We came for the Pike and that’s what we got (and walleye). Biggest at 30, 32, 33, 33, 40 & 42”. No Joke.  Memories Forever.

- Father & Son Team

Okanse Lake


Newly remodeled in 2015 with new tongue & groove pine, modern flooring, new kitchen cabinets, roof & siding, KaBeeLo's cabin is suited to sleep 8 people in 2 separate bedrooms.  

Amenities and features include hot/cold running water, indoor shower, solar lights & refrigerator, 12V & USB plugins, wood burning stove, fully insulated walls & roof, propane cook top and tons of new counter space.

15 miles NE of KaBeeLo's main base, approximately 2 X 6 miles and shaped like a "rectangle."

11 min. plane ride from Kabeelo's Main Base


Bed Capacity: 2 – 8 people
Bedrooms: 2
Year Built: 2002
Other: Remodeled in 2015.  1 other cabin on the lake.


Distance from main base: 15 miles North East
Dimensions: 2 × 6 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 2,702 acres
Shape: Rectangle
Average Depth: 8 – 14 feet
Deepest Point: 30 feet
Structure: Lots of islands, coves, bays and sunken reefs
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: River runs from Okanse into Wagner Lake

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Guest Comments

2018 Season


Urich Party


Thanks Lohn Family!

What a fantastic trip…hundreds of fish, good food, beautiful weather, and four days that flew by leaving us wishing we had more time to unwind.  The only heart breaking things that happened were throwing back walleye that were too big and realizing we have to leave tomorrow.  The days were beautiful with a mix of sunny days, cool cloudy days, an overnight storm, a few gorgeous sunsets, and the water was still warm enough for a quick swim.  There was no shortage of wild life as we spotted beavers; at least a dozen bald eagles, and heard the call of the loons at night across the lake.  We will definitely be seeing you all again soon!!!!

Cameron – Minneapolis, MN

Joel – Gig Harbor, WA

Larry – Eveleth, MN

Gary – Prior Lake, MN


We had a great time as usual.  Mix of sun, clouds & rain.  Perfect for fishing.  Coll evenigns & a mix of cool to prefect days.  Total fish count of walleye & Northern combined was 429.  See ya next time!

Russ – Topeka, KS

Lawrence – Topeka, KS

Shawan – Kansas City, MO

Shayne – Larence, KS

“Rock Chalk Jayhawk!”


Winkelman group of 6


July 10 thru July 14

Day 1:  Motor - 1 wouldn’t run in gear.  Steering stripped out on others.

7-11:  Hot!  Now wind! Fishing very good

7-12: Cool.  Big winds – afternoon in cabin.  Rain.  Big white caps.  Fishing good in a.m.  Found new hot spots.  Hail storm.

7-13:  Windy again.  Fishing good early.  26” walleye.  Wind had us back in cabin by 11 am.  Beverages cold though.


The Lafond group


Thanks Lohn Family!!

Another great trip, perfect weather, sunshine and plenty of fish, fun and relaxation  No big fish caught but hundreds of fish caught by all.  My 9 year old grandson and me caught 125 fish day 1, 153 fish day 2 and 140 fish day 3!!  Relaxed day 4 with rap and slow pace.

Used mainly crawlers and plastics.

JR Rockport TX


Great time.  This am4 fish on first 4 casts all using the same minnow – a conservation effort!

Keep up the quality!



Thanks, had a great time. Caught a 22.5” walleye and 31” Northern.  Group caught Northern of 36”.  So many fish, so little time.

Quit your bitching & go fishing.

Bob, Marysville Ohio

2017 Season


The Klawitters


Another great trip to Okanse.  Jameson caught the 1st fish, the most fish & had the largest fish; 21” walleye until dad pulled in a monster 24” on the last day.  Caught half a dozen smaller northerns as well but fif not fish for them, focused on walleyes.  Had to work a bit more for the eys this year compared to 2015 but they were noticeably bigger with many in the 17-19” range.  Best recipe this trip was voted as the potatoe chip crusted walleye by Jameson.  The usual stops east of the cabin produced the best actions being on slow trolling spinners with crawlers in about 10-12ft off the drop offs.  Jigging worked well too but was slow.  Figured maybe 100 walleyes between 2 guys over 3 days.  Will be back soon!

