Had a stringer of fish the very first hour. Used a lot of pink jigs with white twister tails as well as spinners with minnows.

- Father & son | Missouri

Betty Lake


Enjoy and relax in the only cabin on the lake which can comfortably accommodate 8 people.  Built in 2006 and remodeled in 2015, complete with 3 separate bedrooms, indoor shower with hot/cold running water, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, knotty pine tongue and groove walls, vinyl flooring, solar refrigerator, propane cooktop, wood burring stove and a large deck overlooking the lake.  It is a beauty!!

Located 28 miles East of KaBeeLo main base, Betty lake is approximately 1 mile wide X 3 miles long and is shaped like the letter "T".  The average depth on Betty Lake is 8-15' with the deepest spot at 25'.  Lake has numerous islands, reefs, bays, and the Sesikanaga River flowing into the lake and connecting Betty Lake to Jeanette Lake.  Species - walleye and northern pike.

14 min. plane ride from KaBeeLo's main base.


Bed Capacity: 2 – 8 people
Bedrooms: 3
Year Built: 2006
Last Remodel: 2015
Other: ONLY cabin on the lake  


Distance from main base: 28 miles East
Dimensions: 1 × 3 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 1,106 acres
Shape: Letter “T”
Average Depth: 8 – 15 feet
Deepest Point: 25 feet
Structure: Numerous reefs, bays and coves, fewer islands
Species: Walleye & Northern
Other: Sesikinaga river flows from WAKEMAN LAKE into Betty Lake and carries on into JEANETTE LAKE

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Guest Comments

2022 Season


Gene, Patty & George


Sept.  14-18

Great trip.  Lots of Pike and Walleye.  Feed walleye dinner – Patty very happy!  25” Walleye and a couple 20” walleyes.  Unbelievable # of Northerns- cast and catch – from babies to line breakers!

Thank to the Lohns for wonderful facilities, great food, Patty loved the 4 stroke Yamaha motor!!




July 24th – 27th  Inman crew (MN, IA, AZ)

Day 1 – arrived and out fishing by 9am 75+ walleye by early afternoon – all about the island – walleye chop is a thing and the more work fighting the wind the better the number and size. 

Short break for lunch and relaxing and back out for an evening fish.

P.S. Rained on and off most of the day

2 – sunny  and a bit breezy

Fishing was slower but size was better many of 20”, fun time for the newbies on the trip and never gets old for the veterans.

Afternoon nap and back at it – Island still produced.  Threw a Johnson Silver Minnow for the Northerns all around including the falls nothing real big, a couple just over 30”    100+ walleyes for the day, who counts Northerns. 

Day 3 Woke up to rain , breakfast and geared up for fishing in the rain but sky;s broke about when we were ready to take off. 

Spotty afternoon, maybe 25-35 walleyes no real pattern, just ones and twos all over.

P.S. Lewis and Clark climbed the falls to check out the Lake above, came back with many stories.

Fish taco’s – no new record consumption but no one left hungary. 

Went out late afternoon, skies got dark a few rumbles of Thunder but decided to stay out.  Went to the falls, slip bobber and a minnow – tossed it right into the running water, 4’ deep – absolutely killed them  50+ all 18-20” and a few bigger, Bonus northerns in the bunch  Ended the trip with a beautiful 22 “ Walleye, once again it was an awesome trip, Thank Allison, Eric, Winston, Allister, Hillary, Harald, Ann, Jason and everyone else – we all feel blessed!!

Zach & Gary from Tuscon, Paul from Chanhasse, Aiden & Greg Esherville and Dennis from Spirit Lake.

Spangler Crew


7th trip for a couple of us, we love this place.  7 trips, 7 lakes 1st time on Betty lake.

Day 1 Arrived 3pm – fishing by 4:15 3hr run 76 total mostly walleye (12 nrthern) Shore line left from cabin .

Total  Day 1

Dad  22   10   17  15   15  2   3  27  57  84

Doug 15   20   15   24   25   7   2  51   57   108

Zach 14   15   14   12   16   4   4  8   31   52   83

Rod 11   15   12   12   10   4   5   31   38   69

Tyson 9   17   12   14   16   8   6   39   43   82

Jay 4   13   7   7   12   14   2   34   25   59


76   80   77   84   94   39   26   213   272   485

Day 2 AM south east side easy like middle school PE shore line & small island SE of shore.  Pressure change w/rain harder to find winds high.  Like Tyson was in H.S.

Day 3 Rain over night , another pressure change the chase was on all day.  High winds in afternoon came over southwest side produced walleye on north shore.  Larger walleye than last visit @ Brokenmouth in 2018.

Day 4 – Weather pattern went from calm like my personality & unpredictable like my ex wife!  Calm, everywhere fish were they stopped action!  Wind shifted weather dropped in temp by 10-15f cool as the other sie of the pillow – total rain out from 3:30 on last day.

KaBeeLo Report – Trip 7 for the pops & me-

6 different lakes – Trip 2 for 3 of us & trip 3 for the fish champion this year.

Lohn family does it right - KaBeelo never disappoints

8 Guys from Nevada


2 37” northern

2 36” northern

Everyone caught at least 1 over 30”

25” Walleye was big for trip.

Approx: 10 over 20”.  Tons of 15-19”.  Saw 1 cow & 1 bull moose.  Bull moose was seen twice between Betty and Jeanette.

Minnows helped, but caught most fish on artificial.  “Tip” If you see lighting, get off the lake!  We waited a bit too late & got a very exciting & wet trip back to dock!  Red & white / tornado core jigs on 1/8 oz best for walleye.  Northern on spinner baits & buzz baits.

Fantastic trip!



So happy to be fishing AT Kabeelo again.  My first time on Betty, Bill’s second.  Caught lots of walleye & Pike. 

Bill saw a Moose swimming by old fish cleaning area in the little bay and then Another strolling through our front yeard! 

Lots of beautiful  weather we love it here !


Mollie & Bill Reynolds




I was just casting from the shore when BAM!  I was reeling it in I could see, roughly 57 inches and had the power of a horse.  Then I heard it, a roaring growl.  I turn and saw an enormuds enornmous bear! It slashed its claw on my thigh.  Luckily, I spotted a moose 20M away, I limped to it, warapped my rope around it, and charged at the bear knocking it over.  I finished reeling in my gigantic walleye thre it over my shoulder and rode the moose home.



