Fish were shallow, used lots of light colored jig heads for excellent walleye fishing (50+ over 20+” with biggest at 26”).  Tremendous cabin, amazing accommodations.

Jeanette Lake


31 miles E. Approximately 3 X 3 miles. Jeannette Lake is big and round with lots of islands, bays, reefs, coves and extremely rocky. The lake is on the Sesikanaga River flowage and connects to Betty Lake. Average depth is 12-16' with deepest spot at 40'. Species - walleye and northern pike.

The cabin on Jeanette Lake has ample room for 10 or more people in 3 separate bedrooms, oversized kitchen/dining area and a huge screened-in porch.  Throughout the cabin there is floor to ceiling tongue and groove knotty pine, fully insulated, pressure treated deck and stairs, metal roof, vinyl flooring and a lake vista to die for.

Amenities include: Hot/cold running water, indoor shower, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, wood burning stove, propane cooktop and solar refrigerators (x2), metal bunks with comfortable mattresses.

18 min. plane ride from KaBeeLo's main base


Bed Capacity: 2 – 10 people
Bedrooms: 3
Year Built: 2011
Last Remodel: 2021 light remodel
Other: 1 cabin operated by a different outfitter on the lake


Distance from main base: 31 miles North East
Dimensions: 3 × 3 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 3,884 acres
Shape: Big & Round
Average Depth: 12 – 16 feet
Deepest Point: 40 feet
Structure: Lots of islands, bays, reefs and coves. EXTREMELY ROCKY
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: Sesikanaga river flows north from BETTY LAKE into Jeanette

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Guest Comments

2022 Season


The Larsons


Stay Strong

Aug.  13-20-22

Day 1. – Felt safe & secure!

Children looked to us for security.  It wasn’t long before we heard That terrible howl. 

Day 2. – Fishing was great!

Nighttime came early.  Seemed really calm.  The sounds of breaking branches were concerning!!

Day 3.  The footprints on the deck were not familiar.  One of the towels was missing.

Day 4.  On this is a fishing trip!  Caught about 80 fish.  Found some strange (scat) close to the cabin?

Day 5.  Fishing continues to be excellent!  However, the red eyes that we saw (Well after dark) grounded us to the cabin with Knives in hand!  Caution advised!

The Larson’s


Mike & Julie


Had a wonderful four days of fishing.  Rained 3 of 4 days and bite was good everywhere we fished – best when raining, worst on the bright and sunny day.

We trolled a lot as I like to explore and easier to troll with the ery windy days.  Being from Kansas we are used to wind. 

Caught around 50 fish each day.  Caught a few fish that had lures still hooked to them from previous fishermen.

Mike Wilson


John, Dan, Luke, Paul & Mike

Each boat carried a ‘clicker’

Boat # 1 – 291

Boat # 2 – 308

Boat # 3 – 173

772 FISH (Walleyes & Northerns)


Weather was great

Day 1 – Fishing was hot and slow fishing

Day 2,3, & 4 – Fishing was fantastic

Largest Walleye only 23”  (Three of them)

Largest Northern 36 1/8”


The men are in high spirits yesterday was first day on the water and all was successful.  The men were astonished, at times overwhelmed, and a few times entertained by the sheer number of walleyes harvested an mostly released from this here lake.  The weather had been rough in the morning as searched for the mouth of the river that connects to Betty and Jeanette.  Once found, after many, many failed escapades into various bays, we were dis-appointed that no fish were able to be caught.  With the wind bearing down on us, we escaped to the S.W. edge of a large island just East W/SW of the rivers mouth.  We trolled around to the North South side and that is when the magic started.  Eureka – Walleye after Walleye After Walleye, with a few Northern to boot.  The bounty was intense and immense.  We had never experienced fishing like this before.  Walleyes ranged from 12” – 23”, mostly around the 16”-18” range.  After a few hours of this feeding frenzy, we went back to base camp, filleted the fish and fried them up – and added grilled steaks to combine turf with surf.  We then geared up for and an evening of fishing which held even more promise!




Day 1  Fishing was hot in the morning .  125 + Walleyes.  Weather was a bit windy in the afternoon fish fry was excellent.

Day 2. – Supplies starting to dwindle.  No electricity.  No toilet paper to be found.  We are slowly starting to turn on each other.  The “E” is on the dock.  Hope is fading fast.

Day 3 – Food is down to green beans and 2 bricks of Crisco.  Saw one of the guys eating the grease from Day 1 fish fry.  Drawing straws to see who will be killed and eaten first.  Water is rising the “E” floated away.  All hope is lost.  If you read this, tell our wives and children we have left on foot. 

