind form the SW.

For each of the last 3 days, we were greeted by white caps which we “rode” in our boats until finally, soaked to the skin & battered by the winds, we retreated to the safety of the cabin by 11 AM.  We never got back out onto the lake that day but could throw frozen suckers off the dock & over the course of the afternoon, we caught about 15 walleye over 20”, with several at 25” (Oh, & the temp was in the high 80’s that day…)  Sunday was a repeat performance, except the wind calmed enough at 7:30PM to sneak out for a couple of hours.

Monday we got up before sunrise & went out, doing well with fish until, once again, it became dangerous on the lake & we were in by 11A<.  We ate one of our belly buster brunches (Fish, bacon, potatoes, eggs, pancakes!) and waited for the wind to subside.

Finally, the wind went down to a point where it was just whitecaps so we suited up in rain gear (for the wave splashes) & went out for the evening.  Evidently all the wave action delivered food to the fish because they went on a feeding frenzy for the next several hours.  Everyone caught fish (including a 30” walleye for Steve!).

At about 8:30 PM the wind dropped, the water calmed & a multi-colored sun reflected upon the calm evening surface….a great ending to the trip.  Thanks KaBeeLo!

Postscript:  Over 700 walleye despite the wind.


Andy's Towing


Well our Dead Dog trip was a huge success.   We got more fish then we could count.  It was an experiment of a lifetime that’s for sure.  Fishing was great around the dock.  Charlie the seagull loves when you clean fish and will follow you across the lake and eat the guts when you dump them.  We will be back for another go around at this wonderful experience.



We had a blast on Dead Dog.  The sun blasted us for three days straight, without a cloud in the sky, but we still caught hundreds of walleye.  The biggest walleye was a 26” caught on a jig and a swim bait.  Starting and stopping your bait really triggered the fish.



Fishin was great.  Too many to count!  Many 26” walleye.  One 29” walleye!  Can’t wait to come back – THANK YOU!

St Joseph, Savannah MO


This was my first trip to Canada with my fishing buddies, who have all been here before.  I had a blast.  Will definitely come again.  Fishing was great.  A little bit of rain now and then.  Only got ran off the lake once from some nasty looking clouds & rain.  Plenty of fish caught.  Beautiful sunrises & sunsets, got lots of great pics.  Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Don’t make a ham sandwich and walk off to get a drink!  Someone will take a bite of it.
  2. Don’t be the first one to get up for a beer.  You will be expected to get one for theothers.
  3. Don’t leave your bacon out of your sight!
  4. Please exit the cabin if you have bad gas. 

Hope all you who come after us have as great of a time as we did.  And, for the real story, in the words of Bob Steger , turn the page.

Peace Out, Greg.


June 9 – 13

I don’t know about the people before us, but we only caught 299 fish & drank 298 beers.  So if anybody has an extra beer, I could use one.

Anyone that cleans fish should feed Charlie the seagull, watch out for the vultures.

The stay soft marshmallow man caught the largest walleye at 27”.  The pink panty wearing John Deer Queer caught the largest Northern at 32”.

The weather was all over the place, but very interesting & picturesque!

Bauer Crew


Had a great week of fishing.  Weather was nice most of the week & we had most our luck around the farthest east island.  Also caught a lot in the middle of the lake between cabin & cleaning station where 12’ plateau is.  Group caught well over 300 walleye & 50-100 Northern.  Largest was 26” & Northern was 34”.  As always, a great time, thanks KaBeeLo Lodge!

Joe, Jake, Josh, Adam, Bubby, Zach


The Thaler's


We had a great first trip to KaBeeLo Lodge.  Conner caught more walleyes in 3 days than he has in his whole life.  We caught between 300-350 walleyes and 50 northern in our time at Dead Dog.  A couple of key learnings were do not use a stringer as northern will cheat you out of your lunch.  We caught most of our fish within ½ mile of the lodge (outpost).  The largest walleye was 25” and the largest northern was 25”. I would recommend a black gray/pink jig and bring PLENTY of minnows.  This was a great father/son event and look forward to coming back.  Thanks KaBeeLo Crew!

The Millers


Saturday night we caught lots of smaller walleyes (less than 20”) and pike action was fast and furious - - - Sunday was the best day of fishing on the trip as we hauled in a ton of walleye over 20”.  Largest was 27”

Beware: a 15” walleye can miraculously turn into a 37” pike.  We caught a lot of pike this year -  lost two bobbers and a list of jigs.

The best fishing, we found was off the end of the dock.

Largest fish: 27” walleye & two 37” pike.

Probably caught 200-250 fish in 5 days.  Last day was taken by weather.

Great time!  Greg, Steve & Dick.

2017 Season


Pawlisch Party


Arrived @3:30 pm.  A few thunderstorms hit and cut fishing short at 6pm.  Set-up camp.  Got in 2 hrs of fishing.  33” Northern biggest fish so far at end of day Monday.

8-7-17: Walleye fishing hit and miss.  Biggest walleye so far 19.5”.  Caught lots of small northerns, good flurry of walleye activity in the afternoon.  Once again thunderstorms and strong winds made fishing challenging at times.  Ryan leading the group with numbers of fish.  Dave has biggest northern and walleye so far.

8/8/17: Northern fishing picked up considerably, somewhat surprising with clear sunny day and a little wind.  Northerns caught included a 40” by Dave, 37” & 33” by Jim, and Ryan with a 32”.  Walleye fishing also improved somewhat, several fish 20-22” and many 15-19”.  Still waiting for walleye to turn on… we have seen in the past…maybe tomorrow…..

8-9-17:  Clear skies, no wind, got pretty warm by afternoon.  Too nice for fishing but we overcame the adversity with a good day of fishing.  The morning shift from 6am-11:30am produced many walleye.  Most fish again were 15-19”.  Got a few 20-22’ers.  Caught most walleye trolling and casting artificial lures.  Jugging with live bait has not worked well.  Northern fishing in the morning was a little slow with many fish following but not biting.

The afternoon outing from 2-6pm saw the northerns go wild, would bite anything!!  Caught many northerns 18-30”.  Biggest northerns caught today were by Willard with a 32” and Ryan with a 36/5”.  Walleye bite stopped with clear sky and no wind.

8-10-17: Last day for the Pawlisch group , not happy with that but will focus on a nother big day of fishing.  Trolling for walleye was the solution today.  Many fish in 20-22” class, hard to find smaller fish for lunch!!  Willard caught a 37” and Ryan caught a 32” (northerns).  Ryan also lost a big one that looked to be close to 40”

As usual – a great trip and the Lohn family operation is first class.  Every year has a new set of “firsts” such as:

  • Everyone (4) caught a northern over 36” long.
  • Ryan caught a landing net, he snagged it at far end of lake.
  • Two fishermen dragged fishing poles into the lake.  One was retrieved, one was lost.
  • Dave caught a 20” walleye that had a night crawler harness and two feet of line in it’s mouth.

Thanks again for a great experience, we will be back!!!!

Pawlisch Group


John & Lorna Barbour


I am retired Navy and like to say that I have fished all over the world, but nothing compares to being in a boat at KaBeeLo outpost with a wife of fifty plus years.  I love the solitude on a lake.  I don’t have many troubles, but the ones I do just melt away at an outpost.

Tues 11th: Erik flew us out at about 3pm, unpacked and fished off the pier in the rain.  Then went out in a boat.  Wind, but got 10 walleyes and 5 pike.

Wd 12th: slept in and didn’t get started until 8am.  We caught several healthy walleyes over 20 lbs the biggest being 24 lbs.  We did hit a small honey hole and pulled in 10 or 15 that were under 18”.  Sun – no wind!

Thur 13th: Again sun-no wind.  Again, caught several healthy walleyes.  Our honey hole dried up! 

Fri 14th: Wind & rain but went all over the lake

How we have to decide what lake do we choose for next year!  After we were packed Lorna wanted to fish off the pier and she smoked me!  She caught several walleyes and one pike!



7/1 -We got to base camp at 4:30pm, and flew out shortly after 5 p.m. Had to make a pit stop with Erik as another group forgot a bag! Got to the cabin around 5:40pm, unpacked, quick dinner and went fishing around 7, had a walleye by 7:07, it was overcast, slightly windy.  Only fished until 9 as bad weather was coming in!  Caught them all east of the cabin in shallow water!