3 couples – had a great time.

Caught Lots of Walleye

& Northern.

LG Walleye 231/2”

LG Northern 31

Lake is full of 151/2” to 17 walleye –

Best area backside of Island, waterfall etc.

Fish off dock always good

Try going down river to Jeanette, Lake.

(One boat has nasty Leak It’s the one with duck tape at Keel – duck tape doesn’t work)

Up at 5am to leave, poor weather, 12:00 and no plane.  To be continued……

UMD Crew Andi, Brian, Ricke, Karm, Holm, Bruce


Arrived @ 6pm fished for 3hrs.

6 guys caught :           17 Northern     

                                    90 Walleyes   = 107

Largest Walleye – 21” Holm

17 Jun 2022

AM Session 9-2pm

164 FISH total

Kevin with a 381/2” Northern

Kevin tried To Net THE BIGGEST

Walleye Rick HAS ever CAUGHT….

                        But FAILED

Fishing good Everywhere But off Dock is Really Good.

PM Session 5-9pm


Rapids and dock were prime spots

Bruce with a 37” PIKE

Day 2 total : 329 FISH


SAT June 18th

AM 9-2pm   167 fish

** 90 DOZEN Minnows GONE!


Day total – 282

** Kevin fell m boat and now has a bruise the size of a softball on his Bum.

SUNDAY June 19th

AM: 125 FISH CAUGHT. Props to Andi & Bruce for leading the way with 95.

** Rick successfully ran the channel

PM – 82 FISH

Overall fishing bes AT: Waterfall, dock entry portion of LAKE JEANETTE ( If water is high you can get there)

Our best fishing in 3 trips to KABEELO

(1 = 42” Pike, Rick)  (1 = 23 34” WALLEYE Bruce) GRAND TOTAL 925!!


We had a great time and a shower with hot water was a treat.

Tip:  Go to the water falls and get as close as possible.  Which is about 3 feet of water and work out from there.  If you are feeling lazy just fish off the end of the dock.

Roger & Ben


Friday, June 10 2022

Tip: You can catch dozens of walleyes right off the dock, especially at dinner time.  It seems like this lake is carpeted with walleyes and pike.  Really incredible fishing.

2018 Season


The Sisters of Betty


Wonderful experience at Betty Lake, as usual!  Overcast to partly sunny most days.  Breezy except for 1 day.  Lost ½ day twice, once to extreme wind, the other to thunder storm.  Those days we got 20-30 walleyes.  On full days of fishing, 40-80 walleyes.  A few scattered northerns.  Fun fishing, relaxing downtime.  A good time was had by all!  Fish for dinner every night!

Gretchen, Becky & Barb.



Day 1 – arrive about 5:30. Fished for about 1 hr.  5 nice walleyes for supper.

Day 2 – cloudy wet & some wind.  About 40-50 walleye – supper great started getting our to go fish!

Day 3 - windy cold & some sun.  Fishing slower – enough to eat – and for the home bag

Day 4 – Great day of fishing.  Bringing home out limit of 17” fish.  Caught a total today of 67 fish, ranging from 14” to 20”.  Depths fished were 6’ – 20’





Day 1, Overcast, good morning to go fish.  Finding a feel for Betty.  Rain came in the afternoon.  Kept 3 nice fish for dinner.  Awesome.

Day 2 – Rainy.  Beautiful morning, but cool.  No wind.  Slayed ‘em around the island.  Bill caught 36”+ northern before noon.  (It snapped at him as he tried to get in the boat!).  Afternoon still no wind = perfect!  Bill landed a 25” FAT walleye, I caught 21.5”.  Both those caught off the point south of the island.  Finished up the day over 100 fish.  Depth finder is the only way to go.

Day 3 – Windy today.  Tougher fishing.  Only caught 83.  (My part was only 9, I got schooled!).  Hard to stay on them.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Day 4 – Last Day.  Haze & Sunshine.  Wind still blowing this morning.  Only 63 before noon.  Bill had another 25” walleye (pretty sure I lost a 31”er at the side of the boat!  Oh well!).  Finished the day (2 hrs early, last day) with 79 fish.  Both on at the same time, “a double!”.

A lifetime of memories in 4 days.  Thanks KaBeeLo!!


Osgood Clan


Day 1: Very windy out of the south.  Picked up 1 keeper walleye and 6-8 around 14” that we released, also a small northern.  Evening was better off small south east island.  2 keepers, lots of little ones & 28” northern that Jeanne caught.  The girls were thrilled when it slipped through a hole in the net right into the boat.

Day 2 – Still windy out if the south.  Rained on and off through early afternoon.  Got 5 keepers and lots of small walleyes off SE corner of small island.  Late afternoon/early evening fished for northern along bank between cabin & fish cleaning tables.  Caught several at 25-30” with teeth marks.  Had a fantastic fish diner & beautiful evening.  Nice & cool for sleeping!

Day 3 – calm and cloudy today.  Went to the south end & picked up a nice walleye immediately.  Went back to our favorite spot to fill up the stringer.  Our minnows are terminal so we’ll fish for northerns this afternoon.  Caught a 30” between the cabin & cleaning tables.  Beautiful afternoon for swimming & relaxing by the fire.

2017 Season


Sherck Family


August 26-29:  

  • Biggest fish – 30 inch walleye which Brady caught.
  • Bear came – we saw it.
  • Very good weather – sunny all most every day.
  • Best lures – storm thunder stick & ? baits.
  • We caught 30 inch walleye on little joe and collection of spinners, jigs, minnows
  • Favorite food – steak.
  • Bennett’s fish time fishing at KaBeeLo.