The Klawitters | Kyal & Jameson


Family of 5 | MN


HOT HOT HOT spot just east of cabin, good drop off & walleye chop.  Enjoyed the peace & quiet & priceless family time of teaching kids how to fish, chop wooed, fry fish, play farkle & of course fish!

Bob & Chris | Rochester NY


Been here several times.  Love this cabin.  Same hot spots as mentioned.  Tons of walleye on live bait.  Chris only trolled with his trusty J-plug.  Yes – a salmon & trout lure.  It was amazing up here.  Biggest pike was 33”.

Thank You Harald & Family – Be back A.S.A.P.

Missouri & Kentucky | Phil, Kent, Luke


What an AWESOME trip!  Awesome lake.  Caught fish everyday; in every depth.  Weather was good all week.  Rained one day on the trip, swam from the dock the rest of the trip.  Found a good shore lunch spot on the far end of the lake, the fish sandwiches we had were delicious!  Over 600 fish caught this week.

Biggest Fish: 26” walleye, 39” pike

Notes: Satellite radio was a hit.  Fish tacos.  Bacon wrapped walleye.  Walleye salad sandwich.

Back to reality; hope to be back next year!


Butch & Kathy – form Georgia!


What a GREAT trip!  Our first time ever to KaBeeLo & to Canada to fish walleye + Pike.  Fishing was excellent – caught so many, no way to count.  Everyone before has outlined best spots.  Caught 2 – 30” Pike, 1-23” walleye + several other “nice” fish, but no trophy.  Weather was excellent, especially last day when there was NO wind & lake remained calm & peaceful all day.  Had walleye, hush puppies, fried potatoes & onions + a beautiful camp fire.  Hope to return next year!!

Winks Party – Brad, Barry, Larry, Brian


Wind, but not enough to stop fishing.  Two rains, one storm enough to get off the water.  Fishing was good, with good size, but no huge walleyes.  More than 400 caught.  Boats didn’t leak and no motor problems.  Too windy for campfire.  Left some adult beverages for group coming in tomorrow.  Beer left over, but took most home.

The Berggren Group


Fishing was excellent, same as everyone else said to the left of the cabin good trolling.  Walleye can be caught on pretty much any rock pile with rocks sticking out of water in about 3.5-6.0 ft using jogs excellent numbers of fish, also great bobber fishing off end of dock for walleyes.

Reynolds Couple


Our first time visiting Okanse.  We had beautiful weather and caught lots of fish!

Best luck for us was left of the cabin trolling along the shoreline.  Big walleye and northern.

Saw a bald eagle on the south side of the lake.  No caribou – want to learn more about where and how to spot them.

Next time!  Until then – thank you once again for sharing this beautiful place with us.

Mollie & Bill


VanWyks | Trip #23


Truly one of the best trips here caught hundreds of walleyes and lots of pike, seen one caribou.


  1. Turn left from cabin 100 yards and troll in 12-15 ft along shoreline for ½ mile
  2. Around the islands to the east before going into the big part of lake.
  3. The large cove just west of the other cabin

It’s all about wind and weather here.  Harald & Erik release the big fish before you get here.

Thanks for all the hard work you all put in to make this such a special place.

Doug & Robin – see you next year.

The Oman Group | 8 Guys


1 mud duck (Jimmy)

2 SD guys (Dean, Lynn)

5 Cheeseheads (Andy, John Boy, Dean, Cole, Dave)

Lots of fish.  Jimmy & Andy had over 100 walleyes a piece first day.  Down one locater.  Best fish 26” walleye (Andy), 2-39” Northerns (Cole, Jimmy, Andy).  Trolling Raps mostly, some jigging.  Best luck on large rocks on shore with wind.  First trip for Dean from SD., had a great time, liked the plane ride & the woodland caribou.  Rained most of the time.  Had a great time.  See you next June.

Wttnebel Crew | 5 of Us


Lots of walleye – used minnows & leaches.  Biggest pike 37” by Stan, Biggest walleye 21” by Stan

He won both “pots”.  It’s the “group” that makes it so much fun.

Lots of walleyes with any color jig heads & white twister tails, no bait.

Caught one northern that two of us in the boat both hooked within seconds.  Had to cut 1 line to land fish.

Depths for walleye: 5’-20’ depending on wind & sun.