7/2 – Cloudy skies gave way to sun all day!  Went fishing this am for walleyes for dinner, tried many spots had the best luck on the north side of the island on the entrance of the south-east bay.  Had lunch and then back out to cast for Northerns, tried the bays/shores and SE side of lake for that.  In for dinner and back out for walleyes again, tried a couple rock piles we found but went back to the North side of that island, where Northerns kept stripping us of our minnows!  May flies started to hatch!

7/3 – Bright sunny day, may fly hatch night before made the walleye bite a lot slower.  Caught a lot of northerns NE of the cabin in a bay.  Wrapped up the evening with a good walleye bite, in front if the island straight out from the cabin!  Again, the may flies were at it again!

7/4 – Weather was off/on today, mostly windy.  Didn’t hit the fishing as hard because of this.  But dud catch a little perch this morning!  We went out to that little island across from the cabin and hammered the walleyes caught 27 in 30 minutes with 5-10 misses!  Lots of fun, didn’t go to that spot until 9pm, got cut short by the rain ;-(, would have been fun to keep going!  Forgot to say in the afternoon whne we went casting for pike, a small pike about 38” came and hit the other small pike.  The small one had huge bite  marks, we almost netted them both but were only able to land the small one!

7/5 – Our last day at the cabin.  Started out quite slow and very windy.  Trolled for Northern in the afternoon and did very well!  Caught a fat 33” pike.  Forgot the scale at the cabin, so not sure of the weight, but it was heavy!  We tried sooo hard to hit 100 today, and could not get there.  We went out for our evening bite and got 59 fish: 57 walleye, 2 pike.  #60 just would not come!  We of course were @ the honey hole across from the cabin.

We had a fabulous time on our trip!  It was my first and Scotties 3rd fly in trip.  We had our dog Winnie along with us and she very much enjoyed her time here fishing and swimming.  If you need to cook off we found a very sandy/shallow area, that is hard to see unless the light hits it just right and you are in the right spot it is on the eastern side of the lake, it’s perfect for wading in or walking the sandy shoreline.

Thank You KaBeeLo Lodge for a fun trip!

FYI – the hottest spot was at the island straight across from the cabin.  South side of the island back trolling slow with a jig and a minnow or twistertail.  Once you find them just keep doing circles.  On sunny days it’s after 8pm on cloudy days after 7pm. 




We found a spot with Pike.  We caught about 10 pike, not huge but big.  We found a spot with walleye.  I caught a 25.5” walleye, Charlie caught a 21.5” and a 6”.  We had a funtime!

Jim, Steve & Jeremy


Back again at Dead Dog (Jeremy, 2nd time, John his 9th & Steve...well he lost count)

Flew in at 5 and started fishing by 6 we all finished all of our favorite spots and found them cooperate. At the end of the night we had caught 50 walleyes the largest caught 27 in

Day to wind from the southwest nice sunny day all day but when became too strong to fish some spots. In for lunch (fried potatoes/onions, scrambled eggs, bacon and fried fish) then the "dock pole" came out and great fun ensued with two 20" walleye and a 33" pike that pulled i'm pretty sure I just picked up Legends Rod into the water but Jim's Rod into the water but somehow removed the bobber which was floating about 20 feet from the dock; once snagged, he oulled line  until the rod tip appeared, grabbed the rod, spooled up the line and proceeded to reel in the very much alive 33" northern pike; dockfishing stories never end!

Tuesday and Wednesday the wind was out of the Southwest with Tuesday being so strong that we couldn't fish until the evening.  Thursday the wind switched out of the East, low skies and drizzled all day long and it shut fishing down. A poor day fishing but we were still entertained. Friday things improve for fishing but by the afternoon a weather front came in and blew us off the lake by 1:00 so we cleaned the cabin before going back out at 5:30, it turned into a beautiful evening with good fishing and a gorgeous sunset; fitting for our last night here.

We finished the trip with over 600 walleyes and 40 northern pike for the week.  Largest walleye was 27.5" (Steve), largest northern was 33" (Steve & Jeremy). Overall another amazing KaBeeLo trip w/good fishing; great fishing!  And, throw and great food & fun times, another great experience!



The big one has been caught 4:25pm, straight out from dock – cloudy & rainy but worth it!

June 15:  We arrived at the lodge just after 4 p.m. After our gear was packed in the plane we flew to dead dog around 5:30 p.m.. All of us were excited to fish so we tossed some jigs off the dock. Dennis hooked the first walleye. Just as he was about to bring it out of the water a huge pipe grab on. Dennis placed the pike back however the big fish let loose what a great start!  After a couple more walleye Dennis caught a 24.5" walleye.  Not two minutes passed and David hooked huge walleye he pulled the lunker in and measured at 27"!  This all happened in the first hour. Later we cleaned up some keepers and ate some walleye.  By 10:45 we hit the sack ready for tomorrow.

June 16: Dick and David were bright and early 5 a.m! Dennis about 30 minutes later to find the father-son on the dock. We all started to fish off the dock. David hooked a nice little walleye. As he was pulling it out of the water of Pike jumped-up full body water to grab the fish on David's line! That made us all excited. Brian was up just after 6 a.m. to join the fun. For breakfast Dick cooked up some pancakes and eggs. After a good meal, we went out in the boats. The water was choppy and we had some showers come through. Brian and Dennis caught some nice keepers. They also caught nice back-to-back 24" walleye. Later Brian snagged a nice 26.5" pike while trolling. Dick and David caught a couple of fish too. After our fish fry lunch we were ready for a nap.

After a nice rest Dick, David and Brian finished off the dock. Brian had a 20" walleye on when a huge pike came and took it away. What a PIG! Dennis came out to fish and heard about the pike striking again. It happened...20 minutes later Dick hooked the beast with only a jig, he had to be careful. Dennis ran to a boat and grabbed the net. He went to the end of the dock watching for the "big one". There it was and Dennis made a perfect landing and out it came. This Pike was huge! The "big one" measured at a whopping 40.5"! That was by far Dick's largest pike.  After a couple of pictures the lunker was released!

June 17:  slept in today.  Still overcast but not nearly as windy, upper 50's lower 60s. Dick prepared a big wonderful plate with eggs bacon toast and coffee. Fished until 2. Harvested several take-home fish eaters. Deck prepare a dynamite lunch, beans peaches bread. 

June 18: Today we were up earlier. The weather did not look promising as the wind had shifted from the north. We all took separate boats and not one of us caught a keeper.  After lunch we regrouped to try again. David and Dennis fished for Pike while Brian tried for the elusive walleye. In all Brian caught almost 100 fish what a great time dick cooked us up a tasty dinner steak and potatoes even though we did not see the Sun for 3 days we had a great weekend together.

June 19th. Leaving this morning. To recap best walleye fishing was awful. West along the shoreline. The point to the east was also very good Northerns were located along the shore trolling spoons and strike baits.

The Casper Group


Day 1:  We woke up around 9am, a little hungover, but our moral never wavered.  The bite was very slow in the morning.  We tried everywhere, but only were able to produce a couple walters and several hammer handles.  We went in for a late lunch and started fishing from the dock.  Again the bite was slow, but the fish were pure quality.  Several mid-20” walleyes were netted.  Our excitement was growing.  A fun night was had by all, probably too much fun.  PS – we forgot playing cards, but were resourceful and made some out of a LaBatt Blue box.  Enjoy them if you also forgot some!

Day 2:  We woke around 10am.  For the reason, see above.  It was wicked hot!  The bit was pretty much non-existent until around 5:30pm.  Right off the dock is a hot spot for big walleyes!  We landed walleyes of 26.5” and 28”.  As the night went on the air cooled off & it was an absolutely gorgeous night to hang out on the dock.  Kent & David decided to pull an all nightery, which backfired on them.  Brandon & U actually went to bed, but still slept in late…same reason as Day 1.

Day 3:  We are all exhausted, but were rejuvenated by our McSpidle’s.  These tasty breakfast sandwiches are a combo of eggs, cheese, bacon, toast and Jalapeno Spam!  Around mid-afternoon we finally patterned the bite and caught about 50 eyes about 500 yards east of the cabin.  We netted several keepers for dinner & many more well over 20”.

