There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

- Steven Wright

Ruddy Lake


Ruddy Lake and cabin is reserved for our DAILY FLY-OUT guests. The cabin experienced significant water damage from the 2011 forest fires, however there have been no negative impacts to the fishing success.

18 min. plane ride from kabeelo's main base


used for DAILY fishing trips ONLY

Bed Capacity
Year Built:
Other: pending remodel


Distance from main base: 28 miles North East
Dimensions: 1 × 4 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 426 acres
Surface area of Back Lake: 280 acres
Shape: Long & Narrow
Average Depth: 8 – 12 feet
Deepest Point: 25 feet
Structure: Set of rapids come into the lake. A few islands and lots of bays. Accessible back lake.
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: Connected to BERTHA LAKE

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Guest Comments

2005 Season


Swenson, Rsses, Myers


Another great trip to KaBeeLo Lodge. Weather was great, fishing a little slow. Spent every morning breaking through beaver dam to get to upper lake and it was worth all the work for large Walleye & Northerns.

Thanks to Harald, Ann & Erik for all their work,

Bill Swenson

Bob Reese

Kathleen Myers


Van Wyk | Grand Rapids MI


Arrived 5:00p.m. 7/14 caught 5lb. walleye in the 1st hour on lake – caught mess of smaller 10”-14” - good start! Late start on 7/15 but caught a 4lb. walleye about 7:00am had a great morning on island just past the narrow back out about 4:00 headed toward Bertha caught walleye – mostly enjoyed the scenery another hot but breezy day.

7/16 Headed to bay – hard to get motor & gas to boat but worth it. Didn’t start fishing till noon but caught bunch of walleye – nice 15” to 18” fun – fried – no breeze – no clouds but had to force ourselves to leave.

7/17 out early caught a mess in cove behind cabin weather turning windy – afternoon thunderstorms cold front – tougher fishing p.m. been catching a bunch of perch though

7/18 a.m. fishing great again through narrow around shady side of islands – drizzly , cold, windy day far cry from 2 days ago, still fun – back sore from boat seat – can put up with if for a couple more hours of fishing. Last p.m. of fishing spent afternoon at bay (other lake) had to go pick up motor anyway. Weather rainy, cold windy- challenging but we still caught a bunch of fish. Upon return sun finally broke thru having a rainbow end right in front of the cabin – Perfect – time to pack up – have on last fire and talk about the trip. WOW from 90+ degrees to 50+ degrees in 4 days – what a blast.

After 17 trips to KaBeeLo – Rudy being the 2nd, 1st for my family – in 1994. It was fun to come back – no kids this time – but still fun.

Time to plot next year’s lake.

Doug & Robin Van Wyk


The Lunds


The (Lunds) James, Jim, John and Erik from Minneapolis, Seattle and Kansas City.

A fantastic week of fishing. Comparable to the first outing here at Ruddy. Mid- morning (6am) to 11am (since the sun was up @ 4am) and 5-8 pm. Were good times to be on the lake. No huge Northern but John caught a 10 lb. walleye 30” long off southwest side of lake near channel going to Bertha. James caught a 7 lb. 27” long walleye same area. Caught on MEPPS spinner and yellow lindy spinner rig with Leech. 25 to 40 feet off bank trolling with wind was the best option. Other areas we killed walleye in the rapids and past the narrows by the big rock and the cove close by near the weed line. 6-7 lb. northern largest. Many caught in the 4-6 lb. range. Dare devils, Dr. Spoon, MEPPS Spinner and lindys with live bait minnows/ leeches worked the best. Fishing too good on Ruddy didn’t even touch Bertha. Another good area (cove before narrows on right), fish the weed line Northern and Walleyes. By the way the roof leaks in the bedroom to the left in care of Monsoon.



Stayed at Ruddy Cabin, but came with group that stayed at Bertha, so we fished Bertha most of the time. Caught an average of 40 Walleye each day. Caught  off of drop offs and humps. Several fish were over 20” – biggest was 26” on shore across from Bertha Cabin. Northern were best in the cut between the lakes & at the rapids on Ruddy. The weather was drizzly and chilly all week (4 days) and we caught about 150 fish a piece – average trip!

MN Crew


June 2: Came out at 7:00 am caught: 75 Walleyes; 20” biggest and caught 30 Northern biggest was 30”. Bill Harwell Golden Valley; Matt Ryan Duluth; Bob Ballinger Coon Rapids; Jim Colburn Minnetonka, Warren Nelson Sr. Minnetonka, Dave Nelson Wayzata, Warren Nelson Jr. Deephaven, MN

June 3: Friday we went to the rapids only caught a few northern – After lunch Bob Warren and Dave went to Bertha they caught 60 northern in channel plus 2 – 23” walleyes. Lightning storm so we took refuge at Bertha Cabin met others from Chicago.

June 4: Dave caught 28.5” Walleye down at point by rapids, W.P. caught 40” northern at channel in Bertha Lake – Many walleyes caught throughout lake at points & windward, and eddy sides. Cool, rainy and misty most of the three days but that’s better than hot and baking. Sunday caught 100 walleyes and 100 Northern.


Scott, Frank, Milt & Peggy


5/28 – Arrived about 4:30 pm, fishing good – Overcast – light rain.

5/29 – Overcast & cold in AM – cleared by mid-afternoon – Fished by rapids – not much. Best fishing off two islands by cabin - Biting on green jigs & minnows.

5/30 – Sunny – Warm – To Bertha Lake – Mainly northerns in mouth of river – Back down by rapids. Released a 35” northern

5/31 – Sunny Hot – No wind – Slow for Walleye – Northern biting. Released 34” & 31” & several others – Mouths of rivers best bet. Walleye picked up in evening – HUGE Northern living under dock – Attacks your stringers of fish – JAWS!!!

6/1 – Sunny AM – Cloudy & windy PM Fished Bertha Lake – No better than Ruddy – Fished rapids – walked up – found boat – will take you to another large bay – Northerns abound.

Have fun whoever is next

Scott, Frank, Milt & Peggy