Jerel/Jon/Dave Turner


Fish was NON-STOP! In 3 days we caught 238 fish, including 14 northern.  We fished out of one boat and had many doubles.  WE HAD ONE TRIPLE!  Only a few walleye were small.  Most were good eating size.  We had many walleye over 18”.  Our biggest walleye was 23”.  Northern 32”.  The weather was great.  It rained just once when we were fishing and it was a drizzle.  Had 2 bigger rains at night.  We ate all the fish we wanted to and the food provided was great.  We saw an eagle!~  This is a loon by the island that comes right up to the boat.  It didn’t steal our bait.  What we did was throw small (very small 8” ers) by him and he dove and got them.  Two fish one day and one fish the next.  Our fishing wasn’t affected and we caught fish just the same when he wasn’t by the boat.  We brought 36 dozen minnows and used them all.  We also brought night crawlers and have some left.  The best fishing was by the island; best depth 16-21 feet just off the bottom with a minnow hooked on a jig or worm.  We tried trolling but ended up just going to the island because we always caught great fish there!  WE LOVE KABEELO!  Jerel’s third trip  and Jon & Dave- first trip.  Dad and sons.

The Stoddards


8/8 – water level about 12” lower than last year.  Water temp. higher.  Fishing just as good as last year.  Caught fish all over.  Every time Mr. Loon showed up – we moved.  He was stealing our bait.  Bad habit for him.  He’s come to about 5’ from the boat and we’d know what he was up to, so we’d pick up and move.  8/9 – slow going in the a.m.  Only 1 17” walleye and a whole bunch of small fry (walleye and northern).  Somewhat better in the P.M.  Picked up some nice northern trolling around the big island with shadraps.  Little Joes tipped with a minnow by the bull rushes further west.  Picked up a few nice walleyes.  Sunny mild & hot.  8/10  Smelled smoke in the air.  Must be a fire somewhere.  Lomited out this a.m.  All the rest will be catch & release.  Sunny & warm – nice day.  Winston & Steve  [P.S.  If you run out of bait, catch some clams near the dock.].


Haugen/Rose Party


Fish total 303 for the six of us.  We had a GREAT time!  Weather was beautiful; sunshine   every day with a bit of rain in the evenings.  Smallest fish was a perch snag of about one ounce to a northern 5-6 pounds.  Great fishing, friendship and relaxation.  THANKS.




TOP 10

1.  Saw the most action between 3-5 feet of water!

2.  Used silver/white jig heads and minnows to catch walleye

3. Top fishing spots:   

     A. South island near river

     B.  Shoreline across from fish cleaning station north shoreline

     C.  Did not have much luck near falls

     D.  Small island near the center of the east bank (south side)

4.  Top lure:  daredevil 5 of diamonds yellow & red

5.  Averaged 50-75 fish/day

6.  Evening fishing was better than morning/afternoon

7.  Largest fish:  northern – 31”  & walleye 20”

8.  Steel leaders are a must!!

9.  Artificials did work

10.  On the camp chef outdoor cooker – the right burner cooks hotter than the left (better for fish) – use the leveling sticks … and one full block of crisco for a package of shore lunch.

LaChance CREW!


What a trip! 4 gentleman, 1 from Iowa (we feel bad for him), 1 from MN and 2 from Colorado.  Weather was typical with 1-2 storms each day, passing in an hour or two.  Fishing was good.  Averaging close to 100 walleyes and 25 northern per day.  Fish typical points, and islands.  Depth ranging from 3 ft to 20 ft.  Biggest walleye was 22.5 and biggest northern was 33.  Nothing to big.  The funnest day fishing was when we all bobber fished off the dock.  Probably best fishing on the dock vs. the rest of the lake.  KaBeeLo Lodge is a special place with amazing people.  Thank you for allowing our family a great time with lasting memories.

Knezovich Group


First day we might have caught 12 fish, raining all day, cold, no real bite going on.  Day two, we found the walleye on the South end, small island before the river mouth produced all you couth catch.  Still rainy, misty, etc. but we hammered fish!  Day 3 – still rainy, we have not seen the sun since we have been here but we are still hitting walleye down by the mouth of the river, island just before it and same up by the falls, all 2 to 4 pounds nothing huge but great fun!!  Thanks for the hospitality!  It’s been a great trip!  Looking forward to next year!

St. Louis MO Crew


As always awesome time.  Been to Betty many time and never fail to catch lots of fish.  Primarily walleye – 1 42” northern.  Weather:  very windy and cool.  Couldn’t get out on day 4 do [sic] to white caps on lake.  Caught most walleye around island (down towards river mouth).  Day 3 caught several 18”-20” in mouth of river.  Morning of departure – we are awakened by Mr. Bear banging around cabin walls.  He eventually walked away.  That was the only sighting of him all week.  THANK YOU KaBeeLo for another great trip in the books.



As always, we had a great time at Betty Lake with KaBeeLo Lodge.  We arrived on June 7, 2017 about 3:00 p.m..  Upon arrival, we rushed to get camp set up and our boats ready.  We were able to fish for several hours and we caught a 46”pike!  Hell of a way to start the trip.  Next two days (8th & 9th) were hot at about 85 degrees both days and high blue skies.  The weather slowed the fishing down a bit, but we were able to put in at least 60 fish per boat per day.  Woke up on the 10th and it was cloudy.  GREAT fishing; caught 41”, 40”, 37”, 34”, 32” and many 30” northern ike.  We also caught a 24” and 25” walleye.  We also saw a caribou crossing the lake – it was amazing!  The caribou was huge and exhausted once it reached shore.  We saw a bear and many eagles – tons of wildlife.  In sum, another successful fishing trip with KaBeeLo Lodge.  Until next time J!!  The RANKIN FAMILY

Payne Party of 4


As always, we had a great time fishing with KaBeeLo Lodge.  This was our second time on Betty and the accommodations were great.  It was really nice to have the USB charger to revive a phone after a long day of fishing and picture taking.

June 2:  Got in a ½ day of fishing after arriving at the main lodge.  Our pilot Christian was a nice guy and put us on the water smoothly.  Took us a while to begin to locate the fish.  One person in our party caught their first Canada fish, 29” off the island (Pike).

June 3:  Lots of rain but the fishing was pretty decent.  Got lots of bites and the exploring for fish spots continued.  Went to the falls and caught a few down there.

