Caught 80+ walleye and 20+ northern pike on our FIRST DAY!!  Definitely coming back next year!

- Guest comments | 2013 season

Perrigo Lake


Perrigo Lake cabin has everything the outdoors person would desire in a remote fishing experience - and then some. Built in 2011, the remote cabin has ample room for 10 or more people in 3 separate bedrooms, an oversized kitchen/dining area and a huge screened-in porch that makes for an enjoyable dining experience.

Throughout this fully insulated cabin there is floor to ceiling tongue and groove knotty pine, pressure treated deck and stairs, metal roof, solar lights, 12V & USB plugins, wood burning stove, propane cooktop and refigerator, metal bunks with comfortable mattresses, vinyl flooring. However, none of these features compare to the lake vista and sandy beaches.

8 min. plane ride from KaBeeLo's main base.


Bed Capacity: 2 – 10 people
Bedrooms: 3
Sqft: 1,530
Year Built: 2011
Other: ONLY cabin on the lake


Distance from main base: 15 miles North East
Dimensions: 3 × 4 miles
Surface area of Main Lake: 4,200 acres
Shape: Big & Round
Average Depth: 10 – 16 feet
Deepest Point: 45 feet
Structure: Lots of islands, coves, bays and sunken reefs
Species: Walleye, Northern Pike
Other: Kid friendly beach at cabin lakeshore with other beaches along the lake. 

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Guest Comments

2022 Season


Iowa Guys


100-150 fish each day – lots of walleye,  biggest one 22”.  Biggest Northern 40”  with several others 35-40”.  2 small perch caught and a 24” sucker.  See map for spots that worked best for us.




July 28-31

We had a group of 10 from ages 10 to 48:  Everyone had a great time, caught lots of fish and made great memories!  The kids fished hard for northern while the dads fished mostly for “dinner” we had an amazing time and everyone would love to come back!

Johnsons 2022



July 7-14

Limits of Walleye and Pike everyday.  Moose & Ducks everywhere, seen a cariboo.  Caught fish everywhere

Biggest walleye – 22 yellow underspin & roastertails 

Biggest northern – 41 caught on 6” Red/White spoon

Caught 3 perch

Reiters 2022

Lueck Family


July 1-3, 2022                      Lueck group

Our first time to Kabeelo after many years of talking about it.  Our experience lived up to our expectations and then some!!  We had the pleasure of having the Lohn boys (Winston & Alastair) join us for our two nights at Perrigo.  �� They are friends of our boys from where the Lohns spend their winter months.  It was fun to see their summer home. 

We had fish for dinner both nights and took home our limit so our trip was declared a success.  Fishing was great in the channel on the South side of the island.

We enjoyed getting to know the resident woodchuck “Woody” and the two babies.  The views were spectacular and the cabin cozy and homey. 

We will be back!!  Thank you Allysson & Erik, Winston & Alastair and the rest of the crew.


Trench Group


June 26-July 1 -2022

Trench Group

Has a fantastic trip!  Weather was a bit of an issue a few days with some strong storms blowing in, had a water spot on the lake.  Caught plenty of fish all over the lake but you had to fish the windy shores to do the best.  40” and 42” pike were the best with loads of smaller ones.  Had a great shore dinner on an island on north side of lake.  Cant thank the Lohn’s enough for the comfortable and clean outpost cabin and beautiful lake.  Sitting here waiting on our pickup and everyone is sleeping.  I'm enjoying the absolute silence before getting back to the real world! 

Wonderful time with my brother and my two boys.

Jeff Trench

Schuster Group








BEST Mike Schuster


Phil Schuster

Days 3-4

Major temp changes high 70’s turned to 90’s, fish still on!  We had changing winds throughout the days.  Fish were caught on all spots suggested by staff.  Crew came out to wrok on the docks & Jason shared his knowledge with us that was spot on!  Big numbers again with largest Walleye found to be 23 and found off of the reef on the NE corner of Big Island.  Did’nt spend much time there but probably holds more fish.  Largest pike in bays SE of big island, nice 33” fish found.  Can’t say enough about the whole family and crew, this was out first trip and my 13y/o son had a blast and was comfortable the whole time.. Outpost was great.  What a beautiful place! 

Son :  first trip, AWESOME able to catch fish on anything out of out tackle box! There was also an animal sat out Gack that we couldnot identify.. Also around the fish cleaning island were some seagulss eagles that would watch & wait for us to feed them. Lunch with the left over fish.  It was also nice since it was a break from my usual summer days on the computer.

Keith, Bruce, & Son Jeremy!


Fast Forward two years…..

Mon 6/13/22

WOW! What a beautiful, large Ornage Moon over the woods and cabin roof.  Just more beauty to enjoy on this marvelous trip. 

Baumgart Party


Baumgart, Brewer, Angle, Blum Group

Here 6/10-6/17

First evening .. fish all around fish cleaning stand & surrounding points.  First full warm, sunny, windy fish everywhere!  All five of us caught large numbers of fish, however all were out fished (Even with 30+ years of experience) by the new guy, Jeremy. 

Nest two days great fishing as well, Walleye everywhere, Northerns range ( 1@ 32”, 1 @ 36.5”)

Day 4 fished ½ hour, lots of fisg but thunderstorms moved in, bound for cabin!! 3 BIG Northerns!!  35, 39, 40”!!

Day 5 & 6 Fish Everywhere !  Thanks to the LOHN’s!!

Rick Angell


“ Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til its gone.”

It’s so good to be back!

Rick Angell

June 10-17-2022

Amazing Trip!!

Great fishing for 6 days!! So great to be back.

2019 Season



Hog & Vern - Mankato, MN

Jontz - Minnetonka, MN

Greg - St. Paul, MN

15th - Late start because of weather delays. Fish scattered. 8 Walleyes

16th - Big storm last night. Lightning & thunder. Fish still scattered. 55 mostly walleye

17th - Wind fluctuating all day. Mostly cloudy & windy. 125 mostly walleye. Largest northern

18th   White caps again most of the day. Partly sunny. 149 mostly walleye

19th   Again white caps until about 5:00. 161 mostly walleyes.  For this wonderful trip, largest walleye 20 1/2" Largest Northern 35" plus 34, 32 & 31 all while fishing for walleye. Total fish caught 498

20th   Long drive home!!



August 3                                                                                                           

STORM BLEW IN AROUND 7, no fishing attempted

August 4th - caught 100+ Walleyes @ Tammy's BAR (see large map) strong w'ly wind 15-20 mph. dragged white jig on bottom w/minnow.

August 5th  Another 100+ Walleyes. minnow on leeches worked. Caribou Pt was the best area.

