In sum, another fantastic year at Bear Paw Lake with tons of fish and a beautiful cabin. A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

- Two friends from Colorado

Bear Paw Lake


Bear Paw lake is approximately 3x3 miles and shaped like a "bear paw" or "cloverleaf".  KaBeeLo's cabin is the only one on the lake, has 2 seperate bedrooms to comfortably accommodate 8 people.  

Amenities include running water, shower, solar lights, stove and refrigerator.  Lake is extremely rocky with bays, coves, reefs, outlets & a small back lake to also fish. Species - walleye and northern pike.

Guest Comments

2014 Season


Honeymooners from Colorado


It rained the entire tim except for a few hours the first day.  Never saw the sun.  Very strong winds from the East - Northeast except for a couple hours at the end of the last day - winds swung southerly.  We've had better years at Bear Paw but this was a great time.  The biggest walleye was 28" 9lbs.  The biggest norhtern was 40".  The normal spots didn't produce that welll but the small islands on the north part of the lake produced the best.  We fished mainly on the north sides of the islands in 6'-10' of water.  We used leeches, minnows, and lots of small lures.  The color didn't seem to matter.  Another fantastic time at KaBeeLo Lodge and Bear Paw Lake.  THANK YOU!

Randy & Nancy Minas


Arrived at lake around noon & after unpacking were on the lake by 2pm.  Caught 60 fish in 3 hours including dinner keepers, 3 northerns (one 24"), 3 perch and the rest walleye.

Saw 2 bald eagles being chased away by one seagull protecting his territory.  Got some great pictures of the eagles together.  Surprised to see the eagle's nest still in tact from 2004!!

Next few days beautiful weather except for one brief rain shower.  Randy's birthday gift was fishing solo & reeling in a 36" Nothern.  Thanks too KaBeeLo for the cake!  Very memorable birthday!

Fished every day,  total fish caught for trip 299 tried for 300 but it got too dark.....we rested 3-5 hours every day so could have easily made 500....GOOD LUCK to the next group!

Thanks again Harald, Ann Erik & Allysson!!!  We plan to return next year!

LaFond Party


Aug 9th: 120 Fish

Aug 10th: Around 100 fish

Aug 11th: Cold front comes in shuts down fishing.  maybe 80 fish caught.  Tough going.  No large fish yet? 35" nothern/20.5" walleye

Aug 12th: 38" Northern excelletn walleye action.  Couple of 22" walleye.

Beautiful weather!  Approx 500 fish caught in 4 days!

Workman | KS


3 person crew came from Topeka KS:  A lawyer, a pro wressler, and just an all around good guy (me).

We had a great time.  Pro wressler "Little Big Toe" Dennis Switzgy finally admitted to the superiority of leeches over night crawlers and his lack of card playing ability.  Chris the lawyer is planning to sue Little Big Toe when he gets home for slander over his vicious comments on his ability to cook steak.

We were here for 5 days.  3 were dead calm and fishing was tough.  Little Big Toe caught a 38" Northern that had a humpback.  The last two days the wind came up and the walleye fishing was good.  Nothing over 20" though.

The seagull on the dock is Little Big Toe's kindred spirit.  The sun is coming up and Little Big Toe is down at the dock saying goodbye as the sun glistens, shimmering onthe water.  It's touching, think I'm gonna cry.


Dad & 2 Kids from MN


Rick (Dad), Rachel (daughter) and Preston (step-son) arrived early on the 10th and got out on the lake at around 10am.  We had travelled the night before from Minneapolis, saw two Moose on the way up.

FIRST Day: we caught a lot of fish.  Rachel & Preston about tied for most.  Rachel used minnows and Preston used leeches.  I used Gulp and I wasn't too far behind them.  We caught about 75 walleye - largest was 21.5" (Rachel).

SECOND Dar: was slower.  We got rained out in the morning and had to return to cabin for part of the day.  We caught about 50 fish but no big ones.  rachel killed us on the fishing!  

LAST Day: was something else.   The morning was slow.  We fished the islands on the North end and caught a few.  The afternoon was FANTASTIC!  We fished until 5pm when we got rained out - again.  We went back out in the rain around 6pm and could not keep them off our line.  Caught them off the point to the right of the outpost.  Preston caught 7 fish over 20".  The last minnow of the day landed a 26" walleye with a 25" and 25.5" prior to that.  Rick also landed a 25.5".  Many large fish - one after the other - Great Trip!  God blessed us!