Shercks | Mark & Chris from DC, Bill & Mike from MN


Two father /son duos dueled weather and walleyes.  Found fish almost everywhere we looked, especially during first two rainy days.  Weather topped out in low 50’s w/ rain.  Sunny and warm the last two days.  Walleye hot spots included McAfee point and Pike Bay Entrance.  Biggest pike was 41”.  Several others caught in upper 30’s.

Hot walleye baits: little jogs tipped with live bait

Hot pike baits: perch colored jerk baits

Best food: walleye tacos, bacon cheeseburgers

Back to Main Base for lake Trout fishing!

See you in August on Betty!

2016 Season


Hepners | MN


Great flight to lake. Afternoon windy – no let up!

Windy worse than 1st night but caught fish – walleyes and northern. More wind – blew all night. Had walleyes we caught for dinner – YUM! !

AM OK fished all morning then rain, rain and more rain. Did I mention rain? ? ?

Still raining but went fishing anyhow. Caught scads of walleye 17 to 20 inches and a few northern 28-30 inches.  We quit after catching 30 or so walleye on live minnows, salt minnows & worms.

Rain continued in afternoon but we couldn’t bear sitting in the cabin on our last day! We explored new area for walleyes and caught about 21 more. Now wet & cold again we gave up.

Great trip regardless of the weather!

Gene & Pat Hepner

Clifton, Virginia


Koury | MN


Lots of fish in the weeds, not a lot of northern.

Biggest eye – 23.5”

Biggest Northern – 37”

Ate great.

Brady Scherk (7 years old) | MN


As written exactly by Brady:

Nice trip we got big pike 36 inch & 38. A lot of wallies. Wether nice one day rain. I hit a rock. The end of the lake on the riget so many Pike. Hard to start a fire tock about a half a hour. I almost maid a dushon to slep on the couch. I tock my dads sleping bag for comfrt. I … and out the outhouse.


Nickelson Crew


Great fishing all week! Best lake to fish!

Easily average 80 – 100 fish per boat, per day – week total over 1300 fish caught! Walleye average size between 15” and 20”; Northern between 25” and 30”.

Largest walleye caught – Troy @26”. Next biggest Dan@ 25.5”, Bryan@ 24.5”, Johnathan @ 24” and 23”, Nick @ 23.5” and Jeff@ 23”.

Largest Northern caught – Jeff@ 40”, Brad@ 38.5”, Bryan@ 37”, Doc@ 37”, Johnathan @ 35”.

Water temps between 75-85 degrees each day. Night lows in the 50’s. Week started out with low pressure, system with rain and wind out of the W @ about 15 – 20 knots. Pattern shifted and week to high pressure, N wind – light 0-3 knots, with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Wind calm in the morning 1st half of the week to slight chop for afternoons.

Best fishing trip of a lifetime – a "must do" for anyone who loves to fish! We cannot wait to return to KaBeeLo’s again next year for another week filled with memories with friends and family for life.


Goodwin Crew - FL & IN


Arrived June 28th – fishing good, steady and consistent the whole time we were here. Each party caught nearly 100 walleye/Northern pike each day – mostly walleye. They were caught everywhere but mostly around the island. We found it best to back troll around the islands in 6 – 15’ water and would find most generally the most hungry on the windward/shady side of each island – the choppier the water the better. Most were caught on ¼, 3/8 oz jig head – color did not seem to matter – jig and catch mostly walleye – cast spinner baited and catch mostly Pike. Most walleye were in the 14”-17” and Pike were 18”-24”.

Largest walleye in my fishing party was 21” – Don’t know if the other guys caught any larger or not. Largest Pike was 37” and 36” both caught on spinner baits in weeds near islands.

We had every type of weather while here. Yesterday was clear blue sky and shirt sleeve weather. Several days we would have to have rain gear in the boats but it didn’t usually rain for long. One day it rained enough we had to let water out of the boat and fish probably hit the best in the hard rain. One day it was cold and we had to have a fire. Some days we would have all different types of weather in one day – fish didn’t seem to care.

Other than the fishing, we were quite comfortable in the cabin. Well stocked and we were well fed. Each day we would clean our fish and take the carcasses across the lake and put on rocks – We never did see a bear but we were greeted frequently but bald eagles, gulls and buzzards. The eagles made for some great photos. Other than the eagles, we also saw moose swimming the lake on 3 occasions and several loons that stay near the cabin diving and calling late into the night.