August 6th  More Walleyes, Matts Bar was our new spot of the day. 1  26" Walleye caught @ Lunker alley w/ & deep running silver shad rap.

Caribou Pt & Tammys bar provided most of the fish.

Great time at Perrigo! Lots of laughs, Bent poles & empty minnow buckets +30 dozen used!



July 21-25, 2019

   We had a great time. Caught lots of fish. Almost got lost on the lake the first evening. Be careful navigating at dusk! Caught most fish on spoons. Red & white and chartruese daredevil. Walleye's almost exclusively on red & white. 3/8th - 3/4 oz. Pike hit on almost anything. Caught 2 off the dock. Casting straight north off Fish cleaning island always caught 1 pike. Channel between there & main land is good. First bend off big island from base was a hotspot! We didn't feel like boat ride to "tear drop" spot was worth the time. Saw a caribou walk off an island and swim to shore. Top water bite when calm was awesome! Pop -R's. Even caught 2 walleye on topwater. Great weather, sunny and a breeze all days.

                                                                                                                          Good luck!

Doug & Robin Van Wyk


                                                                                                                          July 11th - 18th

26th Trip to Kabeelo/ Fifth time at perrigo Lake

We had a truly wonderful time once again fishing and spending time together in this beautiful place.

We fished each day 8HRS or so - it was Windy, Rainy, storming & Hot we found fish in all the spots that Allyson had pointed out. Some spots were Hot it was HARD to move on to new area's. The outpost cabin, boats, (new cool motors) Food & MINNOW Keeper and all acomadation made our trip so nice and easy - Top Notch and the service you provide is second to none. A special thanks to the staff & ERIC, Allyson Harold & ANN

      See you next year AT Bear paw lake

P.S. I left a map with the Hot spot marked

Good Luck fishing


The Barton's


                                                                                                                          June 25th - July1st

  What a great week at Perrigo Lake! It was a wonderful time for the entire extended family; My dad who has been coming to Kabeelo for over 30 years, Aunt & Uncle (in their 70's) and my family, my husband Steve & our boys Luke(10), Sam(7) and Jackson(4).

  It was a great week for weather! Beautiful and sunny with cool nights. We caught over 400 fish and saw bald eagle, caribou, moose tracks and of course the cabin favorite Woody, the wood chuck(and family).

  We could not have asked for a better trip for our family - exploring fishing, swimming in the lake, building fires, cooking out and just enjoying the loooooong lazy afternoons.

   We hope to be back!



we had a great time the lake was perfect for swimming and the fishing and scenes are perfect.

    sincerely, Luke


JUNE 7 - 11  2019





May-30th - June 3rd

   Had great weather, although very windy on Saturday. Caught lots of fish, the biggest walleye was 27", biggest Northern was 42". Caught multiple walleyes over 20". Found walleyes in several places, many 15"-16". Fishing spot recommondations were spot on.

     Greg, Dennis, Dick, Stan, Charlie, Jay, Eric & Jon


May 24th - 28th

Good fishing Friday evening - wet late Saturday - wet all day - Windy, We explored the entire lake - Caught fish sporatically.

Sunday - Beautiful!! Caught lots of fish - found (2) hot spots!!

Monday - ice on dock in morning., had to scrap off solar panels to get water pump going.

Become beautiful day - caught lots of fish again! had a great time!

Brothers George & Brent

2018 Season


Effler | Toledo, OH


A great time was had by all at your fishing lodge on lake perrigo.  4 from Ohio, 3 from Denver and Chicago. 

I limited out on walleye.  Nothern were plentiful a 36” as caught by Kyle.  A lot of fish were caught on fly fishing equipment.  Great lake and accommodations. Need more paper towels and inventory sheet was missing.

Thank you for the hospitality!


Bob, Nancy, Payton, Piper, Parker, Pierce, Tim & Nick


We had a lot of fun!

8 people stayed. We caught our limit every day!  We went tubing, swimming and kids had fun making a sand castle on the beach.  The food was good.  Fishing was great!  Caught a 28-inch walleye.

PS A fish pulled a pole in the water.  It would be cool if you caught a fish with a pole attached to it.



We had a great few days boys & I caught 70+ walleyes first 2 days.  Few northern are 38”

Walleye were up in weeds or edges of weeds @ 7 – 9 feet, pink favorite jig.  No rain all week

Boys had fun making sand castle on beach.

Bright | TX


-lots of personal P.B fish – walleye 20.5”, N.P 39”

-Good times, good food, good accommodations

-Pike – find weeds with depth


Dick, Les & Doug


Day trip to perrigo caught lots of walleye and 2 pike.

Fried up some walleye for lunch had a great time. 

Valued Guest


Last night caught 39-40” northern NW bay.  Great end to a great trip. Thank KaBeeLo.

H & H from MN


Beautiful lake and good tasting walleye, windy conditions kept off the lake more than on it, but cabin was comfortable and we had some good uninterrupted reading and relaxing time.  


Shaffner / Ledbetter / Prather Sr. & Jr.


Great accommodations-

Good fishing – over 300 fish

Great food

Could not have been better

The magnificent seven


Day one I Dryden don’t run with kids seen 4 bears

Day two kabeelo lodge, nice ride, mind set up we go, how high can we go, bump E ride but OK.  In camp on park, go fishing 112 fish in short time kept 0, ate chicken wings slept good.

Day three AM fished I hour kept 8 fish, 8 good.  Went fishing caught many 2 many to count 4 sure.

Day four good food, big pike way north big stuff, to many walleye to count, super time with grandkids and family-rating- 1 to ten = ten 

Valued Guest


June 1 windy day a wonderful Canadian day clear day for flying so many beautiful lakes and fantastic wilderness the shoreline behind the small islands covered with different colored moss.  The lake calmed down in the evening.  The solitude and place made the day.  Caught more fish than Wednesday.  Kept some for dinner

June 2 Very windy today.  Enjoyed the challenge of exploring the lake and fishing in the wind.  Beautiful white caps.  Go slow and all is well.  Lots of walleye, returned almost all to the lake kept what we needed for dinner. 

What graceful and exciting birds. Saw one eagle today.

June 3 Beautiful morning lake lime grass and sparkling afternoon storm moved in from the north.  Headed back for the cabin.  Storm lifted.  Sun lighted up the islands like a fantasy land.  Fished the drop offs, lots of walleye kept a few for dinner a great lake to see mother nature at her best.

June 4 day sunny & mild wind picked up and a bit of rain fishing was excellent walleyes and northern are everywhere throw many fish back.

We got to north section of the lake.  A classic Canadian shield lake.  The north east bay by the island is one of the most beautiful places of all the lakes we have fished.