Greg Gillham - New Albany IN


I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had at Kabeelo Lodge!  Great Lake, Great Fishing, Great Accommodation’s, Great Service, Great Hosts.  We caught tons of fish. Both my son and my nephew out fished me.  My son Jack caught a 42” Northern on days 2 and 3.  The Pic below is my nephew Sean with his 40”er.  What a great time. I will recommend Kabeelo to anyone who is looking for a great fishing adventure.

KaBeeLo's Fantastic Four


To all who care to read, 

Once again it is time for Ms. Marvel, Thor, Captain Marvel and a normal mortal to travel back home from paradise.  Many fish were caught by all, amd memories of incredible proportions have been made. Captain Marvel caught 2 monsterous Northerns (40" & 42"), and Ms. Marvel caught a less than marvelous Northern (32").  Thor experienced hist first trip with his demigod son, Beaux (aka The Hulk).  The bay to the right of the rock island proved to be a steady spot, but Walleye fishing was slow Wednesday - Friday.  Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel faced furious winds and sheets of rain on Thursday.  It is likely that Caprain Marvel and Ms. Marvel will return to Bear Paw lake, and it is possible that Thor will bring his son sometime soon as well.  Over and Out!   

The Anderson's | Fargo, ND


Great time at Bear Paw lake....Many THANKS to Tom + Maggie Franke who invited us on their trip...

1st time for my son & I to Canada fishing... We caught our limit of Walleye every day 14"-18"...they are SO GOOD  fresh out of the lake...

1st time to catch a BIG NORTHERN 38" on jig + minnow fishing for Walleye..saw bald eagle + Caribou/and her calf swimming from island to island...AWESOME EXPERIENCE away from the world...GREAT quality time with friends.


Had an early fly-out last night, arrived at the lake @ 5:30pm and were fishing by 7:00 pm.  Caught 27 walleyes by 210 point.  Enjoyed a great meal and night of sleep.

Were up late at 6:20 am and fished all day.  Caught 110 Walleyes and Northerns on a pretty slow day because it was so calm.  Only our superior skill at catching and supreme ability to find fish turned our otherwise dull day for the pretenders (Pot & Bean) into a shrimp success (Tom & Maggie).

I had a very nice Northern on a jig and minnow, but lost it when we got less than 1/2 of it in the net.  Watched the eagles and a great sunset!  


Dan & Rudy | Colorado


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, two guys went fishing at Beat Paw Lake.....

The first day was cool and overcast with a North wind.  Fishing was a little slow.  Fish were very shallow - 2 to 4 feet - and you needed slow action to catch them.  The bay of pigs produced some nice Northerns and we found Walleye by the big islands on the East side of the lake.

The second day was warmer with an East wind.  The bay of pigs produced some nice Northerns.  The South side of the lake produced Northern and Walleye.

The third day was the BEST.  Very warm with a SouthWest wind.  We found lots of Northern and Walleye on the North shore.

The bay of pigs produced nice Northern in the 35"-40" range.  The biggest Northern was 42" on the North shore.  Walleye started slow but really picked up.  We didn't catch huge Wa;;eye but pleanty of them.  The fish moved deeper and we caught them in 6-10' of water.  We used mostly minnows and some leeches.  Another great trip to Bear Paw lake.  Be back in August!

First "ice out" group of the season


Spent 4 days at Bear Paw after spending 3 days at Betty Lake.  Ice came off the lake and we flew to Bear Paw the first day possible.  Fishing was good but Walleye were hitting lightly in 18" to 6' of water.  It was rainy first few days but by the weekend we reached high 70's.  Fishing picked up in numbers of fish caught, but the fish were still taking it lightly.   Live minnows & gulp on 1/16 jig worked the best.  Had to locate school of fish and then could catch 20-30 at a time.  Largets Walleye was 23" a few in the 21" range and a lot smaller in the 15-18" range.  Northern were active and caught in with Walleyes on jigs, a lot of fish in the 30-35" range and a few got up intothe low 40's.  Bigger fish liked the bigger baits, but still slowly moved.  They did seem to want meat and the old half pork chop under a bobber trick worked well.  The fish were still moving slow to take spoons and we only caught snake Northern casting.  The bigger one came jigging plastics and on live bait.  That is all.