June 4:  Got some more rain … again.  But we fished right through it.  Located several spots where the fish seemed to be hanging out.  Located several spots south of the island as you head to Jeanette Lake (insert map here).  Also caught a 25” walleye off the dock just messing around. Some people need a lesson on the rules of poker! (Don’t show your cards to the guy still in the hand)

June 5:  Good day of fishing.  Combo of minnows and jigs to catch lots of walleye and pike.  Lots of fish caught along north side of small island leading to Jeanette (see map of June 4) (area below the word “island”).  Lots of pike caught back in large cove to west of island; it get shallow back there.  Saw a bald eagle soaring high above on south end of lake.  Weather was very nice; did get hot on the water.

June 6:  Weather was very nice, a bit windy but it helped locate some of the fish.  ½ of the group had great success fishing in the large cove on the SW portion of the lake with the focus being on the north shore line as you enter the cover.  The entry and southern shore line get VERY SHALLOW!  On south side of small island (see prev. page) we caught a 381/4” pike and a 23” walleye.  Saw 3 bald eagles too.  Tackles used:  little joe type spinners baited w/a minnow; jigs w/Mr. twister, stick baits.  ** Make sure to seal your food items, we had a large infestation of large black ants!!  P.S.  I forgot to mention, we caught two walleye on one rapala & one cast.  Douoble action – one cast!  P.S.S.We caught a 36” northern by hand.  The lines were tangled so we couldn’t reel in, instead we had to pull the fish by hand.  Ouch!  P.P.P.S.  If you need to know Jeanette it’s shallow.  Walk your boat through the rocks.  Do NOT try to motor through.  You will be tugging a boat back to camp.  Thanks to my reckless brother.


Boch group


5/27:  Beautiful lake – high rock walls wonderful shades of green – cabin setting in woods with moss carpet – rained some today – slow fishing.  In the morning – few fish by waterfall area – more in shallows of outflow river – kept 3 walleyes for dinner – released a lot of walleye and northern in the afternoon – took a slow trip down the river – very peaceful – very rocky – caught some fish in the river – two loons close enough for pictures – late last night the sky was ablaze with stars.                                          

05/28: Clouds reflections in the still lake looked as if two skys (sic).  Crew as tired so we got a late start.  Morning fishing was high volume but in tight sports.  Two guys took trip up to the falls.  Well worth the trip.  About noon a 32” northern broke the line and started off with the lure.  He was tried so made a confused and slow circled back to the boat.  One guy grabbed him and got the lure back.  Fish and lure all survived.  Rained most of afternoon.  Fishing good, mostly smaller walleye.  Kept a couple for dinner.  Rest returned to their home in the lake.  Beautiful rainbow this evening.  We had fish soup & all exhausted in a good way.

05/29: Gray & raining all day.  Downside was gray & raining, upside it was a classic Canadian wilderness day – wonderful.  Caught some fish early morning, they turned smart, smarter than us the next three hours.  Caught more in later part of the day.  Enough fish catch and release for all.  River & bays to river lots of fish.  Also lots of rocks, not as much fun as the fish.  Dave caught a walleye, who was also caught by a northern as Dave was bringing in the walleye.  This northern tried to eat the walleye.  Released the walleye, the northern left hungry and Dave has a fish story.

The Richards Party


Great fishing, Great accommodations, Great company … caught more walleye than we could have dreamed.  Already looking forward to next year.  Glenn & Brandon Richards

2016 Season




First time trip to KaBeeLo for our honeymoon. Found a few hot spots to fish and had awesome fishing every day. Got rained on for a few hours Sunday and Monday but managed to catch over 200 fish for the weekend. We are already planning our next trip with KaBeeLo.     Matt & Mariah

Commercial Drywall Crew


First night huge double rainbow all the way down to the lake while fishing. Evening 9/9 Fish caught – 4 walleye and 1 northern. Walleye for dinner.

Next day stayed out past dark fishing- started catching like crazy around 6:30pm. Lost count after 25 walleye, had to stop fishing when we couldn’t see the lines anymore. Enjoyed a cruise back into the cabin with the moon & stars. Sky was mostly clear, Big Dipper easy to find in the sky & the loons were calling.

Great Father Daughter fishing trip. All good times & good fish stories. Heather says – my first trip to KaBeeLo was the greatest! Jim says – KaBeeLo is the best! Just try anywhere else. You win so back to KaBeeLo – A1 FIRST CLASS


Barnes Crew


Walleye were sneaky! 80 caught amongst 5 folks in 5 days. Very relaxing time here. Great cabin & amenities. 

Best of recipes: Walleye fish tacos, peach Dutch baby, and bacon grease cabbage with bacon /vinegar.
*Dutch Baby Recipe – 4 eggs beaten, ¾ cup pancake mix, 1 T. Oil ( mix), put in cast iron on low w/oil, top w/peaches, cover til done.

Thank you! Lea, Sayer, Nate, Matt and Bill!

Schumann Fishing Outing


We had a little bit of everything from the weather which was perfect, some clouds, lots of rain and then lots of sunshine too.  We caught over 100 walleyes in the 1st day alone.

In the end the fishing was great 220 walleyes and close to 40 northern. 24” largest walleye & 33” northern. Friday alone 20 over 20”.

But the fishing paled in comparison to the fun with Father and sons, shore lunch, moose siting, lamp fires, midnight dinners and me slipping into the lake.

Great time – great place

Lyle Schumann

The Hannon Party | MN


July 31: Erik dropped us off around 3:30, we put food away, made up beds & sat outside taking in the beauty. Made dinner & then Scott fished from dock – caught 2 nice northern (14’ & 20”). Sat on deck & read until 9:30pm - was windy when we arrived – but lake got calm in evening, so we took a boat ride around lake to check it out!  No bugs on deck so enjoyed the sunset!

August 1: So good to sleep in! Got up at 8:30 & made breakfast, then got fishing gear together & went out on lake from 10:00 – 1:00 caught 16 walleye & 2 pike, bagged 2 walleye, just under 18” for dinner! Getting very windy do headed back for cabin & late lunch. Wind really picked up so we emptied boat after lunch & decided to watch weather & read. Rained hard at 4:45, lightening, thunder & a small amount of hail.  Continued to rain so fixed dinner at 6:30. Rained on & off after dinner, so we decided to just relax 7 hope tomorrow brings sunshine! Highlight: Rainbow at 8:50p.m. !