From Kansas


May 27/28/29 Beautiful lake.  Huge upgrade. To cabin from 30 years ago.

Two of us caught over 280 fish in 3 days – 75 % walleyes, 25% northerns

Best fishing when it was overcast, sunny not as good.  

2017 Season



8/17/17 for 4 days

458 fish – 8 fisherman for 4 days. – no one went hungry. Beautiful walleye. We had a mouse.



Father & son team #1 Matt & Will (ll years old)

Father & son team #2 Don & Carter (15 years old)

Had a wonderful time at the lodge before flying in. Erik, Allysson, Ann & Harald are simply the finest hosts one can ask for. The fishing at Perrigo was amazing. Jig/minnow provide us with 40-50 walleye per day. Light spoon had the northern swarming the boat. My son, Will, lost his favorite spoon to the “Big One”. A few casts later, he landed a 36” northern with his favorite spoon still in his mouth! Great memories. My son is already asking to come back.


The Chubbucks Adam & Fred


So, the father & son team – 1st trip here 25 years ago – Adam 7 years old. This trip 5 days, 116 fish – 70% Walleye’s, 30% Pike.

Virtually all on jigs with leeches. Rain 4 days off and on. Watched an Otter playing in a cove, bald headed eagle – Excellent!

The cabin, 4 stars compared to our first day on Dead Dog – Ate, Drank well – great cigars and talks. Awesome trip – 2017 Grandkids on the next trip!

Frank & Sandy


As usual – great fishing – great accommodations.

Started to think back on how the cabins have changed since my 1st trip here 1982 WOW! It sure ain’t roughing it anymore. When we were just glad to have screens on the windows and an entry door that would stay closed if a chair was pushed up against it. Kind of brings a tear to my eyes not having mice running up and down the walls, across the counters and occasionally our sleeping bags.

Enjoy family & friends while you still can.

The Johnsons


Ryan, Laurie, Marina - 14, Macy – 12, Brock – 9

  • Great fishing, weather, fun on the beaches, ate walleye every day. The little kid Brock caught a 33 ½ inch northern pike between outpost & fish cleaning island.
  • Also caught 20” walleye off of dock!!
  • Enjoyed beaches on far NW side of lake. Swam & enjoyed the lake.
  • Back trolling in 8-12’ of water best for walleye. Caught a lot between outpost & fish cleaning station.
  • We Will Be Back!!! 😊

Nebraksa Family of 5


Saturday July 15: fly in late afternoon, low thick clouds. No sun, cool; breezy & gusting. North- Northwest winds. Fished northwest of Big Island pressing in and away coast among islands. Two nice pike and one small walleye trolling.

Sunday July 16: Clear, sunny morning woke to south-southwest winds. Long island holding lots of bait fish; caught a few walleye and northern. Fished tern rock in Big Island channel to catch same. Late afternoon found several walleye here and there but no stable spot surrendered more than just a few. Ventured out to north east reefs for a few more walleye and one massive 38” northern for the big catch of the trip!

Monday July 17; woke to rain & thunder with winds west- southwest; no fishing on account of thunder and a couple lightning flashes. Low pressure cleared for about an hour around noon after which a high pressure front swept in with stiff winds making fishing difficult & unwise in unsheltered water. No fish to mention except tow small walleye in northwest channel off Big Island. No northern in any sheltered Bay – decided to go wading in a tranquil sheltered bay east side of peninsula opposite cabin. Win shifter from northwest for evening.

Tuesday July 18: Morning 6:00AM clear as a bell after a night of dead calm quiet. Winds are out of south and light just enough to ripple water. Winds shift from Northwest around 7:00AM increasing to a slight breeze. By 7:30 AM wind pressure hard to whitecaps by 11:00 and gusting to make boating almost unmanageable. There nice walleye caught off north Gull rock north side of Long Island yet Tern Rock in Big Island channel produced no walleyes. Walleye seem to have vanished in all our usual know spots. Tuesday night winds from northwest straight to cabin from barrier islands west of big island so we tried this body of water by the cabin. West shore as deep trench 20-40 feet holding many fish stretching from northern point south all the way to the little sentinel rock with lone pine tree. Walleye congregating there and into 15’ water where we caught several. We could only catch the hungriest with think fins while trolling as these fish would not take minnow by jigging despite there concentrations on the west side of the bay.

Wednesday July 19: Late start. Sunny and warm gave way to cool north stiff wind and white caps, hard fishing, we find great success off long island towards reefs when winds shifted way out of the west. Several walleye in 20” but highlight was the pike that shuttle run down wind. The fins again and color mattered pike 28” & revealing 34” fish make for exciting fishing in heavy wind and rough boating. Found a low dangerous shelf a couple hundred yards to northwest of reef. It is submerged about a foot but will crunch a motor. Great fishing though in channel between it and sentinel rock of reef. Rain over night.

My husband has given a thorough and detailed account of this fishing trip. What he left out was the beautiful sunsets, the lunch by a bonfire, waking to bird songs, and late nights playing wild games of UNO without a single interruption from electronic device. This was our 4th year doing fly-in fishing with our 3 sons. We realized this year how much easier it all was because of how much more capable they all were. Today we celebrate our oldest son’s 17th birthday. It’s hard to believe that we won’t have many more summers together as a family like this. We will definitely cherish the memories. Thank you Lohn Family!


We’ve never seen a lake so full of pike! Lots of fish & wildlife. Day one we saw a moose & her calf crossing the islands. Day two we woke up to a black bear behind the cabin, enjoying the grill. Day three we saw beavers, muskrat & listened to the loons calling back & forth at dusk for territory. Day four we woke up to the loons displaying & chasing in front of the cabin.

We found the walleye in this lake but had to look & find the right structures. The pike were biting on everything from jigs with and without bait & loved spoons. Pike & with, orange & black were working great for jigs. Perch & orange spoons were popular & orange & purple lures were getting hits from walleye & pike.

Lots to explore on this lake. The dusk fishing was fantastic!!

As always we had a great time & plan on being back soon!


Goodwin Party


Steve Goodwin                   John Kirts

Trevor Lasick                    Julian Smith

Steve Barton                     Luke Barton

Back trolling with plastic jig and minnow most productive for walleye. Long cast with spinner bait good for Northern. Largest Northern 33” by Julian and another 32” by Steve.

Great weather! A little rain but too little to mention. Bear likes our grill in the back.  Many Caribou plus Moose cow and calf. Bear here as well as tracks on beaches on North side of lake.