2013 Season


Tom Franke & Family


Harald, Ann, Erik, and Allyson, Winston, Allistar, and Hillary:

First, I hope I have the spelling of the names right. Second, we had a really wonderful trip. I have put many of the over 800 pictures up on Facebook, but they are on my page. Everything about the trip was fabulous, and I really do mean that everything was. This was such a good time for Maggie and I. There are not enough words to be able to say thanks enough for a great place to get away from the daily shuffle of life.

As I was unpacking, I came across this green piece of paper, and thought you might need the inventory of Bear Paw cabin:

Tomato soup – 0, Veg. soup – 0, Cream of Chicken soup – 1, Mac & Cheese – 4, Chili – 1, Stew – 0, Kilk/spork – 0, Green Beans – 5, Yellow Beans – 1, Baked Beans – 6, Peas – 0, Corn – 4, Carrots – 0, Applesauce – 0, Fruit cocktail – 3, Peaches – 1, Pears – 0, Peanut butter – 1.5 jars, Individual peanut butters – 4, Jam – 1, Individual jams – 3, Pancake mix – 2.5, Syrup – 1.5, Mustard – full container of packets, Ketchup – 3/4 of bottle and 1/6 of a container of packets, Coffee – 3.5, Milk powdered – 1/3, Crisco – 7, Vegetable oil – 0, Crackers – 2 sleeves, Flour – 1/2 container, Sugar – 1/2 container, Salt – 1 mason jar, Pepper – 1 mason jar, Handwipes – 4, Toilet paper – 10, Paper towel – 8, Small plastic bags – 10, Garbage bags – 8, Hand soap – 4 bars, Dish soap – 1 bottle of Joy, 1 jug under sink, SOS pags – 4, Matches – 1/2 box, Fantastic soap – full bottle, Cleanser – 1 bottle and 1 jug under sink, Bleach – 1, Potatoes – 1 box, Onions – 10

One item that is needed is an oven mitt … nothing to hold the hot pans except a towel.

I hope this helps. I am already looking forward to next year, Tom & family.

2012 Season



2 friends. Caught fish. Weather lousy. Cold rainy but good for sleeping and, of course, fishing.



4 buddies, long time standing. Fished for 7 days on Bear Paw (4th trip here) and found fishing slow (we usually come in mid June). On average caught 50 fish per day. Biggest walleye 24.5” and 3 northerns over 40”. Lots of fish in 4-6 feet of water in the rocks.

2 Couples from the Great State of Texas


Windy, rainy, cool, caught fish, plenty of walleye and lots of northerns.


4 from Minnesota/4 from South Dakota & Nebraska


Day 1 checked out the lake and caught a few fish. Day 2 – much more productive with lots of walleye in the morning, afternoon and evening. Day 3 “Dirty Harry” caught a 42” northern in the Bay of Pigs. WOW! Day 4 & 5 scouted back lake with measured results. Day 6, Captain Ron slammed a 42” northern followed by a 43” northern on the very next cast. The son reports that he put the Dad right on the fish smile Best of luck to those that fish Bear Paw.

2 Friends from Colorado


Day 1 caught lots of walleye (biggest 20”) and put some in freezer for dinner; Day 2 hot, no wind and fishing slow; Day 3 was hot & windy with whitecaps on the water but FISHING WAS EXCELLENT. Day 4 was hot with light winds that changed just about every second. Fishing was challenging but still caught lots of fish. In sum, another fantastic year at Bear Paw Lake with tones of fish and a beautiful cabin. A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.


Family of 5 from Wisconsin


Trip summary includes:
•2 days of rain/cold;
•2 beautiful, sunny warm days
•Caught our limit of fish and then some (lots!!!)
•Records: The “beauty” biggest walleye at 271/2”
•The “newlywed” biggest pike at 41”

Great trip; great time.

2011 Season


Dan and his Buddy (Rudy)


Thank you so much for another great trip to Bear Paw Lake and KaBeeLo. It is always a highlight of the year and I’m already looking forward to next year.

