Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

- Henry Thoreau

Payment Information


  • All rates are in US dollars and are per person (unless otherwise noted)
  • KaBeeLo will only accept cash, travelers checks or money order for the balance of trips (NOTE: credit cards and personal checks not accepted for balance payment).
  • Sales taxes, gratuities, licenses are NOT included in package pricing
  • Prices do not include transportation to and from KaBeeLo Lodge from the point of departure for any of the vacation packages
  • Cancellation Policies:
    • Fishing Packages – full refund with 60 day notice*
    • Hunting Packages – deposits are non refundable
    • 4 Wheelin', Conferences & Honeymoon Packages - full refund with 60 day notice

* subject to change without notice


KaBeeLo requires deposits within 30 days of making your reservation(s), or at least 2 weeks before the start of your trip – whichever is greater. Making the full deposit within this timeframe will secure your selected lake & dates.

  • Deposits can be made with cash, cashiers check or personal check
  • Deposits for various activities are as follows; 
    • Fishing, $600/person 
    • Bird Hunt, $300/person 
    • Bear Hunt, $1,500/person 
    • Moose Hunt, $2,000/person  
    • Any other activity - please contact KaBeeLo for deposit information


We take pride in each of our staff!  They work hard, provide excellent service, and yes - they receive a salary.  Neverthelss tips are VERY much appreciated, and lets them know they provided quality service!

Tips may be left with an individual staff member or with the owners along with your wishes for distribution.  A very common question is "how much should I tip?".... our advice is to leave whatever fits your comfort/budget level.

Either way - we THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to serve you.