Aug. 2: Fished from 10:00 – 2:00. Scott caught 14 walleye & 1 northern – the biggest walleye was 22 ½ “! Brought boat in for some lunch, decided to wait to go out again & see if the wind goes down. Read out on the deck, beautiful day, just a nagging wind! Make dinner, ate at 6:45 & then back out in the boat.  Still windy, but calmed down by 7:45, so we stayed out till almost 9:00. Scott caught 10 more walleye. Saw the eagles today & Mr. Snake quit often by dock!

Aug. 3: Our last day, fished till 2:00 – beautiful morning! Scott caught 10 walleye & 5 pike, used 8up all his minnows! Had lunch at 2:30 & then went out & sat on dock taking in the beauty of this place! Shower& packing before dinner. We finally saw the loon up close, also watched eagles “hunting” & of course the two Betty snakes by dock! Delicious dinner at 7:30, then cleaned cabin.

What a wonderful, peaceful place to get away from it all & of course to fish! The Loons are calling as we ready for bed!

Carmen & Scott Hannon


Maule Party (First Timers)


7/25:Arrived at Outpost around 9am. This is our first trip to KaBeeLo & to Betty Lake. Fished along the cabin side & the point (fish cleaning station) caught 3 northern & 2 walleye by noon. Cleaned fish and had lunch. Began fishing again at 3:30. Very little success trolling for northern. Had a few strikes by the falls.  Walleye bite came on strong around 6PM. Best spot was the North side of the big island (wind out of the West). We decided to drift Lindy Rigs w/salted minnow’s w/success between 10-14’. Stopped fishing at 9:30pm cleaned fish and ate dinner. Lots of fish released today. Biggest walleye – 17” Biggest Northern – 25 “. Total fish – 21 (4 northern, 17 walleyes).


7/26: This morning was calm, water was flat. Jjigged in front of the big island and caught 1 northern and 15 walleyes. Fished for northern in the afternoon w/the best luck by the falls. Ran Lindy Rigs in the evening & had a lot of success w/walleyes. Today’s total fish – 11 northern, 46 walleyes. Lot of success today at the expense of several lures. Today MIA count includes 2 lindy rigs, 1 jig, 2 Rapalla cranks, 1 floating crank, 2 bucktail spinners, and 1 jaw spreader (was ripped out of hand by a northern). Today’s lost lure total $50 best of luck to you treasure hunters.


7/27: Cooler weather today & clouds moved in light East breeze. Caught a few walleye this morning near the island. Our friend the loon was back constantly diving under the boat. After lunch we hiked a bit about the falls and caught a few northern w/one being hooked only 5’ from shore. While near the falls we saw 2 fish floating with heads locked together. We netted them and found it was a 25”& 27” northern wrestling over a 10” walleye! What a sight!!! This afternoon we didn’t fish very hard, caught a few walleye headed in and had dinner& a campfire.  Today’s totals – 24 (9 northern, 78 walleyes). We had an awesome trip & will remember every minute of it for the rest of our lives!

Anthony & Heather Maule



Hooray! Erik came to see what was wrong, told him no water for 5 days – he said we could drink lake water but the sign above the sink says “not to drink the water” let alone no showers – can’t wait (owners note: water can be boiled for 10 minutes, or add a drop of bleach supplied at outpost). On the other hand we got out limit (except for northern) this morning. Our last day we don’t have to carry water up to do dishes, what a pleasure. Everything else is great, food has been great. 

The Oman Party


Another good trip! Nice walleyes and Big Northern. Ate fish every day!

Thanks Lohn Family

2015 Season


Burton Party (Texas + SC)


Great time, quit counting fish on Monday – too hard to keep up.  Ate plenty of walleyes.  Caught so many pike they started to become aggravating.  Spinner baits (all colors + senco worms, red + green, mepps spinners).  Fish early + late, drink heavy + tale nap in middle of day.  Don’t let the rain stop you from fishing.  First trip was in 1993 and will be back.  THANKS!!!! For a GREAT time. 

Horrmann/Kaczmarek Team


Great time and weather.  Caught 277 total fish with many nice eater walleye.  Catch included (3) 24” walleye and (1) 10lb Northern.  We fished everywhere on the lake and caught fish.  “Awesome” fishery.



June 13th: 48 walleyes, 27 northerns (1 @ 28”)

June 14th: 72 walleyes, 31 northerns (1 @ 30”)

June 15th: 100+ walleyes.  Cold front – hard fishing but great results.

June 16th: Many fish, great day.  21-1/2” walleye, over 100 walleyes

Wells Party


Great walleyes & lots of better than average northern – 23” walleye (Jeanette) – 22” walleye on Betty – 41” northern.  Mix of weather.  As usual great time! 

Jones Party


Good fishing – good company – had a great time!!!  Fish at the falls – 37” pike, 27” walleye.  Excellent weather + outpost lots of “eater” size walleye.

2014 Season



Great weather.  Great fishing; 25" walleye, and 37" northern caught on west side of big island.  Lots of fish along shoreline all caught while trolling....



Good fishing off the island, also near the falls, 12 feet or so.  Some sort of grouse guarding the path to the outhouse - must have a nest near by.


Dawn to early morning no wind; lake glassy like previous evening.  Walleye full of bugs; no action anywhere.  HOT afternoon - our 11 year old caught a LARGE 33" pike in northwest corner of the bay, used a gold johnson minnow with spinner, no tail, barbless.  Caught a few small pike & finally walleye off island by the bay while trolling shallow with small thin fin.  

Walleye lure of choice: thin fin

Pike lure of choice: Johnson silver or gold minnow with or without white tail


Took a tour of lake in the morning, fished a little, lake got too choppy for boat, fished off dock and caught soem walleyes.  Water was choppy for next few days, so fished along the shore between cabins and point, caught some walleye and plenty of northerns - used spinners and leaders. 



Caught many fish by falls, get up as close as possible, caught most fish in 4-12 feet, Northerns off dock, some walleye.  GO TO THE FALLS IN THE EVENINGS - USE BUG SPRAY!!!