Day 4: Started early (8am) fishing from the dock & managed a couple of walleyes.  As the day heated up so did the fishing.  We started using big baits for big pike.  My third cast I was luck enough to tangle w a 41” pike.  We had so much fun getting him into the boat, the phot turned out great!  Brandon also got bit by a big fish.  As we got it to the boat we quickly realized it wasn’t a pike but a monster walleye, 30.5” on the bump board!  A true Giant!

Analysis:  We caught fish, drank beer, and laughed a lot!  We packed terribly.  Not naming any names, but someone (Kent) left the licorice at the store, we left several items in the truck, but overall memories were made and that’s what these trips are for.  Kent gets to say “I do” in 2 weeks.  As my dad would say “there’s no reason he should be any happier than the rest of us”




Saturday May 27th. We started the day at 5 a.m. Driving from Minnesota USA. Very lucky we saw a total of 6 black bears along the way. We arrived around 5 p.m. Lodge and around 7 p.m. to Dead Dog outpost our home for the week.

Sunday at 7 a.m. Steve drove the boat and we found a good spot just west of the cabin. We caught 15 walleye approximately 17 to 20 in. In the afternoon we caught around 20 more. Good size walleye. We were very excited and after dinner around 8 p.m. Fishing on the dock and we caught five or six more around 20 in and some other smaller. We calculated an approximate of 100 walleyes on this day, this incredible day!!!

Monday the 29th rainy and windy. Decided to fish off the dock. Very lucky and caught our biggest so far 26 in 25 in 22 in and some other that we kept for lunch. We fished off the dock in the afternoon and evening as well we caught nice-sized fish all that day, also saw a few times how northern pike attack the walleye...pike was approximately 30 + inches.

Tuesday the 30th bad all day storm windy cold and dark its 3:15 pm and the booze is all gone ... wondering if Erik will bring us some vodka and rum. The pie is gone also. Many questions.

Wednesday the 31st fishing off the dock it's windy morning and night we had a few 20 plus inches only no keepers. After dinner. Fish again. Dick is having a lot of fun with the Northern Pikes and Steve is getting all the others. Caught a 25", 23" and 25" this is a good night and no alcohol is needed at this Lodge. The lake is very calm hoping to use boat tomorrow Thursday. Last fishing day.

Thursday 1st of June. The perfect weather! We spent a lot of time on the lake. Fishing from the boat and the dock we caught approximately 100 fish. Biggest northern 31 in. A great trip. Sad to leave. Thanks the Millers

2016 Season


Wiensch Party


Wiensch Party Aug 13-18, 2016

Tom Wiensch, Cheryl Campbell, Kevin Yaeger

This was the second trip for Tom & Cheryl, first for Kevin. Fun was had! The walleyes were very scattered. We found a few in almost every spot, but not many anywhere. Most were small 13”-16”, a few to 20”. 1 – 21”, 1-22”. 1-27”.  Lots of pike: 1 – 38”, 1-34”, 1 – 31”, and 1-30”. We found a perfect swimming beach on the southeast end of the lake. Kevin heard the wolves howling one morning. The fishing action wasn’t nearly as fast as last time, but it was still much better than Wisconsin!


The Sunters


“The Sunter’s” -Emporia, Kansas-

Tom celebrated his 83rd B-day at the main lodge on the 29th. He has been coming up to KaBeeLo around 40 to 45 years- even before Harald. I have been coming since 1980. It seems every year we fish less – this year being a record 7 hours. We have found it more relaxing to stay at the cabin, fishing in ideal conditions – no wind- no rain.

We have been to: Wavell, Bertha, Okanse, Betty, Ruddy, Bear Paw, Dead Dog, Jeanette and “Slate and Allison” which are no longer here. The best being slate, Bertha and Okanse.

Harald, Ann, Erik and Allyson have become great long-time friends-”Go Hawks”  

Tom and Glenda

Pozner Crew


Another great tip to KaBeeLo for the Pozner Party of 8, which was our larger to date. The weather was shifty but the fishing was solid. The walleye laureate of Canada, Bob Pozner, caught 601 Walleye, holding a 26” with his hands during one of his morning swims across the lake.

The Barbours


July 5-9

John & Lorna Barbour Glenwood, Iowa

We had a great time! But the wind and weather didn’t cooperate. The walleyes of dead dog lake are healthy! 


Jim, Jeremy & Steve


Steve’s back for the 14th year of Dead Dog, with Jim in his 7th time & Jeremy, the newcomer. First, for the sake of those that follow you, please enter your thoughts & successes in this journal to help others understand Dead Dog & it’s cabin a little more & enjoy this even more. Thanks

We flew in on Monday night & things started off well with everyone catching at least 2 dozen walleye each. Jeremy had a 24” & a 27 ½” that first night!

Days come & go & with them, a variety of weather again – sunburn on Tuesday, near-freezing temps Thursday morning with a cold north wind & on all day mist (but the fish bit well!)

Jeremy hit the rocky points, bays & the few weed beds with big pike gear, snagging over 20 northern with the largest at 36”.

The walleye bit intermittent, with some sessions much more productive than others. (Steve had a 37 walleyes afternoon & Jim had a 6 fish night; to show the contrast). We have been here every year since the fire & really noticed the change in the vegetation & bird life as the area continues to regenerate from the ashes of the fire.

We finished upon July 1st with wind, rain & clearing in the evening for a beautiful sunset on the last day. We finished our trip with over 600 walleyes with 2 at 27 “+ & our 30 northern pike with 34” & 36”. We had 4 times when walleyes being reeled in were grabbed by large northern including the 34” that came into the boat holding onto on 18” walleye!

That’s the “magic” of KaBeeLo!

Please keep the cabin clear & the lake as well!

Til next year!

2015 Season


The Hunters


Dad – Jim (25th year) & Son – Alex (23rd year)

Sunday Aug 30: Landed for our 2nd trip to Dead Dog at 4pm, on lake at 5 & fished until 8.  85 degrees. When we left main camp, very hazy air & sky.  Jim – 11 Walleyes (2-3 over 20” all 1/8 oz jigs & minnows Orange hand, white body, and white hand.    Alex – 24 Walleyes.

Monday Aug 31: Cooler, cloudy, windy. Rain suits on at 3pm til just before 8 it cleared. Both caught many walleyes, few over 20”, 3-4 Northern over 30”. No trophies. Fished over & around bar West of second largest island.  In & out to eat, fished until dark.

Tuesday Sept 1: Sunny, very hot (85 degrees) strong SW wind.  Hard to stay on good spots.  Fewer total Fish. Alex got 24 ½ “Walleye and I got one 24”. Each got a couple of northern over 30”. Only really good thing about today was the beer was cold.

Wednesday Sept 2: Clear & very hot again.  S-SE wind very brisk.  Tough fishing.  I have 13 walleye (one 22 1/2”) and 4 small northern. Alex not as many.  We have some in at 4:30. Too hot & no action.  Also steak night.  My birthday tomorrow (64th) so celebrating tonight. Tomorrow last day and want to fish as much as possible then.  Will probably go out again after dinner for a while until dark. (Alex 4 Walleyes (small) after dinner Jim 0.)

Thursday Sept 3: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  3rd birthday at Kabeelo and cannot think of a better place to spend it.  After 64 of them they are over rated. Weather identical to yesterday, fishing the same.  Alex got one Walleye 20”. All the rest little. We both have a couple of small northern. I have about 10 Walleye, Alex 15-20. In for dinner break. Will end the trip across at the island north of cabin.  Probably about 7:00 till dark. Alex got a 27” Walleye over there 3 years ago.

Overall trip was still great even with the weather and slow fishing.  Beats southwest Missouri. I guess the Law of Averages caught up with us this year after slaughtering them at Brokenmouth last year.

Already time to plan next year’s trip. Alex has time off late May, early June.  Maybe Brokenmouth again?

All at KaBeeLo Have a great off season!

Jim & Alex

P.S. Northern lights about 9:15

Kyle & Tiffany Hammel DuQuoin, IL


*4th time to KaBeeLo… 1st time to Dead Dog/ Windy Dog Lake.

8/16 – Flew in between storms.  Settled in.