The Bennets



It felt good to be back and the fishing was great!  Lots of Walleyes & Northerns.  Fishing was good in front of the cabin and off the dock.  Walleyes in shallow most fish 4-10 feet of water.  River to Betty mouth area was good & rocks by islands close by as well.  3 Northerns over 40 inch walleye biggest 24 lots of memories!

2018 Season


Swanson Party


1st time at KaBeeLo for all of us and it was great!  Caught lots of fish and ate walleye 2 times throughout the week.  Weather was mild at 70F the first couple of days and the last day was cold and windy.  Biggest pike was 37” and biggest walleye was 24”.  We used minnows to catch many walleyes off the dock using slip bobbers.  Trip was fantastic, can’t wait to get back!




Largest Northern 35”

Largest Walleye 27”

Hosna/Cihak/Bohunk Group


1st trip had a fantastic time!  Great fishing, caught 325 walleye, ten over 20”.  Largest northern 30”.  1st day pulling spinners and crawlers or minnows.  After 1st day jig & minnow.  Temps – hot – south wind.  Most walleyes caught across lake from cabin on north shore (south wind).  Great cabin – equipped with everything you need.

Thank You Ann, Harald, Erik & Allysson!


Falco Group


23rd trip to KaBeeLo.  As always!!!!!  Great people, great customer satisfaction.  KaBeeLo always performs.  Firs time back to Jeanette for many years.  The cabin was awesome.  Good weather, 70’s in days, 55 at night.  A couple rain storms and good wind.

We are used to one lake where we usually catch 1200 fish for the group easily.  This year we probably caught 600 fish – ½ of normal – but we thought this is a good trip for a new lake!

We can not brag about the size this year – largest walleye 25”, largest pike 39”.  We had 7 over 32” Northern.  And only 20 walleye over 209”.  But again, we are happy for a new lake.

B, B, K & W Group!


Arrived @ 1:30pm Thursday @ Jeanette, fishing by 3pm.  First walleye of trip 29” by K, netted by W.  Also note “W” guided K.

Continuous weather for all days 70’s.  Sunday high close to 80 and all our nights mid -50’s great sleeping weather.

Saturday chased off water mid afternoon for 2 hours because of rain.  Overnight Saturday light may fly hatch.

Sunday. Started slow, however B, B, K & W found spots with solid results.  The commissioner allotted funds for the accounting firm of B, B, K & W; audited by Ernst & Young concluded fish activity with the following “boated” fish counts:

252 walleyes & 41 Northern Pike.  We all ate well, laughed repeated things to be heard and enjoyed Jeanette.  THANKS KaBeeLo for an excellent spot!

Barkmeier Crew


Showed up earlier than normal and got out to cabin on arrival – bonus!  Weather this week was windy but no rain during the day.  There were 5 of us and we worked hard for fish.  We caught two 27” walleyes, four 26” and lots from 25-20”.  There was also a large class of 14-15” walleyes.  The slot limit continues to work well.  There are not many northern but 39” was the landed on a jig and one was netted holding a walleye.

We ate well with pistachio breading one night, walleye bake another and northern fish boil another.  A great trip – thanks to the Lohn family and their team!  Thanks for running a great outpost.

Barkmeier Group coming since 1992.



4 Terrific days of fishing are now complete. Our group of 6 caught easily over 100 walleye and 15+ Northern pike over the 8 days. The fish were not picky, but we had success using a Linde Rig to troll in about 10-20 feet of water. It seemed to take us only about 10-15 minutes per day to find a school of walleye at various spots thought out the lake. Some of our favorite spots were the north shore line including right out front of camp all the way to the small rocky bay directly across. Also found a consistent walleye spot all around the first island to your left thought the main strait at the south end of the lake.

We had great luck weather wise. Wind kept the black flies and mosquitoes away most days. Too windy for a fire during the day, we made trips over to the beach through the trail by the campfire. Perfect sand and the cold water was incredibly refreshing. Critters spotted include a bald eagle, crows, turkey vultures and other birds who made quick work of the fish remains from our daily catch. A few cat-like paw tracks were spotted on the swimming beach mentioned above.

On Sunday morning, directly out front of the camp, I landed a small walleye. As I was retrieving it a 35”- 40” pike struck the walleye. I got bot fish up to the side of the boat, missed netting them on the first pass before the northern let go. He left monster gashes on both sides of the walleye. Thanks to KaBeeLo for a fantastic adventure!  Jeff, Steve, Mark, Bill, Bill and Will


We had a mixed group of 10 this year.  4 people from Iowa and 6 from Oregon (cousins).  We did a similar trip with KaBeeLo in 1990 with our Dad/Grandpa (Stub Christensen) who has passed away.  This trip we brought the next generation along.  We had pretty good luck with northern & walleye but really had bad luck with the wind.  We ended up spending too much time stuck in the cabin.  We used 5 boats every day so we ended up in about all parts of the lack and seemed to land fish everywhere.

Thanks to KaBeeLo for a great trip!




Once again we caught a lot of fish, ate way too much, laughed a ton, and made some wonderful memories.  Thanks to our hosts (KaBeeLo Lodge) all of the important decisions were made for us and everything we needed for our trip was promised by Harald and Crew.  All except when to stop fishing!  Thanks again for another memorable trip!  Tons – tons – tons of fish!


Been 19 years since we were here – special always.  Day trips – overcast then sunny – excellent AM – mostly walleyes 19+20+21” many smaller.  32” northern off dock.



28th trip to KaBeeLo.  Best fishing we ever had.  Being walleye guys, we used jigs/leeches all week, with some gulp & crawlers mixed in.  Consistent fishing all week, with the south and west a bit better.  We had 119 walleyes over 20” with the largest being 28” with numerous ones 24”-25”.  16 northerns over 30”, 2 at 38”.  No 40’s this year.  First time with 2 walleyes in fjords 24”+25”.  Each of us caught over 500+ fish.

See you next year!  - JBWG



Our group was a mixed bag of people whom have been here 6+ times to rookies and 1st time border crosser.  Dr. John Dvorak enjoyed his 52nd birthday on 6/6!!  Happy Birthday Doc!  Six of his sons were here to celebrate it with him.  Jeanette has never disappointed and was once again a blast.  The largest walleye caught was 23” and the largest Northern was 34.5”.  We had two beautiful days and one rainy day.  We found the best time to catch walleye was right around 9pm and early in the morning.  The young bucks had a blast catching limit size keeper walleye and pike right off the dock.  They even went swimming in the afternoon despite the chilly water.  Food was great, walleye was better.  Joe Dvorak even brought some tasty pig nuts to munch on.  Tasty buggers.  We wish the rest of the groups good luck and good fishing – make some lasting memories!


Baker Party


Third straight year at Jeanette!  Strong north winds made for tough conditions a few of the days but great fishing nonetheless.  Biggest walleye was 28”, biggest northern 40”.  KaBeeLo has been our family’s outpost of choice sine 1987 and it did not disappoint this year!  We caught 647 fish in 4 full days.  We wish all of the groups behind us good luck!

Coughlin Group


Back again!  Very good fishing! 1,000’S of walleyes and 100’s of northerns.  Biggest walleye 27.5”.  Biggest northern 41.5”.  Caught fish all day every day.  Weather was all over the board; sunny, hot, rainy, cold.  Full moon that we only saw 2 nights.  No northern lights.  Had bear in camp one early morning.

Good luck, be safe and leave it better than you found it.

2017 Season


Nelson Crew


Got in plane gone. What to do, I guess fish, fish, fish.

High winds & some T-Storms weather conditions made fishing a challenge.  We were able to fish 2 out of the 3 days.

2 guys:

135 walleye (biggest 23”)
51 northern (biggest 33”)

¼ mile down the shoreline just past the islands 10 ft of water trolled shoreline w/ small shad raps.

Thank you, Ann & Harald, Erik &Allysson.  Enjoyed your hospitality!

Jim Nelson




A wide man once said “A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”.  As in our case it was only 650 miles and we had 500 horses….so our party of 5 pulled into KaBeeLo camp with fresh legs, visions of greatness, and about 100 beers and 6 bottles of Canada’s finest spirits stashed discretely amongst our gear.  We were off to conquer the wide and legendary reaches of lake Jeanette, and our band of brothers (and a father) would embark on a jourmy so epic, that only this journal, the natures, and of course icloud would be a true account of the great event that transpired from 28-31 July 2017.  To those who come after us, you’re standing on sacred ground.  Hundreds of fish have lost their lives here.

Day 1 -An early arrival to camp meant an early departure and start to our grand adventure.  The hosts at camp KaBeeLo greeted us with smile, supplies, and a pilot who was anxious to take us to our outpost.  The hospitality was heartfelt and genuine, but with our destination so close we chose to press on immediately.  Of course they were happy to oblige, and we would only ponder whether they had been cautioned that a member of our party had already lost a toothbrush; an even more compelling reason to get us down-wind with as much urgency as possible. 