The Anderson's | Fargo, ND


Great time at Bear Paw lake....Many THANKS to Tom + Maggie Franke who invited us on their trip...

1st time for my son & I to Canada fishing... We caught our limit of Walleye every day 14"-18"...they are SO GOOD  fresh out of the lake...

1st time to catch a BIG NORTHERN 38" on jig + minnow fishing for Walleye..saw bald eagle + Caribou/and her calf swimming from island to island...AWESOME EXPERIENCE away from the world...GREAT quality time with friends.


May 31 - June 2


Below the falls - all fish in about 20x10 foot area.  More Northerns than expected.  Got some walleyes near the cabin.  Weather hot for 2 days then cooled off.

2013 Season


A Couple (Greta & Cody) from Minnesota, USA


The two of us (newlyweds) flew into Betty Lake for 3 days of fishing and fun. This is our very first time in Canada. The first day was tough fishing due to wind and rain but we did manage to catch some fish. We look for better fishing tomorrow. And, day two was a better day since we caught over 40 fish (walleye and northern pike) and took an adventure up the Seskinaga River towards Jeanette Lake. Hit a couple of rocks so decided not a good idea, turned around and headed back to the cabin. Tomorrow will be a better day for fishing. Last day was great weather and great fishing. Cody fished and Greta tanned. All in all we both had so much fun and are definitely coming back. A special thanks goes out to Ann, Harald and all other KaBeeLo Lodge staff. You are all so great, thank you for all of your kindness.


A Couple from Minnesota, USA


The two of us flew into Betty Lake and here I was 8 months pregnant with our 3rd child. Needless to say I was nervous but we settled in, got in a boat and went fishing. Caught fish, battled some winds and rocks but had a good time. Not a lot of time in the boat due to my pregnancy. Second day battled wind, battled rocks and dealt with my pregnancy so we fished off the dock. We did good. Also, saw 5 eagles and a moose swimming across the lake. That was neat to see. For being our first time at KaBeeLo it was very peaceful and relaxing.

Couple from Minnesota, USA


Great time at Betty Lake!! Sunday – many fish; Monday – fewer fish; Tuesday – lots of fish. We will return.

Family of 5 from North Carolina, USA


Our family of five (5) arrived at KaBeeLo after break down in Chicago, getting a new rental and trying to work this trip into our vacation time and with KaBeeLo’s schedule. We made it and arrived at Betty Lake. Day one we caught fish in the coves and on day two we caught fish in different areas of the lake. Was convinced, at one point, that we had a BIGFOOT in camp due to the smell and sounds in the area. Later we found out the smell was from my son’s feet and sound was my father-in-law snoring!!! [SIDE NOTE – FATHER’S POINT OF VIEW: This has been a great family get away for my wife and I, along with our 2 children (Alexis – 9, Rivers – 7). Our father-in-law brought us up to enjoy this, so between the 5 of us we have had a blast.]. Day three we caught a lot of northern pike in many parts of the lake. [SIDE NOTE – MOTHER’S POINT OF VIEW: I am glad that I finally got to take the “guys” trip that my dad has taken almost every year. The best part has been spending time with my dad and husband and being able to show and teach our children about fishing and wilderness activities]. [SIDE NOTE – THE FATHER-IN-LAW’S POINT OF VIEW: I have been to KaBeeLo several times and have always enjoyed my experiences. Even the “bear” on Wavell Lake. None of the other trips have been as great as this one. It was made special by my daughter, son-in-law and my two most favorite “grand” kids. This being their 1st trip I wanted it to be special and it far exceeded that. To see the look on their faces when they caught their first big fish; almost a big as them. I thank GOD for this opportunity. To Ann and Harald: A special thanks for all your help and kindness in all our adventure in getting here.


Father and son from Missiouri, USA


June 15th the two of us (father & son) arrived at 8 a.m. and was fishing by 9 a.m. Had a stringer of fish the very first hour. Used a lot of pink jigs with white twister tails as well as spinners with minnows. Great to be back in Canada. Day two – Happy Father’s Day! Dad caught the big one – 34” but weather conditions were tough for fishing. Third day we ran out of bait but dropped some fish guts in a minnow bucket, put over the side of the boat and caught some leeches. Great bait since they do not fall off the hook. After dinner I took some of my Dad’s money in poker. Last day weather as windy but sunny; caught some fish (not as good as yesterday) but all in all we had a great trip again this year and will be back next year. KC here we come.

Two from Minnessota, USA


Father and son flew into Betty Lake (saw a moose on the way in). Did some fishing, saw some wildlife and looked the food supplies over. No condiments. Darn! Somebody left bottles/cans in fire pit. This is our 3rd trip to a KaBeeLo outpost and first time I am rather disappointed. However, we caught plenty of fish on tinsel-skirted jigs and fire tiger crank baits with many of the walleye in the 16” – 20” range. We had plenty of fish to eat and are taking our limits home as well. Jr. liked eating the walleyes but he sure likes his pancakes in the a.m. so I made them up two mornings in a row with bacon, of course. Also, just a side note to let the next parties know that we use a fish basket rather than stringer so northerns are unable to get at our catch and the walleyes stay alive and are fresh the next day. Our last day we fished our favorite spots with our favorite baits and then discovered a “new” favorite spot. On departure day we packed up and ready to go. Not sure when we will come back to KaBeeLo or which lake, but we will be back. This is the best cabin we’ve had, very nice.

Two couples from Minnesota, USA


Two couples flew into Betty Lake. The “boys” were veterans while us ladies were “virgin fisherwomen.” Fished, caught fish, ate fish, weathered a few rain squalls, tried to get to Jeanette Lake (no such luck!) and enjoyed the wildlife viewing (loons with their babies) and battling the wildlife (gulls and eagles fighting us for fish remains). A beautiful lake, cabin/outpost is well supplied. [WARNING: DON’T THROW CANS/BOTTLES INTO FIRE PIT!]. We also enjoyed the new fish cleaning table the outdoor grills and the HOT SHOWERS, which were very much appreciated.

Texas, USA


The 7 of us showed up, flew out to Betty Lake and started fishing as soon as possible. We only had 7 days to fish the lake. Fishing was great every day. Guess we caught about 1200 walleye and untold numbers of northern pike (big uglies). The seven of us had an excellent time making great memories; great food; great fishing; great friends; and, great family.