8/17 – Cold & Windy. Bit of a sour stomach (hard water?).  In the afternoon cleared up enough to take a tour of the lake.  Found the pile of cut wood (no bow saw in this cabin like in others). Split wood for a fire. Fire was a job… everything being wet.

8/18 – Gorgeous sunrise. Not hardly a cloud in the sky lake was like glass. Tried both ends of the lake…SKUNKED!! A little lunch & a great nap, then out again. 1 walleye & 1 Pike. Not a great day but fresh fish for supper!

8/19 WINDY!!! Pulled the boat back out of the water. Guessing 30 miles an hour with 40-50 miles per hour gusts! NO FISHING! L Split wood, cleaned cabin, resting reel. Cabin looks great! Sunburn gets a break 😊

8/20 Wind, waves & whitecaps!! Boat is still in the rack Rods and still in the corner. We are STILL in the Cabin… 20 min before sundown a great sunset & rainbow! 

Out of boredom comes creativity. A little time & a few cabin staples became a “rustic” peach tart. (Not bad for a cabin creation) FINALLY… at 3pm enough break in the wind to get the boat off the rack & IN THE WATER!  Yay!!! Only 1 small pick for supper & not the rain clouds are rollin ‘in.

8/21 the rains came HARD through the night but this morning is BEAUTIFUL! Finally a calm day! Fished all day & only caught 1 small pike.  Disappointing but enough for supper.  After a day of painfully slow fishing we took one last “tour” of the lake at sunset…GORGEOUS!  After an evening of cleaning and packing we hope for one more peaceful night.

Things we’ve learned:

  • Should be named Windy Dog Lake. 
  • Patience is definitely a virtue.
  • Always have a plan”B”. Next time bringing books, magazines & games.

This is still the most amazing place & we can’t wait to come back again!! Enjoy!!

Bob, Bernie ( Mpls./ St. Paul), Steve( Missoula), Tim ( St. Croix USVI), Eric ( Dallas/FW) and Richard( Seattle)


Understand on arrival on 8/8 that weather is turning nice for the first time in weeks – 80 degrees and mostly clear – until the next morning – cloudy, 60 degrees and some showers! It made it into the high 60’s and was mostly dry and fishing was probably slower than average.  The group probably caught about 25-30 fish, mostly Walleye’s and then northerns that wanted to fight.  First night we had a large fish fry on the BBQ. Everything is looking great for our second day of fishing!

Second Day: Fishing is as slightly worse today.  Six of us brought home only about 15-20 fish.  Lots of wind today and the fish seemed to be laying up, although Northern were to found deep on trolling.  Today 2 out of 3 fish taken were Northen Pikes – although size of the Pike averaged about 4 pounds each and we had several Walleyes were in mid-20” area.

Third Day turned into a contest for the largest Northern as we limited on walleye in the am & needed 3 northern to limit on Northern Pike.  Final tally was largest walleye at 25+ inches. Largest Northern at 30 ½ inches.  Wishing we weren’t leaving in the A.M.

Great time with Great people and solid fishing!


Phil, Hal, Michael, Tanner


Day 1: 72 degrees Rain.  Got to lake around 8:00 had to wait for 2nd plane with the rest of our gear.  Fished 9:30 – 12:00 Wind came in with heavy rain. Got back out for a couple hours in the eve.  35 Walleye, 2 Pike, fishing was ok very light bite.

Day 2: 75 degrees Rain in the am still quite windy out of the Northwest. Fish shut off after the storm last night – managed to catch 20 + Walleye & 7 Pike, fished mostly on East Side around Islands 7’ – 12’. Evening wind calmed down & fish stared to get a little more aggressive.

Day 3: 80 degrees Sunrise Lake like glass, no wind at all, I think it’s gonna be a warm one…Day’s end: Terrible fishing – fished all day with exceptions of 2-4pm ( Dinner) fished different depth’s , presentations, Bait… 3 boats, 10 hours 15 Walleye & 4 Pike Did have a large storm & man fly hatch which we believe shut the fish down. 

Had a great time despite the poor fishing


Fishing has been great! Temp was perfect. Rain multiple time but fished through with success! Caught lots of keepers Walleye from 16-18 inches, many 20 inch to 28 ½! Pike fishing is Amazing! Most Caught on Spoons in coves and along the shore as well as while jigging for Walleye.  Saw a Caribou swim across the lake to an island, which was very cool!  Walleye seem to be found in 10 to 20 feet of water, some in 6 foot or less.  There are Walleye everywhere in this lake!!!  The minnows KaBeeLo sold us were great! The bugs are out in force this year! This is our second trip to Dead Dog and it was another great trip!

Tip of the Day: Pack Rain gear! You don’t want to get caught without it! 

Randy, Nancy, Randy & Gray


Flew in at 6:45am & fishing by 8am! Hot! Caught 2-18” Walleye right away, but then return to cabin for afternoon.  Hottest weather we have ever had (or that we can remember) Fishing slow but managed to get a couple for dinner.  Eagles at cleaning station – because our companions the entire trip – have great pics.

Next day hot & humid as well, but fishing was a little better.  Storm came through in the afternoon – Heavy wind & rain & hail. Cooled off a little but not a lot.  Best fishing on Monday when overcast & cooler.

Nancy 36” Northern & Randy Sr. 27” Walleye

Lots of 20-22” Walleyes, but managed to find the 17-18” for a great dinners.

Last day was very wet and very slow.  Just couldn’t find where the fish went – not for lack of trying.  Managed to spend lots of time in the afternoon cleaning cabin – Never looked better. 

  • Great fishing
  • Great meals
  • Great Sunsets
  • Great Trip!

Jim & Steve


7/6/15: Back again for Steve’s 14th trip to Dead Dog.  Flew in Monday night under overcast skies. 54 degrees, Went right out & got into walleyes on the drift. Many over 20” with the largest at 27”. Good way to start

7/7/15:  Slow start, wind bound afternoon & slow night (that’s be a slow day of fishing!).  Good number of 20”+ with the largest at 27 ½ off the dock! Hopefully, wind will calm for better fishing tomorrow.

7/8/15: An interesting day.  Morning was slow, fish wise.  Then, dark clouds moved in from the west & things “turned on” in the afternoon with the two of us watching. 70 walleyes in 3 hours. That was before we saw a sheet of water coming at us from the west end.  Barely had time to scramble into rain gear when we were hit with a deluge of rain.  Held up in the cabin til 6:30 when the storm finally subsided & went back out for the windy but fish were shut down! Regardless, we ended up with about 90 walleyes for that day 😊

7/9/15: Wind out of the east (that makes all four directions in the last couple of days) & at time, too strong to fish most spots. On top of it, the fish have a severe case of lock jaw. A decent evening fish served that day (in checking the 3rd walleye of 27” this week.)

7/10: Stayed windy & developed into a gale by the afternoon. For the second year in a row, we are facing a situation of being wind bound in the cabin for the night.  On top of it, the fish continue to be shut down. Lowest fish total by far in my 14 trips.

Overall, a great trip experience; the wildlife, the cabin amenities, the quiet beauty of Dead Dog Lake.

Where stories are made…like the one about the huge northern that grabbed a 18” walleye on the way up, returned it , hit it again at boat side, dropped it again, and came back & grabbed it again and it was about to be netted!  If an inch, it was 48”, and he still lurks beneath the surface at Dead Dog Lake!

Have a great trip, everyone!

P.S. Used frozen Cisco’s on a skip bobber from the dock- It’s a hoot!

Schleier Party of 4 Iowa


July 3, 4, & 5, 2015

Day 1: First time the wives get to come to Canada & fish!  Beautiful weather. Lots of big fish. Unfortunately, the mayflies came in the evening and fishing slowed down.

Day 2: Fishing picked up. Caught several walleye over 20”.  Victoria learned to drive the boat & Dian touched a fish. It was a big day!

Day 3: May flies almost completely gone.  Back to normal Canadian fishing. The 4 of us caught over 100 walleye.  Winner, Winner – walleye dinner! Thank you God for good rain gear.

Had a great trip. The wives are invited back!

Jerry & Dian, Matt & Victoria


Dean, John, Luke and Ramsey


6-18   got up around 1:00 – fishing pretty good.  55 degrees, lot of Walleyes – a bunch over the slot – Fish fry, s’mores and fun that night.

6-19 lot tougher fishing today – with stretches of no fish for a couple of hours most fish were too big to keep.  Finally, they turned on and caught 10 fish over 24 inches.  Biggest 30 inches.  They turned on around 7:00 that night and then we pounded them. Caught more in one hour than we did all day.  Great way to end!

6-20 Last day – sunshine 75 Beautiful Fishing OK. Had to work for them, little to no wind – fish are bigger here which is fun.  Had enough for lunch & supper!  Turf for Dinner – Great time!

Steve, Mike, Rusty & Gary | Denver, CO


6/1 Flew in. Weather great – 60’s, sunny/partly cloudy. Fishing good, not great. 50ish walleye & pike. 1 pike 38”

6/2 Better day: 70+ fish. Several Pike 30+ Great evening Fishing. 22” Walleye

6/3 Warmer day 70degrees. Wind from north, but not cold. 1 pike 37” Good evening for walleye. Calm. Beautiful Sunset.

6/4 A bit windy. Gorgeous sunrise. Colder. Several nice 70+, Walleye +30 pikes. 100 fish a day.

6/5 Lake mirror calm this morning. Sunny and warm. Great day.

6/6 heading home.  Great trip. Good times & fond memories.  Thanks


Week of the Spinners


Warning! Do not step on the white birch log!

Day #1: 

  •  Weather: 80 degrees: Glass – calm conditions.  
  • Fishing: Slow-trolling spinners in 7-15 feet of water.  Good fishing when we’d find the fish - Biggest fish 26 inch walleye.  
  • Food; Breakfast - Eggs, Bacon & toast, Walleyes, potatoes, Hot dogs & Kickin’ Horse 3 sisters coffee

Day #2: 

  • Weather: 80 degrees Calm conditions
  •  Fishing: slow fishing today.  Discovered “NBDH” Inukshuk.  Afternoon front pushed through with heavy squall & lightning
  •  Food: Sausage, Eggs & Toast, Bourbon Steaks & green Beans, Kickin’ Horse Kick Ass Coffee

Day #3: 

  • Weather: 40s and wind (finally back to KaBeeLo weather!)
  • Fishing: Much better this day with plenty of fish on windy breaks.  Dad lost big walleye on the trip at the boat (26-28”).  Chartreuse (sp?) was, by far, our best color.  Mark landed 36 ½ “Pike.  Many 18”-22” walleyes (watch for ½ dozen lest Rapalas!)
  • Food: French Toast & Bacon, Fish Tacos (with guac. & Cabbage).   “Tough guys eat Pike Tacos!”, Baked ham sandwiches & Kickin’ horse Grizzly Bear coffee

No wildlife, so far 2 firefighting planes buzzed us last night before dark. Fighting fires from previous day storms?  Headed toward Pickle Lake?

Day #4:

  • Weather: 55 degrees & Rain (All Day!) 15 mph wind
  • Fishing: Better than good! Several 24+ Walleyes. Dozens of walleyes – Just as many small pike.
  • Food: Breakfast: Any guesses? Fried eggs, bacon & toast.  Lunch: KaBeeLo Rancheros.  Dinner: burgers with bacon and avocado!!

We’re drying out all gear around the stove after 1” + of rain.

Beer is about gone, so is out bait! (bout of 41 dozen minnows left)


  • Weather, Fishing in the rain with a sunburn, dock fishing ( Yes, it is good!), Spinners, walleyes, new shower head, 7+ hours of sleep a night.
  • *New HD map of Dead Dog with Contours & Rocks is AMAZING*

Day #5:

  • Fogged In
  • Gear Packed
  • Cabin cleaned

Will they come for us………..

Phil, Paul, Zac, Bill, Dennis & Matt


5-19-15 to 5-24-15: Fishing slow but the quality was good. Potbelly stove was warm in the evening.  Fishing was best west of the outpost in 7-9 feet of water.

2014 Season


Inman Family


8-12-14: Got to the Lake early – thanks Eric and Steve for the great flight.  Rigged up and were on the lake within an hour. First 30 minutes slow then we landed on top of them off the small island in 15 feet of water.  Many over 20 with Rachel getting a nice 23” and a 30” Northern.  Jill & Steve had the most productive boat and a nice stinger of eaters for dinner. Ate well and crashed early – more to come.

8-13-14: Giant pot of oatmeal, laid a great best for a big day of fishing! Big walleye of the day was 23”, Northern was 30”. Probably 50 walleye for Thursday. Fish Taco’s for lunch!! Jill caught a 23 ½ walleye off the dock – Harald was right.

8-14-14: Dad vs. Daughter Fishing Contest. Competition for 2 hours – most fish+ inches of big fish. Girls had 10 fish with a 32” Northern with 3 minutes to go to beat the dads by a male.  Girls celebrated with a victory nap followed by grilled steaks & apple pie served by the dads.

8-15-14: Dads got the girls up at sunrise, still stinging from the loss.  Walleye fishing was a little slow.  Big storm blew up while we were on the far end of the lake – rain gear in the cabin. After the storm passed Steve and I went to the bay across from the cabin and caught 20+ Northern in about 2 hours – crazy fun. Went back after dinner & Rachel caught the big fish of the trip – 35” Northern.

8/16: Best day of fishing 80-90 walleye, including Rachel with the big walleye 25”. Steve & Jill had the big boat with 33 walleye before lunch and 35 after lunch. Another dozen or so Northens in the bay. One lost Rod – lack of focus.

Top Ten Recap

10. Left Plug out of boat – it got better ! !
9. Fish Taco’s
8. Rachel’s 36” Northern
7. Rachel’s 25” Walleye (Dennis had one also)
6. Jill Rock – she landed it, Dennis lost a rod in the lake while watching the Spectacle
5. Steve & Jill 68 Walleye day
4. Apple Pie
3. Harald, Ann, Eric, Allison, Steve( the guy without a name tag- sorry dude) sorry guys you can’t each have your own spot on the top 10
2. Girls win the fishing contest
1. Father-Daugher bonding time- priceless

 What didn’t make the top 10: No fatal bear of moose encounters

Shappard Group


We caught stupid number of walleye – most off the island in 8” of water. If you don’t have a depth finder, fish out from the dead tree.


Fell party


Lights showers 1st day- 25+ walleye at 23”, 2 Northern Pike + 28”

20th  Caught too many to count without a counter to 23 Walleye.  Other boats caught a lot up to 27 ½ “and heavy showers.

21st  1st sunny day and breezy out of the south. Fishing began slower but much better in the PM. Lots of walleye and few northerns.

22nd cooler Northern breeze!

Hagler | party of 3


Mild, sunny days, greets us as we arrived. 12+ fish caught in the 20” plus range (walleye).

Few pike caught in the ear and trolling around “front paw”. “Green Island”, the only land sporting intact, unburned tress was our best walleye spot. Fried walleye, pot roast, and coconut walleye for dinner.  Biggest walleye were 24.5”, 24” and 23”.  No pike over 25”, but not true effort made for them. 4th time retuning to Dead Dog.  Flying to Jeanette for 4 days to end the trip. 

Thank you KaBeeLo! The Haglers

Smarty pants


Caught fish. Many were in the water all the time…

Dibb Party


Jim and I are back at Dead Dog; his 5th year, my 14th year.

Overall, the fishing varied as much as the weather. Where walleyes bit one day, they were absent the nest day. For weather, we had temps into the 50’s (could see our breath fishing Tuesday night) where we had to stoke the wood burner to keep the cabin warm; to 30 degrees & wind from the south, the west, the east and oh yes, the north in the space of 5 days –Drizzle, clear blue skies, tomorrow downpours, soft breezes & hollowing winds that blew up off the lank on Thursday.

As far as fishing goes, we saw a little bit of everything. Even though fishing was a bit slower than usual, we still had  some great trips out with 100+ walleyes all day for 4 of the 5 days.  Many walleyes were over 20”& the largest was 28”; however. We also caught five that were 27”. Largest northern also goes to Jim at 39” on a jig as all of our northern are caught while fishing walleyes. Like a previous journal writer mentioned, I had a northern grab a walleye on the retrieve of it held on so I could net both fish, even though the northern wasn’t even hooked!