Upon arriving at our cabin we unpacked with haste and quickly setup our fishing gear.  The day was hot and calm, and the lake was calling for us to pluck from her the hundreds of walleye that had waited their entire lives for some of the greatest moments in ours…which of course also included  butter, beer batter and a crisp can of Molson.  Our first area to explore was the large cluster islands, with the winds pushing from the West we were able to find some eager biters once we located some drop-offs on the south side of the large island.  We kept enough for dinner that evening, but couldn’t help but wonder if our tactics needed to evolve.  The legends of the lake were great, but our take was small.

Barkmeier Party


Another trip to Jeanette Lake loaded with memories.  This year we were 1 short due to one of our part unable to make the trip.  We toasted him with his signature old fashion.  No rain during the day but 2 days were windy, making fishing harder.  Still lots of willing walleye who attacked a hooked walleye.  Always fun.

The boats & motors worked great although one boat stalled when the kill cord became detached, the boaters got LOTS of exercise pulling the start cord!!!

Largest northern 37”

Largest walleye 27” (caught 2 this size)

Caught 40 walleye over 20”.  Ate well with beer battered walleye, a fish boil & walleye bake.  Finally mastered corn bread on the grill!

Found many new productive structures.  Till next year!


The Dvorak Weekend


  • Family has been coming here for years. 
  • First 2 days sunny, Tuesday best fishing day when most fish caught
  • On and off rain wed-fri w/clouds all day.  Required a strategy to catch fish
  • Thurs – portage to small lake w/no successful fishing
  • I, David caught a lake trout but just missed getting it into the boat.  It was small so I was okay with it.
  • The cabin and supplies were plenty for the trip.
  • Simon missed what he thought was a 27” walleye.  Bummer but he’ll have more chance in the future since he’s only 9 years old.
  • Damian, David 12 year old came for the first time and hopes for future trips
  • Many loons, seagulls, bald eagles etc were seen
  • Great trip.  Hope to be back for father’s day as a great finally for the week
  • Plan to come back in future years God willing.

David L. Dvorak

WI Cheeseheads


  • We were there for 4 days
  • Caught a total of 779 fish
  • 28 walleye 20 or more inches
  • Had 8 people in the group
  • Total of 4 kids, 4 adults
  • We’re from Wisconsin – Fond du Lac
  • Biggest walleye was 26.5”
  • Biggest Northern was 38”
  • 3 first timers – all had a blast
  • Good weather & great fishing
  • Lots of laughs & lots of great fishing
  • Bald Eagles – saw every day

GREAT TRIP!  We’ll be back in 2018!


Coughlin Crew


Ahoy fellow fishermen, outdoorsmen & women, etc., etc.  I have returned after a 10-year hiatus w/ the Lindburgh, Coughlin, Konz, Verbeten & Romenesko clansmen.  All is well.  The veterans, 20+ years, attest that this has been the most unusual week ever.  Our fishing, frolicking and friendship was punctuated by periods of cold, wind & rain.  Did I say “periods”?  I meant to say long. Long periods.  Today, Wednesday, is our last full day in fish camp.  The 3 days past were shall we say a bit humid?  Or is cold and clammy more descriptive.  Anyways, the weather broke todays.  Cool. Windy but sunny.  However, the fish disappeared.  The usual hot spots were stone cold.  For the first time ever, we had to work for our quota.  Nevertheless, a bad day @ fishing beats any day @ works.

We had fun.  We’ll be back.  The walleye actually miss us!  Bon Voyage, the 1st weekers!

PS – all the veterans say the absolute best/most reliable fishing hole is ncjwcnoan – shoot, my ink pen ran out.

2016 Season


Mother & Son


For more than 31 years our family has been coming to KaBeeLo for relaxation and renewal. We started with three and over the years that number has increased and decreased. We are now back to two, still looking forward to another wonderful adventure next year. Fishing was awesome with numerous good size walleye and northern especially at our favorite walleye spot. Thanks to all you who make this trip special and memorable. To all the Lohn’s, the staff, etc… we appreciate your efforts each year to be sure we have a successful outing.

Doris (the mom) & Mike (the son)

Edy Crew


What a great time was had by all. We had grandfather and grandson (thank God for the youth), father and son, and best of friends. (1- rookie). The six of us enjoyed good fishing and had enough fish each day for a meal. As a rookie I caught my biggest walleye and northern ever!! What a great way to experience God’s creation and good friends. We are truly blessed. We thank God for all the answered prayers for safety and weather. As a rookie I was truly blessed for mentoring and care of these spiritually mature men of God. Thank you for this beautiful place and the good equipment that we used.