I hope you can somehow find time to relax and even enjoy your summer. You guys deserver it. You work so hard to make dreams come true and create lifetime memories for so many people. The fires will no doubt change some of your plans but you and your efforts have created a lot of satisfied customers that will stick with you. I’m praying God will give you peace and guide you through all of this.


Bill Sherck, Host of a TV program – Due North Outdoors


Oh Canada, 2011! Visit Bill Sherck’s Blog.

2010 Season


Len and Nora


1st 10 minutes right off the dock. Len caught 2 Walleye – 1 – 18” & Nora caught 1.5 lb. Northern Afternoon: Nora 10 walleyes – 2 for dinner; Len 8 walleyes, 1 northern, 1 perch All right in front of cabin – point – to – point. Walleye was wonderful 3-5 pm Nora 4 fish; Len 5 fish Total: 32 28 Walleye 3 Northern & 1 Perch

Sept. 2nd

Rain, Rain, Rain! No Fishing

Sept. 3rd

Rain overnight, Cloudy, windy AM – Len 5 Walleyes, 1 Northern, 1 Perch 12:30 – 3 PM Len 6 Walleyes Nora 5 Walleyes, 1 Northen Daily total :19 16 Walleye; 2 Northern; 1 Perch

Sept. 4th

Sunny, Calm & Cool. All minnows died. 10-12 Nora 5 Walleye; 2 Northern Len 3 Walleye All in front of cabin with dead minnows 1 – 4 pm Len 12 Walleyes – 14- 19” Nora 1 Walleye Totals: 23 21 Walleyes, 2 Northern

Sept. 4th

Frost on the Roof! 9 – 11 am only 4 fish 2 small northerns on north end 2 small walleyes by cabin, Nora is using corn. 12 – 2:30pm Nora 4 walleye, 1 perch Len 1 walleye Len hooked huge northern – brought to side of boat fish was 45” long same length as KaBeeLo Lodge Fish Sticker. Northern then turned, went down under tree & spit hook out! 7 Walleyes, 2 Northerns, 1 Perch 10 fish total!


Ross Party


Came in 8 A.M. got settled in fishing by 9 A.M. got some fish to eat for lunch – rained as we got back to cabin. Warm Cloudy – got to go back out around 4 P.M. got some more to take home. Rained again at night.

Monday Aug 30 – Had rain again but still able to fish in between – had good fishing on North end only – 16” or smaller use to bigger fish from other lakes we’ve been on.

Tues Aug 31 – Still rain a lot of wind today still had fishing on North end – babies but fun to catch some. Great 3 days – love it up North.



August 26, Windy but good fishing any rocky point shoreline was good (41) walleye and (3) Pike pickeling size. Biggest walleye 17 ½” Lots for 16s. Best times anytime you were out there. Fish for lunch & supper. Great day of fishing. Minnows, crawlers best gulp worked at times.

August 27, Windy out of south – Lot’s of Roller’s + white caps on lake. Fished AM 2 – 3 hours and eve for 3 hours – to much work during midday to keep on spot. Caught 118 eyes, 11 ± 23”, Many 17-18”, 7 pike all smaller, Largest 3 lbs. And ½ dozen Perch. Larger Walleyes caught on south end in gap between main lake to east of larger island. North Shore produced the most action. Island with 2 Eagles seemed to be best. Fish caught in 6’ – 12’ of water on Rocks.

August 28, fished am (2 of us) from 8 – 12 boated 30 eyes + ± 10 Pike, did a lot of cruising to check out the lake, we would have caught a hundred had we stayed in the area they were biting. But as this was out 1st trip here wanted to see the whole lake… Very beautiful Lake… came in at noon for lunch + break, raining now pretty hard, will go out later this pm to catch a few more. Went out at 5:00 til 7:30 caught over 40 eyes. GREAT FISHING!!!!! Rain let up just in time for our last eve. Took some great photo’s of the Harvest moon and sunrise, will send some to Harald and Ann. 1st trip to Bear Paw was excellent… Look forward to our next trip here.