MN + WI Crew


Had a very good time.  Biggest Walleye 24”. No big Northern. Hundreds of walleye 12 to 19” on the trip.

Saw increasing number of mayflies as the day went by.

John Rahm – Foley, MN, Greg Simones – Foley, MN, Travis Erickson – Cumberland, WI, Scott Rahm – Sartell, MN

Evjen Party | WI


Day 1: Rain Intermittently – otherwise great day – good company & caught some fish. Weed beds in 6-7 feet of water seemed to be best for walleye – caught some perch 10-11 inch size

Day 2: High winds, while caps on lake caught more perch – had to get on back side of islands to get out of wind.

Day 3: More rain- bumper crop of mosquitoes caught 37” Northern & 2 – 24” walleyes. Very good trip – back to reality tomorrow.



June 10th – 12 hour drive

June 11th AM cloudy wind from NW caught many fish – Gage 34” Northern and Gage 21.5” Walleye. PM – Sunny, wind shifted from NE (?) Grant – 23.5” walleye 103 walleye total

June 12th AM & PM – cloudy – wind from SW all day, small chop. Gage 22” walleye, Gary 27.5” northern, Grant 22” walleye and Harry 22”. 54 walleye total

June 13th AM – cloudy overcast west wind 3 keepers – Gary & Gage

Monti Crew - MN


So far the largest Pike 37”

The largest Walleye 24”

Depths from 3’ to 11’

Have fun to the big lake - Monti group.

2015 Season


Klawitters | Minneapolis


3 Rainy days of fishing, But good Fishing!!!  Had to fish between thunderstorms so only about 15 hours on the water But; 63 walleye ( as close as we can figure) and 12 northern ( one 26 incher)

Largest walleye by Jameson 19 inch (CPR)

Best fishing along the north shore to the east of the cabin.

Tip: wood piled near the boats is the driest, get down into the 40’s for a couple of nights!

All in all great time!

Kansas Crew


Great fishing, Good fishing Weather

Fish totals:

169 Northern Pike

79 Walleye

Big Hogs (Northern): 11.8, 10.4, 9.9, 9.8, 7.8, 6.7, 6, 5.9, 5.7 Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

The Sunters


Were here for 4 days. Caught lots of Walleye & a few small northern Pikes.  Great time, good weather! Some rain & 1 day of calm-glassy water.  Sunter did not crack a rib this year- NO INJURIES!! YEAH! Good time with HARALD, ANN, ERIK & ALLYSSON at base camp as well.  Brought tomatoes & corn on the cob up to KABEELO for all to enjoy.  GO JAYHAWKS!  Going to stay to Okanse in 2016-Glenda will be retired-YEAH!-at 61 years old.


Koski Group


Lots of rain & lots of Walleye

What a Beautiful day

Dogs were barking sun was shining

2014 Season


Koury | MN


3.5 days caught approx. 969 Eyes, used live bait in 5’-18’ of water.  Caught a 29” walleye!

Family of 5 from NN


Mom, Dad & 3 kids ages 3, 5 & 7....Yes – it was busy, but the kids loved picking raspberries, camp fires and playing on the sand beaches around the lake.  Fishing was great when we had the chance to go…we saw eagles, seagulls and 1 woodland caribou.

Fish (walleye) were at 7’-10’ of water.  It is/was great to have the kids all kinds of questions about “Mother Nature”.  Lets us see & experience one of the great places to be on this planet, without any other people.  The only negative was trying to get the kids to bed at an early time so Mom & Dad could enjoy our own peace and quiet…

Juliano's | Rochester NY


Bit windy this am: 8 Pike – 35” & 3 small walleye.  After lunch 13 Pike & 6 walleye.

Aug 9th – loud and long thunder but no rain.  25 walleye, 2 pike.  After lunch 8 pike (30”) & 16 walleye.  Weather was perfect today.  Pretty hot actually.  Dad is outfishing me this trip.  As usual, at least I neat him last year.  We fished off our minnows today, looks like we need more next time.  Found some great sholes though!

Aug 10th – 16 pike this morning, no walleye – very windy.  After lunch caught 19 pike (26” & 34”), 8 walleye.  The morning looked bleak but shaped up real nice!