Nine of us from Minnesota, USA


It was the Dads and Daughters and 2 boys trip. Caught three northern pike over 40+ inches near the falls. We owned the 16-20” walleyes outside the falls. We saw a weasel, momma bear, baby bear and some moose (we think). We all enjoyed ourselves, caught lots of fish and overall had a good time. We girls got stranded on the lake [WARNING: make sure your boat has lots of gas]. Another warning – seagulls will eat your fish if you leave them on the stringer unattended. FINAL WARNING: don’t leave your fish stringer in the water by the falls – northern pike will attack the walleyes on the stringer.


From Virginia/Maine, USA


The three of us (father & two sons) arrived at Betty Lake, unpacked our gear (several hours of laying things out) and then went fishing. Caught fish, ate fish, played poker and then crashed after a fantastic day. Day two we fought weather for the better part of the day but enjoyed my son’s birthday, caught some fish, ate some fish and enjoyed a great day with my sons. Day three found us late on the water battling some of the elements (rain & wind) and decided to do steak, mac & cheese for dinner. Later on we took in the sunset under fantastic conditions – perfect evening with glorious pink, yellow sunset. It was a superb ending to the day. Waiting for plane morning of day 4 we cleaned cabin and summarized our trip by agreeing that – everyone caught good size walleye and northern pike every day. We loved every minute of our KaBeeLo adventure in Ontario.

Jack Moncrief and seven Texans


Harold,It has been said that I have the gift of gab. But when it comes to expressing what my experiences at Kabeelo mean to me I just can’t find the words. It occurs to me that mostly what we have when we get older is our memories. My memories of my two earlier trips to Kami and this recent trip to Betty are just about my favorite. I hope that you are aware of just how wonderful a place you have and the services you provide. Some might say it is expensive but I don’t believe that you can put a dollar value on something so precious. Thanks you SO MUCH for all you do and for being you. Also please pass along my thanks to Ann and Eric and Matt and all the gang there for making our time with you feel like something out of a dream.

With great affection, Jack Moncrief of the Texas bunch.

2012 Season


Four guys from Ohio


Caught fish (oh yeah!) with greenhorn not doing well. Day 2 he fell out of the boat, floated then another fell out during the rescue. Oh well, still caught fish. Day 3 – best fishing ever! Greenhorn figured out catching and caught, by himself, over 150 fish today. Summary – one of us slayed them; one had personal best; one had OK trip; and, one had the trip of a lifetime. Great, just great.




Flew in early – what a great decision. We would do it every time. Arrived in plenty of time to catch dinner including a 30” walleye. Number one daughter’s fish will be hard to beat. The Mrs. Added a homey touch to the cabin with throw rugs and scented candles. Caught fish everywhere. This is why we come to KaBeeLo – perfect day and the best fishing I’ve ever had in my 25 years of fishing in Canada.

Father/son from East Coast (Connecticut)


One amazing week on lake Betty. Caught fish everywhere including right off the dock. Sucks that we have to leave but I can hear the plane coming. Thanks for two great weeks (one week of 4 wheeling & one week fishing) to all the staff of KaBeeLo.

Submitted by G.T.S./Kansas


Betty is OK. This is our 26th trip and we have been on almost every lake that KaBeeLo has. Our trips are more than fishing – nature here is pristine – peace and quiet – no TV- no cellphones, etc. Harald and Ann have become best of friends. We see them in Kansas City and show them good old Kansas hospitality (Rock Jayhawks!). We will return in 2013 and off to Dead Dog. 



Lots of walleye. Biggest 25”. Shore lunch everyday – yum and wow! What fun! Three fabulous days!


Tons of fish. Walleye everywhere. Last walleye dinner caught off the dock.


Submitted by D. H. family


Caught a whole lot of fish. It was a great father/son trip. A quality fly-in experience. 

Submitted by B. family


Day one we (Dad & I) caught fish OFF THE DOCK! Can you believe it? The same thing happened on day two – caught fish off the dock. You cannot beat this kind of fishing. On Day Three – GUESS WHAT? Dad yelled from the dock and I ran down to see what was going on and he said “one of our northerns bit the tail of one of the others in the water. In fact, it was a 45” northern that attacked our biggest one that we caught. We tried to pick up both fish but the big one would not let go. Dad had never seen anything like it. Day three turned out to be perfect! Day four, our last, was just another perfect day – fishing great, weather to good to be true, company special (Dad and I), food terrific and, well, we love Betty Lake. 


What a GREAT TIME! Caught walleye all over the lake with the biggest at 28+” and the biggest northern at 42.5”. What fishing!! But, as luck would have it, ran out of beer so had to resort to Jamison’s and Capitan Morgan for refreshments.


Submitted by T.L.


Holy crap Batman!! It rained real HARD in the early a.m. but then come about 1:30 pm headed out and caught 36, 38 and 40” northern pike all in the same cove.

2010 Season


Steve & Sophia Goodwin from San Diego, CA. Dan, Nancy, Jerry, (Spouses are decreased)


What a wonderful haven from reality! Whiskey great. Water cold. Fish plentiful. Sun is hot. Coffee is tasty. Running water in this place – astounding. And tell me- did you EVER see a Port – A John in the wild.

Aug 26 – 13 walleye from 6 to 8 PM right off the dock with worms on a fuzzy grub.

Aug 27 – Caught about 30 Pike from here to waterfall on a white, plastic “fluke” (worm) & caught 7 walleye down around rocks going in to river on the left. 32” northern on fizzy grub/worm.

Aug 28 – Morning down in mouth of river got 18 walleye on spinner bait & 7 on worms on fuzzy grubs. Several northern! Afternoon: the ladies actually baked an apple pie from scratch in the grill in a skillet & it tastes as good as I hope heaven is. Fish: 9 northern of lesser quality & 1 walleye on northern trolling bait & one hand was caught & surgery was performed in a highly skilled and expeditious manner by Jerry on Dan. Steve is cooking dinner + steaks – we killed a cow- HA!! The author here of has had his writing talents titillated & shall thereby announce to the ensuing commingling group that the couple of Sophia & Steve Good win have now been here ten (10) years in a row with nary a miss at all.