Summary of our trip 2 guys, 200+ eyes 3 day’s did not fish real hard…did a lot of cruising the lake. Best spot’s —North end Island with Eagle nest – (2 eagles there all the time) North shore east of eagles and Islands (small) east of Island with large white rock. Gold spinners worked best, ran out of minnows + gulp 4” shad worked great. Had a great time . . . Will Return. Phil Herbst + Hal Devereux


Hasbrovck & Provinzino


Day 1, We have returned to Bear Paw for the fourth time. On the flight in, we spotted a cow moose with two calves’. The weather was perfect and beautiful. It took a little time to locate a steady source of fish, but once we did, the fishing was quite good. The largest walleye was 22 inches we also landed several pike. It’s simply great to be at a perfect lake with family and the comforts of a new cabin. We look forward to tomorrow’s fishing with much anticipation.

July 31

Day 2, We got out quite early this morning. Walleyes were plentiful. A pink Mister Twister with a leach worked well. After about three hours of fishing we went in for lunch. We found walleyes in abundance. The largest fish was in the mid-twenty range. Pike remain elusive. During the afternoon, we spent some time fishing for pike. The size of the pike was all on the small side. Our fishing was cut short due to a thunderstorm. We slept through the storm. Our evening fishing was spent concentrating on the walleyes. We found fishing to be favorable, but the really quick catching of numbers was sporadic. We closed the evening with a nice walleye fry. It was a good close to the first full day of fishing. Tomorrow I’ll continue to look for a pike in the 35+ in class. This is truly an amazing setting.

August 1

Day 3, The wind had more energy from the west this morning. Consequently, the morning’s fishing was good. We found Walleyes off of most rocky points. Jack and Dick caught 30-40 fish in one hour’s time from a small area. We each kept a few fish for our afternoon fish tacos. Fishing was best in the 10-12 ft. range, but fish were also caught in3-5 ft. of water. This afternoon was marked by good weather. It was breezy and provided a chop to keep the light low. We all did well fishing with various jigs tipped with leeches. We did, however, find mimic Minnows to produce better than other jigs. Due to the good walleye fishing, half of us chose to fish for pike in the evening. We were about to cover vast expanses of water, but the big pike remain elusive. Andy amazingly caught five walleyes over 20 inches with as many casts. It was fun thing to watch. I’m hoping tomorrow yields a big pike for me.

August 2

Day 4, The morning dawned clear, sunny, and dead calm. Walleye fishing was good. Those who moved from spot to spot continued to do catch fish a quick pace. The largest walleye of the morning and trip was caught by Dick. It measured 26 inches. After a quickly taken photo, she was released back to the depths of Bear Paw. We knocked off around 11:00 for some bacon and eggs. Hopefully, we’ll get some wind for a hot bite this afternoon. We were out on the water by 1:30. The fishing was fairly good, but we needed to continually move to keep fishing active biters. Out biggest excitement of the afternoon was a small pike that shook a treble right into Ben’s leg. Fortunately, Dick had extracted several hooks throughout his years on the water. Soon Ben was back to fishing. We came in around 7:00 to get camp cleaned and orderly for our departure at dawn. A chestnut colored female mink made us a visit. It was fun to observe it’s habit’s. After dinner, a cool breeze cooled the cabin. It’s always with mixed emotions to leave Bear Paw Lake.

Wade, Sherry, Collin and Coltin


We flew in from the lodge this morning, and after a lot of getting ready we went fishing. We started off good we caught lots of walleye, and a few pike. Then we came into the cabin and ate our lunch that we had fixed for us at the lodge. When we were done with lunch we went out and there was a really dark cloud over us but it wasn’t doing anything so we decided that we would go out closet to the cabin. We were catching fish like crazy then it stared pouring rain. So we got to the cabin as soon as possible then it started hailing, and wind blowing. It is starting to clear off so we were going to try to go out and catch more fish.


Arrived from Florida, leaving the humidity behind. Fished the big & small island directly across from the cabin in the morning. Caught 50-60 Walleyes between the three of us with the big fish being a 27 ½” hog. Also caught a few small northern on jigs. The afternoon was windy but the skies were clear & the bite shut down. Had fried walleye for dinner and made apple cobbler in the grill for dessert. Water stopped working in the cabin. Discovered hose fitting had popped off under cabin & pump lost its prime. