Full ownership of our aircraft enables us to offer flexible itineraries tailored to match your travel plans...guests are our top priority and it shows with custom flight schedules.

About the Aircraft

For over 45 years, guests have been trusting KaBeeLo Lodge Inc. & KaBeeLo Airways Ltd. to fulfill their fly-out trips for the best fishing & hunting adventures. With our well maintained aircraft, experienced and qualified pilots, KaBeeLo is dedicated and committed to transporting you and your party safely to and from your destination. Our guests safety is our top priority.

Flights are provided by KaBeeLo Airways Ltd, which owns and operates two Turbine De-Havilland Beavers (DHC-2T).  Listed below are just a few reasons that KaBeeLo Airways Ltd. truely believes these planes are safe for the pilot and therefore safe for the passenger.

Facts about the DHC-2 “Beaver”

  • It is a great “bush plane”
  • Hundreds were put to use by the US Army
  • A total of 1,692 Piston & 60 factory original Turbine aircraft were built
  • First one built 1947
  • Last one built in 1967
  • The engines in our Turbo Beavers are Pratt & Whittney PT6-27 each producing 680 shaft hp.
  • The Beaver was designed for flight in rugged and remote areas of the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Canada’s “workhorse of the North” please take a look at the following website: www.DHC-2.com, watch a "twangy" classic youtube video, or browse below to view specifics & some history of KaBeeLo's aircarft.


Tail Identifier C-FOEX

C-FOEX Turbine Beaver

  • first operation December 1,1967
  • owner/operator locations have all been in Canada
  • registered to KaBeeLo Airways in 2020

Phot Credit: Rich Hullina

Tail Identifier C-GEWP

C-GEWP Turbine Beaver

  • first operation January 31st 1965
  • owner/operator locations include the United States, Canada & Ethiopia
  • registered to KaBeeLo Airways in 2016

Tail Identifier C-GLSA (retired 2019)

C-GLSA Piston Beaver

  • delivered August 08, 1959 to the United States Army, Command A-16
  • imported to Canada 1980
  • registered by KaBeeLo Airways 1991
  • loss of service 2019

Tail Identifier C-GDYT (traded 2016)

C-GDYT Piston Beaver

  • delivered June 17, 1957 to the United States Army
  • Imported into Canada in 1973
  • registered by KaBeeLo Airways 1989
  • 2016 sold to another Canadian outfitter and replaced with turbo beaver C-GEWP