Total fish caught 402. Great time with friend & family. 18 year Trevor Lasick and 8 year old Luke Barton

Party of 3


June 22: Flew in around 1 pm. Part sunny and partly cloudy. Passing rainclouds sprinkled on us some. Fish count = 9 walleye, 7 northern pike, walleye were 13”-17”, Pike were 15” – 26”. Wind from the south and southwest. Fished the south and southwest sides of the big island and the small islands to the west of big island. Fish were 4’-12’ down, some northern in closer to banks and more shallow, with the walleye out a little further and deeper, 8”-12”! Tried several lures and live minnows and the fish ate in all.

Friday June 23: Lots of changing weather, sun, wind, rain. Not so much luck in the morning a few northern pike 15”-24”. Could not find walleye until afternoon just northeast of the fish clean station on the main land rocky point. Came back in for afternoon snack, then back out later for some more walleye and northern. Fish count= walleye – 12, Northern – 18.

Saturday June 24: Had luck in mornings and evenings catching a couple of pike from dock. Tried small island series NNE of big island. Caught just a couple walleyes. Fished north side of the big island with North wind and no luck. Tried some of the island west of the big island, and still no luck. After lunch caught about 8 good walleye on the small island straight west of cabin, north side rocks in 12’ of water. Caught a few northern pike though the day. Suspect the point on main land to the north east of cabin, just south of the southeast corner of the big island held more fish before we quit. NE wind helped that we think. Fish count was more than 15 walleye & 10 pike.  Tried pike for lunch and walleye for dinner. Put quite a few fish back.

June 25: Not much luck all morning. Tired all around big island. Caught just a couple walleye, one biggest was 21 inches around the main land, directly east of cabin. Had best luck with fishing in the afternoon, N-NNW wind fishing the western inlet for pike and going back to previous walleye islands. Catch and released all day. Biggest walleye was around 19” and pike around 24”. Fish count was similar as previous days maybe 12 to 15 of each species.

Smith's | Colorado


Day 1 good weather no rain - caught 20 walleye, 1-27” mostly 12-17”. Few pike

Day 2 Catch 40 walleye, biggest 22”. Got drunk and had a good time.

Day 3 Windy, cold and some rain. Fishing not so good. Did catch small walleye 12-17”.

Good time we had in the great North.

Will try to do again sometime.


5 days of incredible fishing, Great weather, good times. Some have us have been coming since 1984, always a great time, great service, people and facilities! Thank you !! Fish were everywhere we went! None have us had ever fished this lake, what a great one!! We will be back next year. Lots of big walleyes. Northerns to 36”.

The Petersons


It’s surprisingly easy to get lost on a lake when it’s raining out, on the plus side, we managed to boat across the entire lake! Great scenery. The storm put a lot of  the walleyes to sleep, & I think the pike that we caught were all within 30” – 30.5” range. We caught about 40 of them. So it was actually impressive, just disappointing. The fish-cleaning station out on the island is really cool, although the seagulls around there are atrocious. A 22 would be fun to bring out there. There’s a bog that leads to another lake that is stocked with northern, you should just bring you waders on you when you try to portage there. Complete lack of bugs.




May 29 – arrive 5:00 PM – Party of 3. Rain, windy – 1 walleye 3 Northern, BOO

May 30 – windy, rainy – 27 walleyeJ, 32 “northern. Great shore lunch. Wind picks up in afternoon, rain stops, what now? Fish or naps? Old farts took naps, youth went fishing. 18 walleye released, 1 northern released. 8:36pm RAIN, 40 mph winds. White caps. Fire feels good in the house.

June 1 RAIN STOPPED, 20 mph wind, overcast. 16 walleye, 8 northern. Lunch Sun is out. 2 walleye and 6 Northern.

June 2 No wind, and no rain overcast out to catch 3 walleye to take home with 9 others. Done in 40 minutes. Caught 4. Breakfast. Fly out tomorrow will be in stealth mode rest of trip. Attn: Phi Delts – Fish coach available in August (me). Northern 35” today 192 fish in 3 days.


9 days

GREAT FISHING! Typical Canadian weather

Big Pike!! – Good Luck! ! 😊

2016 Season


Osswald | IN


Arrived here Sun. Sept 18th for a moose hunting and fishing trip. Overcast and rainy Sun. and Mon. however caught 2 northern 35” and 36” plus a bunch of walleyes.

Tues. my partner caught a bunch of Walleyes and Northern and I shot a big bull moose about 300-400 yards from the cabin in the evening. Called him out of the bush to water’s edge. Very exciting!

Wed. cut up moose and flew it out from dock that work! Went back to fishing and caught a lot more fish.

Thurs. more fishing – lots of fish!

Fri. more fishing – lots of fish!

Sat. flew out – Perrigo  lake was very good to us as was Erik and his family!

Had a great moose hunt & fishing trip


Kubazewski | AZ


Happy 23rd anniversary to us! A hug thank you to all the Lohns & staff for making KaBeeLo the treasure that it is.

Arrived 6:30am group leaving remembered us from 2 years ago! Setting up gear so we can hit the lake after a long drive from Arizona to kaBeeLo. 2 hours morning fishing 10-fish- 6 northern -22 walleyes on 20 minnows. We’re going to need more minnows. 

Friday Aug. 26 (Last full day): Sunshine, light breeze, beautiful! 2 hours morning fishing 17 walleyes & 3 northern. Lots of minnow stealing going on! 3:30 – 5:30pm 22 fish – 18 walleyes 4 northern: note to self. Do NOT dangle minnow over the side unless you want to catch a fish.

Sat August 27th Day #5: Totally fished out – Perrigo wins! What a lake & what a fantastic trip!

We would like to thank the Lohn family for all their hard work and for sharing their little piece of heaven with us. Been coming to KaBeeLo since 1981 and every trip is memorable. May God Bless you all, As He has blessed us!

Call Party | Minnesota Group


Fly in 5:30 – Fished 6:30 – 8:30

Day 1: 36 fish mostly walleyes – all released fish the bottom! 20 feet deep 2 hours fishing – evening bite picked up as storm approached.

Day 2:  8:00am – 11:30am; 41 fish including 2 northern. Rest walleyes. Kept 2 for lunch, released rest. Party of four.

Day 3:  3:00 – 7:00 pm 4 men, 65 one boat – includes 40” Northern, 28” walleye, plus the second boat; 22 walleye. All released. Total this afternoon was 87 walleye. Hot dogs & beans tonight for dinner. Whoa 2 more join our group – 6 will fish tomorrow Whoa! (128 fish this day)

Day 4:  Morning – 3 boats – 6 men 44+12+34 walleye and Northern. Mostly walleye largest walleye 19 1/2” released. Largest northern 20 ½”. Released all except 4 walleye we kept for shore lunch. Fished big lake by river mouth. Fish on night crawlers & 3 hook harness. Good luck, we don’t need it. Brunch – maps – out we go: 3 boats; 10+38+40= 88: mostly walleye – released all except six for dinner – sun out, nice chop. Used jigs & minnows. (178 fish this day)

Day 5:  8.21.16 Fished two hours – 3 boats again: 14+25+23= 62 fish includes 5 northern. Salted minnows and plastic shad minnows performed the same. Fire in stove, time for brunch. Kept 3 walleye for brunch.  Boat one = 10 northern, 1 walleye. Largest northern 26”. Boat two = 12 northern, 21 walleye – largest northern 29”. Boat three; wake up from nap, catch 3 northern & 26 walleye. Largest northern 27 ½”. But not in pool. Boat two wins 62+73 fish today for total = 115 fish. 451 for 3 days, one day left.

Day 6:  Last day. Slept in 3 boats: 44+37+16= 97 total fish. Quit after 3 hours. Done, 451 +97=548 fish. Hot afternoon played cards, ready to leave tomorrow morning. Call group out!


The Burnham Family of 5


Arrived in the late afternoon there were passing showers. After unpacking we got out on the lake by early evening. We caught 4 walleyes and decided that was plenty for supper.

Day 2 was windy and warm. We fished most of the day. We also found time for swimming on the beach in front of the cabin. The boys loves it!

Day 3 was also quite windy. We decided to try Northern fishing. We had some success, but it was pretty slow.

Day 4 was awesome! We fished for walleye all day. The weather was perfect. It was cooler and the wind was light. We caught our limit and spent the rest of the time fishing for fun. We ended the day with a walleye feast. Around 11pm we saw the Northern lights. They were absolutely breath taking. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful trip. Perrigo was the best lake yet!

May God bless you with equal success and enjoyment during your stay!


Schleier Party of 8 | IA & GA


Night 1 – 2 fish.  Arrive early enough to set /prep the boats and fish off the dock. We caught 1 N (22”) and 1 walleye. Weather was windy, chilly and cloudy.        

Day 1 – 236 fish caught.  First time at Perrigo for the group. So we hit it early (tried to) and explored all the spots close to the outpost Harald recommended.  Had a 31” Northern caught off the islands right across from outpost (not the cleaning station). Found another large northern 35-37 ish, but lost it off the net. All in all, great fishing (found out we brought extra beer, dang…)

Day 2 – 286 fish caught.  Had another great day, but moving very slowly. We decided to explore more at Perrigo. Far East was dry/ slow. PM fishing much more successful. The northern islands off of the Big Island were very rich.

Day 3 – 274 fish count.  Very slow morning all over the lake. No good spots found (they make every few hours).  The north western part of the Big Island had a funnel where all the 4 boats were catching 40-50 fish.

Day 4 – 145 fish caught.  Slow morning and afternoon. . 4 boats all over the lake never found pockets/ schools of fish. Had – lot of extra food and had pancakes, bacon, bacon fried walleye, grilled walleye and crab omelets. Ate is all…

Our group had been with KaBeeLo for 13+ year and had a much more difficult time finding the schools of fish. He recommended working together as a team to locate the hot spots. Our biggest sessions were all at night (7:30 – 9:30). Best of luck!  Enjoyed the fellowship; loved the cabin; embrace the beauty and challenge of the Perrigo!!

Rasmussen Group


Fished for supper fished between fish station and Island caught 15 walleye. Largest 18 and 4 northern 22” Largest. Overcast with wind later bright sun. Total – 19 great start

Sunday June 19 - Happy Father’s Day!  Rain in the morning slow start few Northern and couple walleye. Got on them later way down on the West corner where the stream comes into a little bay. Caught 50 great day.

Monday Day 2 Huge wind all night 20-30 mph Determined to go out but really rough white caps 2-4 ft. rollers. Alternating rain and sun. Fished on the calm side of several islands and hit pretty well on one island NW of big island. At the end of day we went out to honey hole SW of big island and caught our biggest fish so far.  Hope who ever reads this has a chance to catch them both down the road.  Total was low today with only 30 walleyes and 15 northern but considering the wind it was a great day. We all sat on the deck and watched the sunset. AWESOME.

Day 3 Tuesday June 22.  We wanted to experiment and go to the north shore. Wind was pretty heavy and it took a long time to get over there. Fished several islands on the way and the large outlet. Only caught 3 walleyes and 2 northern.  Afternoon we trolled between the large island and the south shore and we get on them a few times. Picked up 25 walleyes and 8 or 9 northern. Came back and made a feast. The wind made it a little hard to fish but it made it all the sweeter when we got on them. All in all considering to 2 days of very heavy winds we did pretty good and really enjoyed ourselves.

God Bless and Good fishing

Larry, Jim, Kurt and Brad from WI

LaFond Party of 8


Night 1: Arrived early enough for evening fishing. Caught walleye/northern on minnows, leeches, crawlers & straight lures. Good start

Day 1: Very windy. Rain early. Made it hard to cross lake with strong NW winds CRASHING ON DOCK. Brother & I caught 50 total, northing over 19” or 24”(N). Cabin is great. Saw pet bunny & ground hog out back keeping an eye on us.

Day 2: Better day weather – Plenty of northern, largest is 35 ½” so far. Largest walleye is 24”. Got up to 70 degrees for abit & sunny. West side of lake seems to be the best fishing. Brother & I caught 80+ total.

Day 3: Beautiful day. Lots of son & very little wind. Broke out the SUNSCREEN!  Largest N=37 but caught 31, 33 too. Still pretty good fishing. Half dozen walleye around 20-21”. Still best fishing along west side of lake.

Day 4: Another beautiful day: No wind in the morning and full sun made fishing hit or miss. Find a spot, catch 2-3 and then they vanish. Wind and some clouds in the afternoon helped. Lots of walleye 18-21 “, a handful of larger northern including one at 33”. No complaints! Thanks for another fantastic year.

Bauer/Grazzini | MN


Day 1: cold & windy morning. caught walleyes on 1st cast.  Spent most time fishing west side of lake in 8’-12’ deep water. Good luck south of the cleaning station & south of the NW island. After lunch weather clears, sunny w/ little wind. Caught 75 walleyes/northern.

Day 2: Chad makes monster bloody mary. Very calm morning w/ little to no wind. Joe & Jake have good luck fishing east islands in 10’-12’. We meet at cleaning station @ noon & Steve talks about 29” northern he caught off reeds @ far east side. Chad’s bloody mary is gone, he struggles to stand on boat. We meet back for lunch & water is 70 degrees w/sun & no wind. We head back out & have similar luck on small islands to the NE. catch 75 walleyes/northern.

Day 3: Beautiful weather all day. 70’s, sunny & calm. Joe & Steve limit out w/ 18” walleye, & Chad & Jake limit out w/ Northern between 22” & 24”. Joe & Steve fished islands to east while Chad & Jake fished bays on West. Catch over 100 fish total.

Day 4: Departure another beautiful day – 70’s sunny & very calm. Bugs got a little bad but weather was great for whole trip. New motors are nice & worked well. Another great trip thanks to KaBeeLo! Can’t wait to come back again!

Bickner Crew | MN & IL


Quiet first day and a half- sun, calm and wind from east. Fish dispersing to deeper water – about 11 to 12’ very little “ moving “ water toward end of second day a front came in with wind, waves and great fishing- very aggressive action. Third day saw morning rain then heavy rain and hail in the evening. Screen porch “flooded.” Bad weather continues on Day 4- 46 degrees, 20-25 mph winds, and 1-2 waves. Fish are in 1-12’ of water, with exception of Day 2 evening, they are lethargic-mouthing bait-not biting. 

Largest northern 33 ¾”. Largest walleye 26”. Only a couple walleyes over 20”. Heavy weather continued as white caps became rollers. Trip to inlet was challenging. Hard to back troll in many areas. Fish were “singles” for the most part and very passive in the bite. June 7 departure day cold, wind and overcast – rain looks probable. Leaving with 387 fish caught. 69 northern and 318 walleyes. Great cabin, dock, boats and new 4 cycle outboards KaBeeLo keeps raising our expectations for the next trip.




9 Days – Great trip (Again!) BIG Northerns tons of 18” to 20 “walleyes – weather pretty good (cept for the gusty wind) – Temps great – mid 60’s.

Fishing best on Northern Side of lake- will be back in August!

Tom/ Jerry

Loveland, CO!

2015 Season


Call Party


8/21:  Flew in late PM. 10 men, 2 hours, 2 northern, 31 walleye…storm coming....The storm cut into our fishing time but not our spirits.

Harvath (Mike, Cindy & Joy)


SUNDAY – arrived & fished until 4pm, got 3 small walleye, thank gosh for provisionings –had to have Mac’N Cheese & green beans for dinner.  Tried several spots on map marked for good “W” 

MONDAY - Fished all day ~8pm – got our limits on walleye + couple big northerns.  Channel (b/w Big Island & Outpost Island) – was HOT!  Great fish fry.  Threw back a lot of small ones

TUESDAY – Terrible fishing again!  Had much better fishing 2 yrs ago on Perrigo L  Worked hard to get 8 med-small walleye & 1 northern.  Tried several spots on the map – saw poor results.  Blamed a sunny day & mild winds on the poor outcome.

WEDNESDAY – Headed for the “flow” on NE corner hit several pockets of walleye.  Most 15” – but got a couple 18”.  Renamed Island South of cabin…”spooky monster Island” lost lures. Bait…must be a giant Northern or Nasty Rock.  Fished 8hr+ - got 2 Northern & 10 walleye.

THURSDAY: Last day of fishing….8+hr again.  Warm quiet am waters.  Headed to spooky Monster Island – landed a 20” walleye and a few smaller & 1 northern.   Headed to NE corner by “flowage” again…Still robust with walleye.  A few 18” – a lot of 15-16”.  Landed 2 @ once on a double hook lindy rig.  Mainly jigs with minnow & leeches (they love these….)  Got a 27” northern as well.   Storms came in…fished the “Hauauan Island???) on the map & a few more walleye.  12+3 fry northerns…called it a good trip.

Used jigs, lindy rigs, spoons (even a walleye on this one), many minnows & lake leeches, some artificial worms…  Worked a lot harder to find the fish.  Map not much help.  Got W where N’s were and vice versa.  Might try a new lake next trip.  Had great sunny weather and several black flies this time!  


HILL PARTY (Phil, Aaron + Bryan)


Evening of arrival: 3 walleye, 6 pike trolling crank baits along point NW of cabin.

DAY First Full Day: Began day by casting 3” curly tails thru chute along southern bank of big island.  Caught 8 pike + 5 walleye.  After breakfast we trolled crankbaits again, caught 6 walleye & 4 pike.  After supper we jigged minnows on South Eastern : corner of big island and caught 36 walleye & 8 pike.  Day 1 total: 47 walleye & 20 pike.

DAY 2: Started off jigging minnows on SE corner of big island.  Caught 10 walleye & 2 pike.  One walleye was 24.5”.  Afternoon trolled worm harnesses & caught 11 walleye, 7 pike & 1 perch.  Evening time after supper we went back to jigging minnows at big island & caught 11 walleye & 2 pike.  Day 2 total: 32 walleye, 11 pike, 1 perch.

DAY 3 – LAST DAY: Horrible NW wind.  Morning we trolled worm harnesses & caught 2 walleye & 2 pike.  After breakfast we went to North end of lake & trolled crank baits & caught 15 walleye & 7 pike.  After late lunch we tried the jigging minnow’s technique again around big island & caught 6 walleye & 3 pike.  We called it a trip at dark.  Rained everyday & had to fight the wind but we ended with 100 walleye and 41 pike & 1 perch.  Not too bad for 1 boat!

Bracher Family | IL


JULY 25th (5 ppl fishing): We arrived at the lake at 1pm.  Sunny with few clouds.  80F. Breezy. 1 walleye, 7 northerns.  Fished for 7-8 hours, very slow fishing.  Sunset and lake very beautiful.

JULY 26th (4 ppl fishing): went out 7am, dead calm, bright blue sunny day.  85F. 2 northern,  1 walleye.  11am-5:30, 8 walleye, 7 northern sunny with no clouds.  Very little breeze.  Watched bald eagles feed and fight – very cool.  Difficult fishing for Canadian Lake.  Expected more.  Most walleye caught from trolling.

JULY 27th: 1 person at 4:45 am, slight overcast with slight wind.  6 walleye, 1 northern.  4 people at 8am-10am, sunny, slight breeze, 4 walleye, 2 northern, 2 people fly fishing (first time for northern) 11am-2pm 14 northern (10 escapees).  2 people 2-4:30 pm 1 walleye, 1 northern.  4 ppl 7pm-9:30pm 13 walleye, 1 northern.  Very calm night, no clouds or wind.  Very hot all day 85F.  Saw baby caribou!!!  Trolling with spinners for walleye.

JULY 28: very cloudy, very windy +2ft waves.  Walleye fishing was ok.  4 morning walleye, evening 11 walleye & 20 northern.