God bless you all

Bill and Dave, Rag & Dave, and Tom and Jerry (Rookie)

PS One morning we had the excitement of a caribou in the camp.



Had a great time. Caught 250 walleye! They were good eating too at night! Fishing was great. Loved the cabin very nice.  Great trip with our friends Dave & Ann - loved all the fish!

Thank you Lohn’s (Harald, Ann, Erik and Allysson) for everything,


Beukema Crew


Seven guys, three days, 275 fish. A good mix of Wally’s and Northern. Biggest Wally was 25 inches, several over 20 inches. Biggest Northern were 41”, 39”, 36”, 32” and 31”. Overall great trip and good times with the boys. Also, the 6 stumps that proved to be a trip hazard are now gone. For those of you that remember them. You’re welcome. For those of you that never saw them, you can thank us. Had a great time and can’t wait to get back!

Good luck fishing!



Arendt/Kocon Group


After a pleasant drive north from Minneapolis, we arrived at the lodge under spotty weather. Harald was his usual chipper self, and regaled us with many stories of his youth and his plans for the future. Once the weather blew over, pilots Erik and Christian flew over our group to the majestic NW Ontario Lake Jeanette, where the amazing fishing was secondary to the hours of solitude and introspection. An artic Caribou wandered into camp just as the sun was cresting the pine tops. Between the plethora of soaring eagles and the endless supply of walleye, a man could conclude there is more nature in an ounce of this wilderness than all of the civilization to which we are now required to return.

Peace to all

Christopher Arendt and friends

Barkmeier Group


It’s an interesting experience, to spend six days with one life – long companion, and four guys who feel like you’ve known then all your life, even though you just met them on pack – up day.

It’s even more interesting when each member of the party has a special skill, be in catching large numbers of big fish, cooking great meals, mixing lethal cocktails, telling tall tales, or picking up after everybody else.

Thanks to John, Dave, Ron, Dan and Saul for a memorable experience, and to KaBeeLo Lodge for providing and awesome setting, a cozy facility, and the chance to make memories to last a lifetime


Baker Family - 3 Generations


Great fishing! Caught about 720 fish total. 80 of them were walleye 20 inches or bigger. Our largest walleye was 27 ½ inches and largest northern was 37 inches. Ate walleye every night. Weather varied every day but it got very hot. Found a few hot spots as the days went by. Great experience!

Lynch Party


Super fishing, each day was different weather that worked different fish from the depths and caused all sorts of excitement. Lots of walleyes and Northern!! First time we ever caught a perch. Found new fishing ‘hot spots’ – who would think after so many years that there are still spots undiscovered on Jeanette.

Be back next year . . . until then

Lynch’s & Tich’s

3 Generations of the Johnson's


Bruce, Ryan, Marina, Macey and Brock.

We had a blast. We managed to stay day, warm and at walleye every night. My 3 kids did great. Marina-8, Macy- 11 & Brock 8 are hooked and want to come back soon!

Thank you for a great life experience

Ryan Johnson

The Oman Party


Another good trip! Nice walleyes and Big Northern. Ate fish every day!

Thanks Lohn Family


Coughlin Group


Another great time! Over 3000 walleye caught between the 10 of us. Many great stories shared.

2015 Season


Eggen Group


Caught many many fish. No problem using up 18 dozen minnows.

Ron biggest fish was a Northern 35”. The smallest was 4” walleye Ha ah.

Mary had many big fish 27.5” Northern and one she could not get in.  Lees was a Walleye 22”. Great fish. Great Northern Lights and good food.

Thanks KaBeeLo Lodge for another great fishing trip!


Wetboots Party


Flew in Thursday PM – Caught about 40-60 Walleye, had shore lunch style dinner, burned because the cooks tried using a burner that had only high setting.  Figured out to use different burner & fish were excellent rest of trip.

Had trouble with pump – not running water, but Erik flew out & fixed it.

Weather was fabulous. Every day was warm, only rained one day. Cabin was terrific.

Caught 800 fish in 4 DAYS. Lots of big fish & many times when catching a walleye every cast.

Fishing was fabulous. Poker at night was fun, and we had a ball.

There is a large furry critter living behind the cabin, and otter living down by the dock, and a family of eagles living across the lake.


Wendy Walleye


Group of 5 – 18th Year

Flew in Thursday late caught 59 Walleyes

Friday – Rainy caught 138 Walleyes

Whole Trip caught 487 Walleyes.  Biggest Walleye 28” & 26 ½” Caught 30 over 20”.  Largest Northern – 36 ½”

Had a visit from Wally woodchuck last night.