Hot lures: Large 5 of diamonds, Medium green daredevil, Mepps 4 spinner, Jig with minnows  (wish we had more minnows).

Totals: 67 Pike, 58 Walleye, 1 Perch


“It does not get any better than this” FISH ON! FISH ON! Also the Bull and the two Cow moose we saw, very nice.


Dorenkamp Party | 3 Nebraska Guys


Arrived late June 8th...caught 12 walleye 10”-18”

June 9th – 14 walleye, 20 northern

June 10th – Had to quit at 12:30 (wind), 9 walleye (18”), 14 northern (22”)

June 11th – West wind again; 92 walleye (21”), 50 northern (35”), most walleye at the other cabin.  Quit at 4:00 pm.  Moose tracks are at the other cabin.

June 12th – cold rain to start the day

June 13th – Frost this morning…27 walleye biggets was 22”.  39 northern, biggest was 36”, lots of 27+” northerns

Great Trip!!!



Gilmore Party


26th - plane delay because of fog, arrived 11 am.  Fishing slow only 20 fish but walleye for dinner – fished SW bay & SW shorelime

27th – Fish are hitting great – at waterfall Northern & Walleye.  18” walleye 31” Northern, total 63 fish.  NW by cabin.

28th – Tremendous fishing.  69 fish total.  38" Northern, still can’t find the big walleye but 18”-20” very plentiful.  NW end of lake

29th – Best day – 85 fish, 36” Northern, walleye all day. SW end of lake in shallow bay.

Counting the fish at the main lodge 222 total what a great time!

Two of us went out the night of the 29th, caught 10 Northern & 5 Walleye.  Brings total to 240 fish WOW!

2013 Season



We had a blast” a little light on the wildlife, weather was cool fish were biting.


Great trip in the middle of September. No need to go far from the cabin for wonderful fishing and wildlife. We feed the eagles with a few small walleye, really cool.


"We enjoyed our trip here”. Thanks! Very little wildlife, but one of the best fishing trips we have ever had.



“We will be back” after all the week was great. We saw loons, 3 moose, 1 caribou, bald eagles, golden eagles and of course sea gulls. This was our first trip to Okanse and this trip was truly one of a kind


A few of us this is the fourth time on this lake “It is a great lake”.



The air and water hot, fishing still good but slower in middle of day.



End of June through the first part of July 10 days of fishing two guys around 100 fish a day, lots of wildlife. The wildlife included a Momma bear and cubs, 4 moose and a couple of caribou.

2012 Season


Submitted by a couple of couples


We had great weather with beautiful sunsets an sunrises. Not a lot of wildlife. Largest walleye was 24” and largest northern was 27”. Smallest walleye was 5”. WOW! Cabin had more food than what we could eat so no one starved to death. THANKS for the great adventure and good times.



2 Brothers & life long pal fishing this lake again this season. Fish in lots of places and found lake trout plentiful. Walleyes in shaded areas and bit on just about anything. Spotted lots of wildlife – moose, mink, beavers and 2 eagles. Eagles were probably brothers because the shared many a fish carcass. On a related matter we monitored our daily intake of adult beverages due to rationing of same. Pina coladas, cape cods, kolo and milk, white Russians, Champaign and lots of beers. As I write this is am witnessing the virtual daily collapse of rational thought.


Father/son trip enjoyed nice weather and caught 100+ fish with biggest walleye at 20” and northern 30”. Had a great one on one time with son. Worth the trip and would do again.



Flew in early after a wonderful dinner. Food, equipment and accommodations were great. Everything worked well. Caught hundreds of walleye and couple of dozen northerns. Weather was great everyday with two evenings of storms.


Best success catching fish on south shore.


Good fishing generally; largest walleye 26” with many over 20”. Lots of 18” which was fun. Fridge not real cold; boat and motors worked well.


Usually come in August/September but needed a change. Caught 808 total fish with largest walleye 23” and northern 36”. Lots of wildlife, moose, woodchucks, gulls with the seagulls owning the dock.



Good Trip! Good Friends! Good Weather! Good fishing! Plenty of fish to eat and prepared from pan fried to cedar plank even a walleye chowder. Best weather trip we have ever had – little wind and virtually no wind. As always, KaBeeLo crew did excellent job from owner to pilot to dock hand. With 16 years of visiting KaBeeLo we will be back again.