The real strange thing is that it happened again… about an hour later! This time, it was a 33” northern with a 12” Walleye!

Overall, it was a great trip; great food, great fishing, great facilities.  Help us keep this cabin & lake clean & preserved for the future visitors! Thanks for making our trip to KaBeeLo a special event, Lohns (Harald, Ann, Erik & Allison)

Sieders Party


Day one, we caught ten walleye or so to the east, got also a 27 ½ northern by the big island to the east, hooked a pike that had to be 35-40 inches because we saw it on the surface and it was huge but he flipped off in the same place. My fishing partner caught a 27 inch walleye, the 70 year olds biggest ever. But the place where we caught the most of the decent size was directly off the dock. 3-21 inch, 3-18 inch, 1-24 inch. Altogether we caught 20 fish or more from the dock.  The fish caught off the dock was in all times of the day and in the rain.

p.s.-it was really windy the last day so we barely fished until later we were using a perch for bait when we got tired of fishing we threw it in the water and a huge pike jumped up and grabbed it.


Bus Group from MN


1st Day: 2-27" + 2-26.5" + 1-26" Walleyes.  Between 4 of us caught over 100 walleyes all caught on jig & minnows

Cheryl & Tom | Rhinelander WI


A lot of high wind days.  Good fishing on the downwind side of points.  Walleye hitting aggressively on crank baits in bays, subtle bites on bottom along windy shores.  Previous groups' biggest was 28.5" off rocks in Eastern Bay - WATCH CAREFULLY - boulders just under surface in what looks like deep water north of island.  Eastside of boulders best action.  Our best was 27.5" west of cabin.  40" Northern also west.  Using leaders will not affect walleye bite + will keep you from losing jigs to Northernpike.  Most fish in shortest time was at dusk: 9-10 pm

Have fun KaBeeLo class of 2014!!

PS - This was our best canadian fishing trip ever.  Very professional operation and a great lake to fish.  We each caught our largest Northern Pike ever (38" & 40"), Cheryl caught her largest walleye ever @ 27.5"

Also, 2 interesting points:

  1. One evening, while fishing, our marker buoy disappeared.  The next day Cheryl spotted it several hundred yards from the cabin.  When I went to get it, & started to pull in the line, it fought back - a Northern had tangled in the line.
  2. I was reesling in a small walleye when a Northern hit it.  The jig then hooked the Northern, which I landed.  The walleye floated to the surface where it was eaten by a gull.  The gull dragged it to shore where an eagle stole it from the gull & ate it!!!!!

You can't make this stuff up!

Tom & Cheryl Wiensch


We really had a great trip last month.  Best Canadian fishing trip we’ve had.  We got lots of walleyes, including about 10 that were 26” or better. Also some really nice northern pike. Cheryl got the biggest walleye of her life (27.5”) and I got my biggest northern (40”).  Attached are photos of those two.  Your whole operation was top notch!  Thanks again!

Tom Wiensch

2013 Season


Father and Son from Wisconsin & Hong Kong


Dave and I (Louie) drove up to KaBeeLo, immediately got flown out (huge bonus as far as we were concerned) and got to enjoy an astounding thunderstorm early the next morning. AWESOME!!! But, it did screw up the fishing for the better part of the day leaving to fish from the dock. Still a super day! Another bonus – NO PHONES! NO TEXT MESSAGES! NO TV! NO EMAIL! We have been to KaBeeLo Lodge for the last 25-30 years! No doubt the FINEST Canadian fishing destination of all time! However that is definitely due to the owners of KaBeeLo Lodge (Ann and Harald Lohn) and their son (Erik – Chief Pilot). They have created many wonderful memories for the entire family and our friends over the years! THANK YOU HARALD AND ANN. (Louie’s comments). With many thanks for 30+ years of great memories with friends and family, which will continue to enrich our lives, whether we’re in Wisconsin or Hong Kong.

A couple from Kansas, USA


We (Tom & I) flew into Dead Dog Lake in the early a.m. for some peace and quiet, fishing and good old fashioned KaBeeLo hospitality. Well, I will write up what happened over the past four days: I generally don’t fish but did catch the biggest walleyes – a 27” and 28” fish. In fact, since I don’t generally fish catching the big ones might be referred to as the “icing on the cake.”. Anyway, we got lots of sleep, ate good food and enjoyed cigars and vodka on the deck. After 25+ years of coming to KaBeeLo this was probably the coldest we have experienced; and, we came as a result of recommendations from Harald – thanks Harald, EH!


Four fishermen from Minnesota, USA


The four of us landed for 2.5 days here and on to Jeanette Lake for 3 more days. Windy and rainy but we caught plenty of walleyes (good to excellent) with meals that were outstanding THANKS to Chef Rick & Kevin. Cabin was well stocked and everything here functioned perfectly thanks to the Lohn crew.


July (13-15) the five of us landed on Dead Dog Lake. We caught lots of walleye (averaged 110/day) with many large walleye (13 over 23”). Enjoyed the northern lights, jumping in the lake, and the great shore lunches. Weather was great! TIP: use the outhouse before 9:30 a.m. because it gets hot in there.

Family of four from Indiana, USA


July 20-26 the four of us (repeat guests of many, many trips to Dead Dog) landed and got fishing as quick as possible. Our trip highlight – most amount of big walleye we have ever had – most over 22”. Lowlight – weather with 3 storms and 1 rain storm. Major delight – fish took my bait hanging over the boat, pole and all. Husband, Randy, dove in the water and, after one hour of looking, retrieved the rod and reel. We had to get it – it has been part of our trips to KaBeeLo Lodge for over 20+ years. Bottom line – we caught fish EVERYWHERE. ABUNDANT!!! See you next year! THANK YOU, Harald, Ann, Erik, Allysson, Winston, Alastair & Hillary.

Three gentlemen from Minnesota, USA


Early July, and late in the afternoon, the three of us flew into Dead Dog Lake for 4 days of fishing. While fishing started slow we managed to boat 76 walleyes before supper; ate some supper, drank some cold drinks and enjoyed the long day. Day two we battled a bit of weather but managed to catch over 250 walleye with the biggest at 30”. Day three we fought strong winds, rain and everything else Mother Nature could throw at us but we managed 135 walleye for the day. Last day we, again, tangled with Mother Nature regarding weather but 50+ walleyes were boated. Overall, a great week of fishing and fantastic food. Over 800 walleyes were boated along with a bunch of northern pike. A memorable trip for all involved – hope future visitors enjoy the cabin and Dead Dog Lake!


5 guys from Wisconsin, USA


Five of us landed on Dead Dog in late June for fishing and fun. Day one caught about 100 walleye with biggest at 26”. Day two caught about 150 walleye, saw two eagles and the northern lights in the middle of the night. Last day, about 75 fish total. A good time was had by all.

2012 Season


Father/Son from Missouri/Delware


We had a great trip as usual. We both have made over 20 trips to KaBeeLo. Celebrated Dad’s birthday, made a cake. Fishing was wonderful with biggest walleye at 27.5”. WOW! Pike? Not really our preferred fish so did not try real hard for them. THANKS, KaBeeLo. See you next year.


Email from Willard Grant


Hi Harold and Ann, This is Willard / Bill Gant from the Pawlisch group a few weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to write you just to let you know what a great time I had at dead dog lake. I,ve wanted to go on a trip like that my whole life, and finally, at age 50, I was able to do it. It was everything I thought it would be and more. It rained , it blew , a dang tree fell on the house! We’ll be talking about that rude awakening for years! The fish somehow kept biting and the last 2.5 days they really were biting.. I got my biggest walleye and northern ever! I was lucky to have good guides , cousin David , John and uncle Jim Know there way around that lake. When it was over and we were flying back to home base, I thought I was going to break down and cry. I had waited so long to do this and now it was over . Now all I want is to do it again. I don’t know when that will be but I will see you again some day.. thank you again so much! see attached pics of me with big fish! p.s. Ryan was not happy that I was catching all his big fish……

A grusesome twosome


I have been fishing over 50 years and caught my first pike over 40” – what a hog!!! We caught fish – there was no problem even though the weather left something to be desired. It was a wonderful trip and a return to Dead Dog after 25 years. It was a trip that recalled fond memories and colorful stories. We hope to return sooner rather than later.