Drank a lot of Booze.

P.S. Great trip – Great cabin!


July 6-9th, Lots of fish. 2- 40 inch Northerns.  Water doesn’t always run, and axe handle was loose.  Rained 2 more days, and day of perfect weather. More than enough food. The trip was great!


Fisel Group of 6 (with Wayne Cords)


June 30th flyin at 3, fished the evening caught 90 plus, walleye and a few northerns.

July 1st rainy and cloudy caught 70 walleye also casted for northerns for a while caught a lot of little snakes.  Tried a lot of new places on the lake today.

July 2nd rained all day caught 70 walleye one was 27”.  Water pump is shot have had the “E” on the dock trying to signal for help. Had a fire going in the wood stove all day.

July 3rd Cloudy in the morning, but then then turned to sunny. Caught 40 walleye, then casted for northern and caught a 38”.  The walleye action only seems to happen at the three rocks just south of the northern most island.

July 4th VERY WINDY all day made fishing pretty hard. Caught 50 walleye today. Fished the hidden reef on the southern side of the lake.  The dock seems to always produce northerns.  Also for northens fish the bay directly to the east of the lodge.


Do try the Northwest spot. We caught most of fish there.

Biggest Walleye: 25”

Biggest Northern: 31”

We saw 2 moose. Lost a $200 pole to a fish and an otter stole our 2nd Northern.

By Calvin 10

Whitakker Group


Largest Northern 34”

Largest Walleye 24”

Great weather – Great Trip!

Nick Whitaker, Mike Whitaker, Bill Whitaker, Josh Whitaker, Nathan Azzarito

J. B. W. G.


Tremendous week – Great weather.  Longest Northern 34.5, Largest Walleye 26.5    70+ over 20”

Majority of Walleye caught 10-14 feet fished West & southwest of Islands.

Harald another successful trip – thanks for the memories & great service.

See you at Bear Paw next year!


Flew in for day. First time on lake for 5 of us.

100+ Walleyes.

Fantastic Fishing!!!




Ate Fish every night, great fishing, great friends, good Ray Callaway Anchorage, AK

Todd/Braden/Bruce Evjen | Holcombe, WI


Best weather in 28 years. Fishing was good just had to find the spots! Caught the best /biggest and most walleyes in the little bay across from the cabin. Saw two Caribou to the right of the cabin. Biggest Walleye 3

2014 Season


Barkmeier Party


5 Packer Fans and one Viking fan (B00!)

Great weather. Good fishing. Too much food… not enough beer…

Largest Northern 42 11/32” (several over 34 5/64)

Largest Walleye 28 13/16” (many over 20 1/8”)

Fun fact: Breathe right strips do not curb snoring.  Dirty sock in the mouth does…(secured by Duct tape)

Check out the stars: If you happen to have a 3:00 am urge to commune with nature, instead of looking down, look up.  The August sky is Beautiful!

Contest Winner: Viking Fan won this year’s “Naked Fishing Contest”. As the only entrant, he also took last place… Only took an hour to remove the Jig…(So, he says…)

Average Weight Gain: 8 111/128 lbs. (Viking Fan Brought the average up 3 lbs.)

Harald’s Fishing tip of the day: The fishing is impeccable! Fish are located in 4 Ft-32 ft. of water.  Live KaBeeLo Minnows work the best.


Berg Group


July 24th:  Caught 27 fish first evening. Calm seas, were quite hard to find. Did have enough for supper.  Beautiful weather!!

July 25th:  Going after them today, look out!!  Got 127 Walleye on the 25th biggest 27 ½ inches. Also several northern 18-22 inches Hot and no wind.

July 26th: Got heavy thunderstorms overnight really cooled off. Guys slept in, before Northern fishing, back in by 9, had breakfast, all left for fishing.  Bill caught 30 ½ inch Northern, Bob S. caught 28 ½ Northern. Bob B. – Walleye 23 ¼ and 21 ½ and 20. Total walleye catch for today 82. Rosemary & Carol stayed in afternoon and started wood stove. Cold windy day. It’s now 5:30 and it’s Cocktail time.

July 27th: Guys up early for Northern fishing.  Bob S. back by 8, got 2 small Northern, 24 inch walleye in 34 ft. of water – Yea!!  Sunny and cool this morning. Fixing breakfast at 8:30 and waiting for Bob B and Bill A to get back in.  Total 111 Walleye today, 26, 25, 24 & 20 ¼ Walleye, Bill caught 30 ½ Northern (yesterday)

Came in early to shower, clean cabin, pack and give out award money to TOP fisherman, only 2 got it all.