Aug 29 – Rained /Thunder/ Lightning all night & until about 10;00A.M. when sun appeared & after a hughmongeous breakfast of French toast & bacon & eggs we hit the lake & caught at least 25 walleyes & probably 50 northern. Nancy is ecstatic & having a glorious time. We all miss our deceased spouses but are enjoying this to the utmost. Sophia baked a cherry pie in the iron skillet on the outside grill & Steve does beans in it too so we eat well, to say the least.

Aug 30 – Wind calm. Temperature in 80+ fishing slow but some spots appeared at the SW shore S of waterfall. Caught walleye. Ladies played girley on the dock. Then it RAINED!

Aug 31 – Wind rentless. Dan attempted to empty 2 & darn killed himself but came out wet, chagrined, feeling stupid. You can’t fix stupid but he did win the card games & did beat Nancy, the camp twice. Then Steve led us valiantly into the water & we got all 3 sunken coats up & on the shore.

Sept 1 – Fishing tournament & many bring home 1 only fish! HA! Did not have it as the whiskey overcame ambition. Steve & Dan fished and caught walleye & northern in abundance. Another evening of fun & games & house cleaning prior to falling off the back porch & landing on head.

Sept 2 – Plane due now – it is 6:30 AM but it will be late as is raining & seaplanes up here can not fly on instruments but we’re all packed & ready to fly back to reality. Steve finally showered as Sophia ordered! Great Place, food, fishing & people. You all have fun. Edited by Dan.

Wes Mike


We caught about 130 in 4 days(Walleye), and 20 Northern. One 40” Northern & several big walleye. Most of our fish came from the islands and the falls. Minnows and worms on orange jig head worked best. Weather was good most days. The worst weather day produced the biggest walleyes.

George, Craig, Rob & Sean (MN,WA)


None of us have ever caught fish in this volume before. Best spot on the lake was the shoreline immediately across from the cabin (SW shore). We trolled off the bottom with jigg/Minnows. Had more fish than we could eat by 1 hour in. Caught many fish over 20”. Had a few 24” –26”+. Caught some smaller Northern but didn’t fish them deliberately. We fished around the NE side of the island as well and sought another huge amount of fish. Again – bottom trolling with jigs/minnows.
~George, Craig, Rob & Sean

Kennie and Sons


First fishing trip to Canada! Now able to scratch off another item on bucket list. Caught lots of Walleye with 2 over 24”. Caught numerous Pike with largest 35”. Most fish came around the islands and waterfall. All four of us really enjoyed our 4 days on the lake and the cooler weather. We plan on making a return trip to KaBeeLo. 
Thanks Harald & Ann


Andy (1st year) Bill (1st Year) Rick (22nd? Year) Dave (21st? Year)


Came up first time to Canada. Our group of 4 must have caught upwards of 150 nice walleyes in 2 ½ days. Also caught a few nice northern. A 36” and 37 ½ “. The big one came out of the Lilly pads just to the right of the dock. It was an original red and white daredevil. Most of the walleyes came from the closet island on the corner closest to the outpost. Including a couple 25” and one 26” beast. Great time up here hopefully coming back soon. Thanks KaBeeLo



Caught a massive northern it was huge but when we had it in the Boat my brother took the hook out but dropped the thing in the water. But it was huge.


Caught some nice fish caught a 23 ½ inch walleye and a bunch more good day to fish today.

July 19, First time ever in Canada. KaBeeLo is where it’s at caught all kinds of fish. Everything was fantastic. Thanks KaBeeLo


•Rainy & cold on the 16th of July. Rachel (who is working Mississippi) just about had frost bite! Preston caught a 13” and 24” walleye. Caught about 50 nice fish in 20ft. of water.
•17th was cloudy but no rain fishing. Saw town beavers climbed the cliffs. Saw a five-inch spider. Picked enough blue berries to have for breakfast. Rachel caught a 24” walleye. Caught about 50 total.
•18th – Caught a northern and a walleye. Caught about 40 fish but kind of quit trying as the sun came out, the lake want glass and it got hot.

Greg, Mary & Matt


Great fishing – what a treat! Enjoyed the eagles. Had a wonderful time.



Lost one Pflueger Rod & Reel. Return if found to Harald Lohn who will call John. LOL!! CYA!!! 2 Boats with slight leak; Motors ran Well. Fishing good for this 4-day trip.

12:45pm, After lunch a large Black Bear camp up to cabin gray water area for a snack!! Oh YA!!

Gary S, Mike S, Henry J, Mike J, Lowell B, Gary E


Great fishing for Walleye & Northern Walleye to 26” & Northern to 36”
Ate Walleye everyday-
Boats & motors work great with a SUPER cabin.

U-12 Girls hockey! And dad


3 girls loved fishing with their dads!!!

Fishing was GREAT! 30 inch Northern was caught by the falls/Rapids! It was the Bomb! Thank you so much!

Chuck, Tom, Chris, [Largest Northern], Tait [Largest Walleye], Tyler, Ed


Tuesday, June 1 – Another great day of fishing. Rained even more today. Caught 150+ walleye today. Largest was 26 ½”. Had 20 that were over 21”. Many small Northern. Did catch a 36” and 40” northern. Dinner was pork chops and boiled potatoes.

Wednesday, June 2 – Fishing was Fantastic. Best day of the trip. Sunshine until 1:00pm and then rain again. Caught over 150 walleye again and many Northern. Many of the walleye were over 21”. No big Northern, 31” was largest today. Caught walleyes trolling & drifting jigs with or without minnows. Used all 40 dozen minnows we had. Had fish, fries and hush puppies today for dinner. Had a great trip even with it raining every day. We will be back.



Sunday, May 30

Arrived 2:00pm, Set up camp and fished a couple of hours. Fishing was slow, caught some Walleye & Northern. Had steak & Fries for dinner.

Monday, May 31 – Had great day fishing. Rained off and on all day. Caught 100+ walleye. Many over 21”. Largest was 26”. Lot of smaller northern, 36” was largest. Had fish & fries for dinner.