Family of 4 celebrating 45th wedding anniversary


Rainbow at 6 pm, blue skies periodically, cloudy, windy, showers, loons calling, bald eagle, great northern lights and meteorites. Fishing very slow, in fact fishing wasn’t as good as before when we were here. The forest fire was a big disappointment since we weren’t told about it. Too bad the owners were not honest about the situation. [NOTE: Owners talked about situation and circumstances regarding forest fires with departing guests. Agreement reached as how to compensate guests for trip circumstances.].


Father & Sons: flew in early just in time to be greeted by a storm. Caught some fish but decided better life than death and more walleye. Next day it rained, and rained, and blew, and rained and blew some more. All in all a slow day on Dead Dog.

Day 2 government flew in to look at fire effects, caught some fish and experience another storm. Another big blow. Unbelievable.

Evening we experienced a HUGH storm but fished the next day. In fact, had some pretty darned good fishing for the walleye & northerns with some bigger ones caught. Headed for shore late afternoon due to impending storm but never materialized so went back out fishing. Rained a bit but we fished and after an hour we were tired of catching fish. Returned to the cabin wet, soggy and happy. Last day – it rained but fishing good. Many, many walleyes over 20” with the biggest at 24”. And, with a last cast Cousin Dave latched onto a 37” pike on a hot orange dardevle. WHAT A FIGHT! Trip is over.

2 of Kansas finest!


Go Wildcats! 3 litres of whiskey & 2 cases of beer; will it last. Day one caught a whole lot of walleye and one HUGE northern 47.5” (30.6 lbs). Asked partner if he watched the lesson I was putting on; his response was no, I was busy knocking over the bait pail, dropping leeches, tipping whiskey and getting untangled. Fish caught but fish lesson wasted! Caught lots of fish but had to move the fish cleaning table – right in front of the cabin – how stupid!!!! Next day, scotch low, Crown sufficient but fishing real, real, real good. Frankly, we have had no problem getting our limits whenever we want. Just a good lake. Even with the scars of the forest fires there is much to be thankful for including peace, quiet, slowing of life and catching fish. The trip was again a success. Back to the rat race tomorrow. T.W./R.J. of Kansas



Father/Son: Fishing good to great. Day 2 fished off the point and the fish nearly jumped in the boat. The weather was varied (cool one day, hot the next) as was the fishing. Still we caught fish, saw bald eagles and a young moose. Cool!

Father/sons/friend from Missouri


Day one was slow but The Wizard had a hot streak while Northwestern prospected with little luck. Days catch – few over 60 total with big walleye 24”, 25”, 26” 27”. Day 2 – government stopped in to pick up workers (what were they doing?) Fishing somewhat slow: fish count 78 total.

Day 3 – Warm weather, semi-slow fishing but, hey, caught 50+ northerns and walleyes.

Day 4 – Morning started slow but, danged, the afternoon picked up ever so nicely. We are talking some 85+ walleye and northerns with today’s big one being HUGE, but un-netted (saw it bite a walleye but could not get in the boat). Day 5 (the last) we caught about the same numbers as before with the Wizard taking it to Northwestern. In fact, no contest. Bottomline: 350+ walleye and northerns with big walleyes as noted and big northern in the high 30”. Amazing trip, had a blast. God Bless.

Fathers and sons from the State of Florida


Caught the most quality fish ever in our 27 year history of KaBeeLo trips – total of 18 walleye over 20” and a 37” pike. Fish contest (young vs old) on day 2 resulted in old boys (2 of us over 50) kickin’ butt in the morning but youngsters (17 year olds) roared back resulting in their win of a $20/man cast pot. Strutting and crowing was intolerable for the balance of the night. Day 3 & 4 showed us mixed weather and some good fishing

Six guys from all over the USA


We caught in the neighborhood of 300+ walleyes with the bigger ones 26”, 27” and 28”. Our catch was spectacular due to our virtuous ways of living. Eleven (11) trips to KaBeeLo in 23 years and hoping for more.

4 Family members (2 sisters, 2


Hot! Hot! Hot! Weather and fishing. Well, we had to wait a day or two for the hot fishing but rewards were plentiful. Northerns from 33” to 41.5” and some big, meaty walleye (18+”). For 30 years we have enjoyed our visit to KaBeeLo and Dead Dog. Last year we were “rushed” off the lake (evacuated by helicopter) due to forest fires but returned this year to see the effects. God left enough trees for new growth and replenish the land for the next generation. We have enjoyed our trips to KaBeeLo and our friendships with the owners and staff for 30 years. Truly, the best place to come and be in touch with our Creator.

Two men from Verona (not really


Flew in early and within 60 minutes was catching fish, lots of them and big ones, to boot. Day 2 – serenade of the loons at 4:15 a.m.!! Went out at 5 am and 6 am and boated over 70 walleye by 11 a.m. Went back for food (we were hungry) and bait (minnows, my friends). Lots of fish and lots of big fish! This lake, Dead Dog, is very special to our family and friends – this is our 11th trip to The Dog & each one has been great. Havoc on the lake caused by the forest fire gives a rare glimpse of the forces of nature; five years from now it will be greening up again. It’s a special place … thanks for sharing it. Please do your part to keep it neat and green.



A loving couple from Wisconsin. 24th trip to KaBeeLo and 2nd time on Dead Dog. The forest fire – we called it God’s remodeling (instead of green walls think of it as wood paneling). Fish off the dock (still!) with a big 38” northern jumping out of the water after a jig and minnow. Caught lots of walleye in 17-21” and 2 over 28”. At night we were serenaded by the loons, lulled by the star filled skies and the northern lights as a bonus. Thank you Ann & Harald and Thank You God – YOU made it right!


4 Guys/4 days and 650 fish, mostly walleye with biggest at 27” and biggest northern at 33”. Lots of fish, cabin great, bald eagles and a waddling woodchuck topped the nature viewing.


We came, we saw, we would do it again. Lots of fish, lots of fun, biggest pike 39” (2 of them) and lots of walleye with biggest 27”. Next party, have a safe and fun time.


Fly out trip for Grandfather, Father & 7 year old son & a couple of cousins


Arrived and caught fish off the dock! Can you believe it? We ate them & they are delicious, yummy!!! And, to top it off the sun was out and a beautiful day. Day 2 – it snowed, can you believe it? Stayed in part of the day and played “beer can golf” – (grandpa won) then went out and caught multiple walleye right up until dark. Wonderful fishing but amazing peace and quiet. Day 3 was tough in terms of weather and walking (to much beer the night before) but we did go out and caught fish and more fish and then some more fish. Cast and catch (versus catch and release) was our motto – we cast, we catch. Can’t beat it. Morning of day 4 – pickup and return to main base. Weather is lousy, plane is late (thank goodness, who wants to fly or ride in this weather?) but we are safe, warm and semi-full of food. Plane is here and we are out of here – THANKS, KaBeeLo!

Father/son trip & we have done this before


GREAT TRIP! Started in sleet and snow and gale force winds and ended with sunny, warm, calm days. Caught lots of walleye, largest 24” with lots in the 20’s” with those under 18” tough to catch. Northern pike – largest was 34” but did not catch a lot of them. Cow moose was a constant companion right at the cabin. Need to be there for the “green” since not much around the lake. B.D./J.D. – Michigan & Virginia

2011 Season


Pastor Scott Nocton


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful trip/time I had during my stay at Kabeelo (Dead Dog) with the Gary Ellis group from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley. I had always heard such wonderful things about Kabeelo and found out they were all true! Your staff was wonderful and your facilities are great. The places my family and I normally fly into are in northern Saskatchewan and the southern NW territory (we fly out of Flin Flon, MB) and let’s just say they aren’t “quite as modern” as yours! I felt like I was at the Ritz Carlton. Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude for a great trip full of many blessings.

Also, I think I forgot to pay you for the use of the satellite cell phone while I was there. I meant to, but it completely slipped my mind after talking to Ann when we flew out. I guess I got to wrapped up in shopping. Please let me know what I owe you for that and I’ll put a check in the mail right away.