Six male adults caught a lot of fish even though bite was light. Weather held us up one morning but the sun came out and it was like the second coming of the 87’ Twins maybe 91’ Great people; great fishing. We had a great time & will be back.


Group of 8 fished 4 ½ days and caught 2,563 fish – 2,479 walleye and 84 northerns. Largest walleye – 24”, largest northern was 39.5”. All fish caught on ¼ oz lead headed jig with live minnows (we consumed approximately 300 dozen minnows). North eastern shore most productive; Wagner lake inaccessible due to series of very effective beaver dams. Wildlife viewing was great – bald eagles, ducks, loons, a beaver and grouse. 8 of Illinois’ finest.


3 Colorado mountain boys and one refugee from a fruit and nut salad fished this lake. We caught a boatload of fish. A note to the prior party on the lake – you need help – clean the cabin. Signed Elizabeth II, Queen of England.

2011 Season


Gerry and his family


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for our terrific stay at Okanse East!

In fact, the boys boys changed their flights and left at 17:10. I decided to drive a little to get a head start and got all the way south to Gaylord, south of the Macinac Bridge, slept for 1 and a half hours and was home by 09:00. I was of course, just a little tired. Perhaps I am getting too old for this kinda thing.

Everyone loved the fishing and food and, of course, libation. We have already begun to share all the digital images and fun memories. I did get a 42 inch Northern and have some good pics, but no KaBeeLo ball cap. I will send it on if you like. I know it is early but we will be looking again for 2013.

I hope the no fly zone is reduced and you will get to utilize some other cabins and do not loose anymore.

2010 Season


Jack, Tim, Joe, Don & Uncle Dick


1st Day arrive 8 AM & on the lake by 10:00 catching fish. Had a good day. Kept 8 walleye for dinner & froze 4 walleye & 1 northern for take home. Caught a lot of fish but only the 15 keepers & nothing over 18” except for the Northern @26”.
All using minnows on Jigs. Every color worked, the best spots were across from the cabin off the point of the nearest island. Two boats working & about 50 fish per boat on the day. Our first experience with KaBeeLo’s & we are all satisfied & happy for the experience. Great trip sorry it’s only 2 days long. The whole thing would have been perfect if Tim hadn’t forgotten the milk in Harald refrigerator. Shopped & split firewood for the next guests & look forward to our next trip to KaBeeLo’s. We don’t even care which lake. Finest Kind! 


Father and son team of Bob & Chris


We came for the Pike and that’s what we got. Biggest at 30, 32, 33, 33, 40 & 42”. No Joke. 2 – Forty inch whoppers. We even caught a few Walleye. We learned again that there is NO easy way to land, and hook and release a pike with out undo harm to the fish and OUR FINGERS!!!!

Weather was excellent except for the very last afternoon. Very windy and the engine stalled. Luckily 50 years from the cabin. Whew!

Thank you KaBeeLo Harald, Ann & Staff Memories Forever 

Marv & Jane Smith


First time here and we had a wonderful time. Caught fish every day 22” Walleye & 30” Northern were the largest. It was a real treat to have fresh fish every night. Saw a moose one night so that really made the trip. Food and housing was super!!

Jerry, John III, John IV, Matt, Trevor and Uncle Hank


10th trip to KaBeeLo. 1st trip to Oakanse. Fished Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, flew out Fri. morning. Had a great trip with great weather. Harald was right; we fished the entire lake but spent vast majority of time fishing the bay and islands nearest the cabin. Caught a lot of fish with biggest Walleye caught but Trevor at 28 inches and biggest Northern caught by John III at 35 inches.

Fish Mon 456 Tue 384 Wed 409 Thurs 319 Total 1568

Not bad for six guys in four days. See you next year!!!

Art & Ted


Great fun, great fresh fish 2x per day. Excellent walleye #‘s, no clue how many total. Largest walleye 26” by Art Good Northern, not great #‘s. Largest by Art @ 31.5”
Beautiful scenery, weather was cooperative Thank you Kabeelo!


Joan and Jim


July 14, No one on lake so flew out that afternoon with two young men to work on tree cutting & other repairs. Went fishing as soon as boat & rods were ready – then the thunder, high winds & rain came. But not before we each caught four nice sizes Walleye.