JULY 29: Raining on and off all day.  Cloudy, windy big 1-2ft waves.  10am-1pm 24 walleye, 3 northern.  5pm 3 northern.

Thank You for the trip!!!  It went by in a blink of an eye.  Lifetime of memories!

Total Trip: Walleye = 68, Northern = 58

8 Guys: James, Luke, Shooter, Derek, Terry, Steve, Matt & Andrew


Friday July 10th:  8 men arrived 6:00 pm unloaded, went out for 2 hours.  Black flies bit our ankles.  Over 15 walleye, 2 northern.  Slow fishing.  Mayflies still on water affecting fishing. Used night crawlers, salted minnows & leeches – fish bit on all 3.

JULY 11th: 2 men fished 6-8 am, 4 norther, where are the walleye?  No chop, mayflies.  8 men 8am-noon: 8 walleye 6 northern.  90F no wind, sunny some mayflies still.  Oh whine is me.

JULY 12: 5-6:30am, 2 men 0 fish, dead calm. 9am-1pm 6 men – 2 northern, 8 walleye dead calm & mayflies.  5 men out @ 8pm after rainstorm 8 northern, 10 walleye.

July 13 – 43 northern, 46 walleye 8 men all day – chop Saturday afternoon great fishing

Trip Total W = 113 + N = 97 = 210


3 guys from Denver, CO + 1 from North Dakota


3 days/3 nights June 29th – July 2

DAY 1:  hit most of the spots marked on the map.  Seemed to only catch a couple walleye at each one.  Fished about 8 hours total and averaged 8-10 walleye each and about 5 pike each.  Weather was a little windy and overcast.

DAY 2:  Weather was sunny and clear all day.  Fished another 8 hours, caught about the same amount of walleye as day 1 but more pike.  One guy landed a 12# 35” pike.

DAY 3: Currently raining hard.  Update to follow.  Rain stopped for the most part around 10am.  Had a decent day of walleye and weather was calm and partly cloudy the rest of the day.


  • Averaged 80-100 fish/day.  Most walleye
  • Weather overall was great with just a hard rain last morning
  • Saw a moose and her calf crossing islands.  Also saw 4 bald eagles by the cleaning station.

Redeemer Lutheran Church Fishing Group


Day 1: Fishing was below average for a Canadian Lake.  Few walleye over 18” or Northern over 27”.  Had to work for those we caught.

Day 2,3,4: When the wind blows the fish bite.  Walleye 16.5” – 22.5”, northern 24” – 36.5”.  When the walleye chop is there you need to fish now.

2014 Season


8 Men Fishing


8 Men fishing, 20 hours in 3 days; Day 1 - caught 179 fish; Day 2 - caught 141 fish; Day 3 - caught 101 fish.  Largest Northern = 22", Largest Walleye = 22".

Day 2&3 very windy with heavy rain.

We had a great time - fished clsoe to shore.

Cabin was great - no water 1st day but repairs were made on day 2.  We'll return!!!!

8 first timers from MN


This is our first time to KaBeelo Lodge for the 8 of us from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mankato and Grand Marais.  First of all we would like to say, what a classy place with classy owners. Can't say enough about the level of customer service, even up this far north!  The kicker being,when we returned to the lodge, our cars were backed up to the dock, ready for us when we got off of the plane! 

1st Day: on Perrigo was classic walleye weather. Overcast with a nice breeze, but on the cool side.  This is obviously a very healthy lake.  The walleye are beautiful and fat.  So fat that we started saying that they had shoulders on em.  All of us immediately said that we're coming back next year.

2nd Day: was cold, stormy and windy and eventually pushed us off the lake. 

3rd Day: was rainy and cold and we had to call it quits early.  Ann said that our three days were the worst three days of the entire summer.  BUT, we caught over 450 fish in less than ideal conditions. The largest walleye were 22 inchers and the largest northern were 31 inchers. 

When you're together with good friends in a place as beautiful as this, the weather cannot deture the bond that we have.  We love this place! Thank you Harold, Ann, Eric, Allyson and the entire staff for your hospitality. Our group can't wait to come back next year.  In fact a few of us have already booked an extra trip. 

Greg, Randy, Jake, Hog, Steve, OR, Bill & Dan

Len & Nora Kubazewski | MN


“O – Perrigo – O – Perrigo how golden are your walleyes”. First and foremost – thank you so much Harald, Anne, Erik & Allysson for making this possible.  All of your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Luxury in the wildernesss – what a concept.  Walleyes hanging on the edge of weed beds – all over the lake!

Thanks for all the great memories – until next time – Love & Peace.


Hein Family


3 Generations on the Lake - - Caught many walleyes & northerns.  Had our limit to take home of both.  Saw a caribou swimming to the Big Island, many eagles & two fury critters we weren’t sure of.  Grandsons had a ball driving boats & fishing.  Good times were had by all!  Great cabin – we also saw a tornado across the lake!!!  (Never a dull moment)


The Oman Party


2 gals & 8 dudes......

Rained first afternoon, cut up 10 fish.  2nd day – good, caught quite a few fish.  Saw a moose swimming to the “Big Island”.  A few eagles around, lots of fish around 4-8 feet of water.  Jigging and cranks are good.

Caught fish everyday – caught anywhere from 80-150 fish each day – great fishing!!!!!

Biggest walleye was 21” – smallest was 15”.  Biggest northern was 40”!!!!

Great Time – Great Friends – Great Place!!!!

4 Guys from MN & ND


June 11th – fished for a couple of hours, one fish

June 12th – rain all day.   Caught 24 total, mainly walleyes, few northern.  Hard to find dry wood to burn to stay warm and dry.

June 13th – all day sunny, and no wind.  Caught 20 total

June 14th – Cloudy & windy all day.  Caught 24 total.  Found animal feces next to water heater, unknown animal.

Trolled with bottom bouncers, spinners and leeches.  Jigged.  Best spot was along the shore north & slightly east of the fish cleaning station.

2013 Season



Four (4) of us arrived in early afternoon for fishing and fishing lessons. Two of us were ready and two were not, but, they came along nicely over the course of the trip. Bill, per luck, caught the most fish and the biggest fish and Tom caught the least and the smallest fish. We fished the mouth of the river with rapalas and caught BIG FISH! BIG FISH! Over all we had great week of fishing and fellowship!


Minnesota, USA


The father/son party of eight (8) arrived to fish and motor. Trip conclusion – we lost count on the “gas” use from our teenagers vs. the number of fish caught – close race. Perrigo has lots of water with hot spots on NE part of lake by inlet, channel N of the cabin and channel heading east-south on the side of the Big Island. We’ll be back!!