Signing off

Wendy Walleye

Hagler | party of 3


We spent 3 days on Dead Dog before being dropped off on Jeanette.  Plenty of space in the new cabin with only us 3.   Biggest walleye was 23” caught by Ken.  Biggest Pike were 39” and 35” caught by Chase.  Strong winds blew down multiple trees around the cabin, including one on the roof.

Fishing was slow compared to previous years- suspect it is due to the late mayfly hatch in progress.

Met our neighbors in the other cabin – pleasant family of four.  We gave them fishing tips for happy hour drinks of Fireball shooters.----- a win-win trade.  Back to Florida and the triple digit heat index tomorrow. :-(


Eyad Yehyawi | Iowa


Wanted to thank you again for another great trip this year! We all had a great time and below is the 28.5" walleye I was lucky enough to catch. I have been to Ontario almost every year since 1992, and have been trying to catch a walleye of this caliber since. My brother was able to help by netting this giant and we both watched her swim back unharmed after a clean release.

Thanks again!


Lynch Party


Wasn’t’ anyone here before now?  June 17-22, 2014

All the walleye & northerns you want …whenever 😊  Had a great time at the New Awesome Cabin!!

2013 Season


A couple of Minnesota, USA


The two of us flew into Jeanette Lake in celebration of our 35th anniversary. And, it was our very first time at KaBeeLo Lodge. Wow, what some weather. We managed to fish and catch some walleye but we did so in between rain storms, rain squalls and pouring rain. If we didn’t encounter rain we had to deal with the wind. In fact, it rained so much one evening that I thought we should wear out life jackets to bed! Final day we dealt with more weather – here it is 10:00 a.m. and floatplane is not here probably due to very heavy fog.


One day for the COOP group (two fathers/two sons): 4 from Nebraska, USA


To try and catch some walleye (we always stay at the main base and fish for northern pike) for eating and/or taking back home. Nice cabin (new) given the old one burned to the ground in 2011 (we were at the main base during that time and we saw lots and lots of action with helicopters, water bombers, fire fighters, float planes, people coming and going, etc.). Anyway, we fished walleye and caught northern and fished northern and caught northern and then switched to walleye and caught (you guessed it) walleye. Had a good time – AS ALWAYS.

4 men from Wisconsin, USA


We landed at Jeanette Lake for a four day fishing trip. Weather was up and down and fishing was, as usual, pretty darned good (our 8th trip to Jeanette). Lots of walleyes over 20” with largest at 26”. Northern pike – the biggest was 38” on 6 lb. test. In sum, no skeeters, good food with the fish boil a hit.

Family of 4 from Minnesota, USA


We landed on Jeanette Lake. Windy, windy, windy. Weather challenged us almost every day. All in all, given we have no local knowledge, no electronics and no idea what we’re doing we’re having some success and on hell of a good time. Caught fish, ate fish and are taking home our limits. Last meal was surf (walleye) and turf (steak). Great time. Great pictures. Great fishing. Great memories.

4 from Minnesota, USA


Father/son and brother combinations landed at Jeanette Lake. What amazing weather. First several days were 80+ degrees (never seen this in our 13 years of fishing at KaBeeLo) but changed last couple of days (broke out our rain gear). All total the four of us caught between 750-1000 fish with largest walleye at 28”. Rock piles and small islands were are “signal” to fish.


Three from Illinois and one from Kentucky, USA


We four veterans (24th trip to KaBeeLo and 5th trip on Jeanette) landed at Jeanette Lake for 7 days/nights of fellowship, fishing and fun. Weather was great, walleye fishing was excellent (50+ walleye over 20+” with biggest at 26”) and northern fishing (which we generally don’t do) outstanding (three over 40” with the largest 42”). Fish were shallow and we used lots of light colored jig heads. Tremendous cabin, amazing accommodations. Thanks to Ann, Harald & Erik for another wonderful trip. Bear Paw in 2014.

2012 Season


Barkmeier (8 total)


Thanks for making our journey your way a wonderful experience. I can’t imagine how difficult this has been to juggle everyones needs to make it work. We had a great time. The fishing was nonstop and the average fish at least 2inches longer than the last time we fished the lake. This is a testament to how the practice of slot limits really works. We had the experience of most likely catching the same trophy walleye 2 times in the same day. I caught a 26½ inch fish in the AM and Chris Linn caught a fish the same size in the same spot. Makes you scratch your head on how a fish like that got so big. There must be a long string of kind fishermen.