I am hoping to return with Gary in the fall if he has an opening inhis group and I can afford it. I don’t know if Gary told you or not, but I am battling leukemia so sometimes the medcial bills get in the way of the really important stuff like fishing!!  Anyway, if it works out, I hope to see you again in a couple of months. Still being able to do things like this keeps up my resolve to beat the cancer.

Once again thanks for the many blessings and a great trip!

2010 Season



Thanks to Bob and Jim (prior Page) for leaving us 2 Doz. MINNOWS! When added to our 80 Doz., they lasted to noon of Tuesday. Also used 300+ crawlers. My last trip here was 10 years ago. Love the cabin & short walk to dock; I don’t miss the old cabin. Fished 13-22 ft., best luck at 14-16 ft. MANY WALLEYES over 20 inches. Had to walk to catch 17-18 but did fine! Most caught on jigs & bouncers. Fine meals everyday! Great Beer Batter Minday! Will come back Next Year!! Thanks to Harald Lohn!

P.S. 14 Bottles: 4 cases of beer Include 5X Dr. McGillicuddys Good time had by all! Saint Paul Six

Bob and Jim


After arriving the first day… wind & rain all day. Rough fishin’, but we did manage to get 10 walleyes & 2 pike (believe it or not, we even caught 3 perch!). 20-30 mph gusts made it tough controlling the boat. Second day, no rain but more wind. Same gusting wind as the first day. We were doing well on the east end of the lake the First day, so we headed back… not as good. End of day we had 5 walleye and 2 pike. Third day… would you believer – MORE WIND!! Lots of hits all day, but tough setting the hook on the roller coaster. Ended the day with 7 walleye & 2 pike. All the walleyes caught were 14” –19” and the largest pike caught was 28”. Walleye seemed to hit well on a spinner with a minnow. Rough weather, but still fantastic trip. Truly enjoyed having the lake to ourselves.

Thanks Ann & Harald for a great trip!

Steve Tuohy


This was our first time ever flying into a cabin in Canada to go fishing, so we choose KABEELO Lodge. First (half) day here we did great we caught 5 walleyes and 1 Northern. Wonderful sunset and the weather was terrific the first night. Our second day was great. We caught 20 Walleye and 2 more Pike. The walleye’s in averaged 17” – 27”. We caught two 21”, one 22” and one 27”. My dad caught a 30” walleye that seems to be a trophy fish. I caught a 32” Northern to top off the night! The Third day we were here there was thunder Storms the night before. That day the fishing was very slow in the morning but I managed to catch a walleye off of the dock. The fishing was very slow until 2:00P.M. By 2:00, the fishing was great and we ended up catching 20 walleyes. At the end we totaled 55 Walleyes and 4 Pike. This was an Amazing Trip. Tom, Ryan P.S. No bugs, No bears, Tommy’s 16th birthday tomorrow!!!

Doug and Robin


Aug 10

Caught some fish on the southern most island, north side. A bunch of walleye east of cabin. Biggest fish 27” walleye caught pike around big island in about 10 ft. of water. 2ara spook does work on Northern.

Aug 11

Arrived early got to fly out were fishing by 5:00. We’ve been coming to KaBeeLo for 14 years. Sometimes more than once a year had to miss last year and decided we needed a break & we picked here. Were at DD in 1997 last. Old cabin 3rd year fishing 3 kids what a difference now just the 2 of us. Caught a mess of nice Wally’s , had a couple for dinner headed back out and had fun catching a mess more.

Aug 12

Doug out fishing early, I like sleeping in. When I got up promptly fell at bottom step outside and thought broke my ankle. It’s pretty swollen & bruised – maybe broken but won’t know that til next week not going in early. Doug caught 27” walleye in the morning while I was wondering if I could make it back up the steps. I did. We went back out after breakfast – it was a beautiful day – just enough chop on the lake along with plenty of sunshine – caught a bunch of walleye. After supper, Doug informed me that I needed to elevate and Ice my swollen & bruised ankle while he was fishing. He caught a bunch more walleye of course, that’s his story.

Aug 13

Doug headed out early while I finally fell asleep he got in around 9 said he had fun caught around 20 walleye with the biggest one around 22”. We went out for a windy, tough afternoon. After a couple hours we came in to catch out breathe. We headed back out late afternoon to sprinkling along with the wind – very challenging came in cold, wet and very little success. No matter, beats working.

Aug 14

Rain, wind tough start to the day. Doug had very little luck this morning. We headed out around noon but after bailing the boat and battling the wind , it was close to 1:00 before casting – it seemed promising , both of us got hits right away but it was short lived. Rain and wind won the day. We came in soaked and cold. As the day wore on the wind really kicked up along with the rain no fishing tonight. We’re running out of wood to dry our clothes and keep warn. Here’s hoping our last day is nicer.

Aug 15

Last day of fishing, high wind out of west 2’-3’ white caps and rain. Very tough day for trolling but we caught fish. Went out two times today total of 7 hours fishing. This was my 22nd trip to KaBeeLo Lodge with many memories.

My tip to you future fishing pro’s is fish wind swept points, islands and rock piles – troll with live bait. When you find them stop and jig fish. Also don’t forget the beauty around us here. Harald & Ann, all your hard work that you have put into KaBeeLo Lodge over the years shows from customer service, the clean base camp, great food, and the cabins are way over the top, My hats off to you. Thanks for all the Fun!!! Doug & Robin



Saw caribou by lakeshore 2 coves east. Caught 3 Northern (21-28”) & 1 Walleye 14”

Aug 7, – Caught 5 Walleye 13” – 19” 150-200 ft. West of island straight across & off pt. ¼ mile east of little island. Got several strikes or ones we lost also. Both caught 21” walleye this p.m. at far east end of lakes & lost one other large one.

Aug 8, – Caught 36” pike on northwest corner of lake & lots of walleye in little island area & west of it. Several were over the limit in size. We thought Dead Dog Lake was Great!!


Fishing was excellent. Caught many walleyes. Walleyes 20-25” were common each day. Northern fishing a bit slow but did land a 41”, 2 – 37” and 3 – 35”. Weather was very windy. Steady 20 mph. Wind for two days made boat control difficult but the fish kept biting.



Great lake – great time. The weather was good all five days with just a few showers. The fishing was superb. Lots of fish and lots of big fish. Several Northern from 35’ to 41’ and several walleye from 22” to 27”. 
There is a cow moose that wades into the water to feed. It is the first cove to the right as you are looking out of the cabin. I would tell you what direction it is but I have spent too much time with the directionally challenged. I will be lucky to fine my own house. The company of fishermen was a good group. We all took turns falling down. You would think that, with me being the youngest, and with all of my original parts (making me unique with this group) that I would be the most graceful. However, I got the award for the most spectacular crash—- a triple backwards ½ somersault with a twist. I broke three rods, a minnow bucket, and my ass! Dad did a triple sow cow into the water to come in a distant second, and Robin did several slow motion half gainers out of the boat and onto the dock. It kind of reminded me of a show I watched – Wild Kingdom – and how the mother Rhino gave birth and the small calf kind of just rolled out onto the grass. Thanks to Robin for me being able to relive that moment. Well, we are leaving with our limit. Enjoy the seagulls. A family of five lives nears the dock. They like saltines and bread soaked with whiskey. After they eat their fill they will stagger up onto the dock and crap all over your equipment. I fed them plenty right before we left.


Yes, the cabin could have been cleaner! But I am spoiled. Two years ago (1st year for cabin). We were here, a man & his wife were leaving as we arrived: The lady informed us that she did not like to fish so she spent time cleaning! It was immaculate! Needless to say we did not leave it that clean! Tom & Barbara from Twin Cities, MN Tom made his first trip in 1979 when Ken & Bee Lohn were owners. Thus, “Ka Bee Lo” Lodge! Tom has made 25 trips in 31 years – Barb’s 2nd. We arrived at D.D. on Thurs 22 – it rained the rest of Thurs & Fri morning. Friday evening we caught walleye for dinner. It rained Sat am but fishing was good in the late afternoon. Sat – beautiful day – more fishing & a tour of the lake. Plenty of fish to eat & take home. Most of all we enjoy the peace & tranquility! Hope to return. Bald Eagle sat in tree by cabin for 15-20 mins. He was chased away but the Sea Gulls! Who is the Boss???