Kansas, USA


Last group in July on Perrigo Lake the nine (9) of us (Grandfather, fathers and sons) for a trip of a life time. Day one we caught fish, towed in a bad motor, ate fish, went fishing, ate fish and did a lot of fishing on the “highway” (far NE side of lake near the river). Day two fishing was up and down with the “highway” producing GREAT fishing in the a.m. but slower in the p.m. Day three we encounter rain and a bit more rain which slowed down our fishing, but, we did eat well (blueberry pancakes, several pounds of bacon, lots of eggs and potatoes). Last day we hit the “highway” but it was under construction (possible low pressure weather system). Nevertheless we did catch fish. To sum up the trip we caught 479 fish with “Pops” the big winner with 77 catches, Doug 52, Jay 30, Rod 56, Tyson 53, Zach 70, Braydn 51, Logan 52 and Cade 38. Our fishing was great but suspect weather played a role. For all of us memories abound with all nine of us on the trip first and possibly last time all together. 4 trips with KaBeeLo Lodge and I can’t imagine using another flyout lodge!

Illinois, USA


Six (6) of us from Illinois arrived on Perrigo Lake for some serious “R & R”. With four ladies and two gents we did pretty darned well. Caught fish, sun bathed, ate fish, played cards, enjoyed family time and Perrigo Lake. Note of caution: beware of the Devil’s Goose (loons) on the lake.

Minnesota/Wisconsin, USA


We got to lake by mid-afternoon and caught fish and enjoyed a great evening. Next day we caught fish, ate fish and enjoyed beautiful weather. Best guess – fish all over the lake. The next day we experienced sun, rain and sun but caught fish, kept fish, ate fish and went to bed tired. Our final day we had a repeat of day two – great weather, caught fish, cleaned fish for take home, ate fish and went to bed tired. What a great time – THANKS KaBeeLo.


Minnesota, USA


The eight (8) of us caught fish, ran out of booze and had a f****** good time. Great time, definitely coming back next year. Final thought – all of us had a nice good “dump”[sic] in the outhouse hold before leaving – felt goooooood!!!

Wisconsin, USA


The three (3) of us caught 80+ walleye and 20+ northern pike on first day which was cut short by major wind storm. Day two it was a great day for a sun tan and a great day for fishing (90+ walleyes & lots of northern pike with pink jigs in their mouths). This was topped off by “hot showers” at the end of the day. Day three the water pump died (no running water) but fishing was outstanding. Even though the heavens burst about 2 pm (end of fishing) we managed to catch some 90+ walleye and too many northern pike to count.

from Minnesota, USA


Five (5) of us easily limited out each and every day, had great weather and even got some exercise in by running in the forest, doing ladder push-ups, dips and sit-ups and chopping some firewood.

from New Hampshire, USA


Five of us woke up, drank ½ gallon of vodka then caught lots of walleye. Next day woke up, drank ¾ gallon of scotch and experienced tough fishing but caught more than enough to eat for lunch and supper. Next day woke up, drank ¾ gallon of Dewers, went fishing and caught some HUGE northern, many over 40”. Last couple of days we fished the Big Island (NE side) and caught several northerns 35”+. As you would guess, we ate good, drank good, slept good and had a good time. GREAT PLACE for a good time.


from Colorado, USA


“Outstanding” northern pike fishing (several in the 40” class), up and down weather, fishing in 4-6’ of water and, believe it or not, “used very, very little live bait” and only then when I was joined by the KaBeeLo staff. [NOTE: KaBeeLo staff came out to assist in destroying the old Perrigo cabin, which they did. I helped 😊 ].

Let me conclude by saying that “in all my trips to KaBeeLo I have been to Perrigo the most – it is still my favorite Lake … and KaBeeLo has made my stay a most enjoyable one. KaBeeLo Lodge management and staff is top notch in my book and I hope I can continue to visit here.”

2012 Season



A couple from suburban Chicago says: Cold weather, fished in the snow and caught about 50 fish a day. Beautiful lake and great cabin. THANKS Harald & Ann. Until next year…


A filming crew arrived for just a day. Filmed catching walleye (caught 25 in one hour), filmed hunting for grouse (harvested four) and said “this place is amazing.” Look for them on The Outdoor Channel, Due North Outdoors, Fox Sports and Minnesota Bound. God Bless.


Caught a hell of a lot of walleye; all good size. We did this for 5 days in a row. Drank only one beer.


Jesse Brenny Party (10 guys)


Just wanted to say thanks for another enjoyable fishing trip. Sorry this is a couple of weeks late but time just gets away. Thanks for the extra effort in moving us to Perago which allowed us still to come and fish. It was kind of neat to experience a fish a Canadian lake with a sandy bottom in places. Never really thought there was anything but rock bottoms there. How is the fire situation currently? I hope you have been able to escape without losing any more cabins. Thanks again and we look forward to coming back again.


5 Sons “ a father: on this trip we realized how important and significant our trips are to this sacred part of the world. The bonds we have shared here at the outpost camps will last our lifetimes and the memories as well. The laughter, the pristine beauty, the wildlife, the stories around the campfires, the shore lunches, the “bump” of the walleye hitting the jig and so much more are all a part of us – the best of us. We will return again to this place … second visit to this lake and renew our friendships with each other and with the Lohn family. In all, a wonderful memory and break from the daily routines that make us grow older faster than we would like. Coming here is definitely life extension at its best!!!

Thanks to Harald, Ann & staff for allowing us to share your little piece of heaven. Oh, by the way – the fishing was great!!!


2 Brothers & life long pal fishing this lake again this season. Fish in lots of places and found lake trout plentiful. Walleyes in shaded areas and bit on just about anything. Spotted lots of wildlife – moose, mink, beavers and 2 eagles. Eagles were probably brothers because the shared many a fish carcass. On a related matter we monitored our daily intake of adult beverages due to rationing of same. Pina coladas, cape cods, kolo and milk, white Russians, Champaign and lots of beers. As I write this is am witnessing the virtual daily collapse of rational thought.


Three generations of family. GREAT TRIP!


Three generations of family. GREAT TRIP!


Daily fly-out experience. All caught limits and then some. Beautiful cabin – need to spend more time.


Brothers and buddy. Great fishing – walleye above average. 2 fridges are a real plus.



Both species of fish are in the weeds. Fun trip!



Fantastic cabin (need towel rack by kitchen sink and bathroom sink) & with some additions (towel racks) it would be a “dream home.” We enjoyed our trip – 4 days of fabulous weather, great fishing & good company. This makes us want to return to KaBeeLo for the 35th time.


Father/son group of 4 fished and ate fish.



Nice cabin; caught fish; ate fish and fish soup. Spotted moose, caribou near cabin and grouse on big island.