2 Guys from California (repeat trip of 20+ years ago)


Weather mixed with winds limiting areas fishable but managed to catch some off the dock. Mainly catch and release and kept only fish to eat. A popper frog in the grass and lilies was a lot of fun.


8 Guys from 35 to elderly


Lots of sun, wind and fish. A large walleye at 27” was on the leader board day one. Day 2 was a repeat of Day 1 – weather and steady fishing. One boat went to Betty Lake and reported unremarkable fishing. General observations include: fish at all levels, bait of all types work, fish the structure. Helpful tips include: going to Betty Lake? Bring toilet paper because it is a long trip. Tighten the wingnuts on the motor and use caution when handling large quantities of leeches in the cabin.


Fathers/sons report weather changed everyday. We experienced “deep south” (90+ and humid) and killer thunderstorms bringing wind, rain, lightning and thunder. Fishing was the best we have experienced in the 12 years coming to KaBeeLo. Our new fishing spot was dubbed Jurassic Park because the fish were massive and plentiful. Final count of the big walleyes: 29”, 28.5”, 28” (3), 27.5” 26.5” (2) 26” (2), 25.5”, 25” (7) & 20+ inches (70). Our short stories include the “dueling 28s (two 28” walleyes caught at the same time) and the walleye that did not get away (16” walleye swallowed whole by a huge northern). Fish at every depth, lots of fun. Cabin? We very much enjoyed the new one despite great memories in the old one.



Trophy winners – top walleyes were 27.5” and 27” top northerns were 41” and 36”; top perch were 10” & 5.5”. Weather was superb! Each person averaged around 40 fish per day. Boat #5 had great weather and hit water with 132 dz minnows and 6.5 lbs. of leeches. Fished 8-rock, scorched earth and rockfeller plaza with results of 95 eyes Day 1, 68 eyes Day 2, 70 eyes Day 3 and 50 eyes Day 4. Rate this lake as a B+. Boat #2 fished named spots + the humpback. Fish were healthy. New vocab for trip: “eye”, “toothy”, “shoulders” and “garden variety.”


4 Guys/4 days. Caught a ton of walleye with lots in the 20”+ category. Weather pushed us around for a couple of days but boy did we catch fish. Here is a sampling: northerns at 43”, 34”, 33.5” 30” (X 5); walleyes at 26”, 25.5”, 24.5” 24” + a whole lot more. We even caught fish right off the dock and fed the eagles by putting guts on the rocks by point to right of the cabin. Great accommodations!!!


6 Guys/4 days/fish total 614 (fair fishing). Beautiful weather with best fishing in the river. Biggest walleye was 26.5”“; largest northern was 38.5” Great cabin; like the new one a lot. Last year at Bear Paw caught 1,492 fish in early July. This year, great trip on Jeanette.



Clouds, sun but oh what a barrel of fun. A bunch of high school buddies doing our thing. One picking on the walnut banjo while another gazed back upon his youth. A trip for the ages with stories best told while sipping on the cider. THANKS for the memories.

2010 Season




Weather started with some rain but got better every day. Fish were caught all over the lake. 20+ inch walleye caught more than once.

Wildlife spotted: woodchuck, loons, beaver and eagle.

We love Jeanette Lake & we will for sure be back!

Great times, laugh, and bonding!

Largest Walleye 23”. We don’t measure Northern – We don’t even like those snakes to get in the boat!



6 Total No sons anymore, all are parents of youngsters & have home responsibilities. Walleyes get bigger every year. Several 20+ every day 25 ½” Largest 36” Northern Great weather, be calmed on last day. Thank god, we started patching the dog before. No injuries & in bed by 10 every night. 2 fish boils!!! great change from fried diet.



Walleye – 15” & under = 300+ 15” – 19 = 150+ 20” + = 20 27” Walleye largest caught

Northern – 27” + under = WOW 27” – 30” = 25+ 35” Northern biggest alligator caught with “one eyed wiggler”!

Perch – who cares!

*Caught walleye on everything from jigs to dare devils. -Good Luck!

J.B.W.G. Trip #24


Excellent Fishing 50 Walleye 20”+
22 Northern 30”+
Casting for Northern did not produce – all small 20-26”
Northern 38” – 38” – 39” – 40”
Walleye fishing very productive West end of lake, Jigging 7-12” of water. Wally multiply 23 – 24 & 1 – 25”
Wildlife – 1 Groundhog. Thanks Harald See You Next Year


Father daughter fishing trip!

41 inch Northern was caught here! 24.5 Walleye was caught off the dock! Have fun!