July 15, 7-15-10 Woke up to heavy fog & light rain. Went out for a few hours before winds picked up & heavy rains came. Caught 11 better-sized Walleye. That puts Joan ahead by 1.

July 16, Rain continued on & off every day but we still caught a total of 59 walleye. The best day was the last day. Of course Harald plans it that way so we’ll return again next year. Jim won the contest of catching the most fish, 32. Thanks again for a wonderful time.


No one on lake so flew out that afternoon with two young men to work on tree cutting & other repairs. Went fishing as soon as boat & rods were ready – then the thunder, high winds & rain came. But not before we each caught four nice sizes Walleye.




Fished 3 days: 1 sunny & 2 raining. Total fish: 115 Walleyes, 35 Northern, 1 perch, 2 logs Biggest 24” Walleye Biggest 31” Northern

Raccoons 1st night… no other creatures Loon family with 1 baby swimming close to the dock each day

Actually caught quite a few walleye right off the dock.

Great trip. Lots of fish & lots of laughs!

Joan & Jim

Doc – Tim – Jack – Tom – Reb – Jim


Sun, June 13 Arrived 11:AM Fishing by 12:30 Rain & Wind, we caught quite a few Walleye with the Largest caught by Reb at 24”
We had a great walleye dinner followed by drinks & poker game

Mon, June 14 Bluebird Day with a slight breeze. We did much exploring with fairly good luck and Tom moving big fish size up to 24 ½”

Tue, June 15 Day started Sunny & Calm, Everyone heading for hopeful honey holes. 99 Fish Island is not keeping its reputation as in the past. The weather changes getting cloudy, windy and the fishing picked up. Doc & Tom found a deep point on the main lake. They had buoys making water running from 10” to 19”, we ended up with all 3 boats fishing this spot. We caught many nice fish. Doc caught a 27”, Jim a 25”, Jack a 24 ½”. We all caught about 15 fish from 18” to 21”, Great fishing afternoon.

Wed, June 16 Bluebird day all caught lots of walleye with Reb catching a 25 ½” walleye. Catching fish in many places. Tim & Jim went fishing after supper from 8 to 10 without much luck.

Thur, June 17 Nice morning, in the afternoon got very windy. We all caught many walleyes and Reb caught a 40” northern.

Fri, June 18 Very windy, only fish in water 1:30pm. Had a great week and caught lots of walleyes. 

Mike, Al, Dan, Jeff & Joe (no Don) from Appleton, WI


•Great fishing, caught a lot of #‘s but nothing very big (Walleye & Northern).
•Wonderful weather everyday we where here.
•Everyone was tempted to use modern toilet but only one of us actually did.
•Dan farted and snored all night.
•Most hot spots were close to camp (but fish where caught everywhere).
•Mike caught a perch. So did Joe.
•Another great trip with KaBeeLo.

Resurrection Lutheran 17th Annual


Excellent fishing!!! Too numerous to count! 23” Walleye & 34” Northern as largest. Caught fish everywhere!! 4 beautiful sunshine days! Photographer a small Woodland Caribou calf from a distance. All 6 of us saw him on the same day! Ate fish till we started growing gills!! 
— Pat, Glenn, Gary, Paul, Rick & Wes (49yrs to 72 yrs)


Rod, Bob, Mark, Frank, Tony, Carl & Gus (no Tom)


May 31 – June 5
•Weather was cloudy & rain on + off – Thursday was Bluebird day + Friday was rain all day after 10AM – Friday best day for Pike
•Walleye fishing – huge no’s but NO big ones
•Rod won contest 26 ¾” only 3- 24” and 1-25”.
•Mark & Frank split Northern money @ 36” – no big “toothies”
•Gus fell off log
•Tony left early
•Tom cancelled last minute
•Mark farted & snored all night – “ snorkel for nose”
•Mark & Carl did doughnuts when Mark slipped while driving boat- tried to kill both he & Carl
•Carl’s 1st trip – caught 33” Northern
•Frank was the fish cook and cleaner – Walleye cheeks a specialty & “Walleye bake”
•Rod & Gus Breakfast cooks – Always up 1st
•Bob was. “…as always”, Bob – thought he saw large animal in front yard – woke Rod & Frank up middle of night and saw nothing.
•Had large animal in backyard first night – Big Claw marks on trees as evidence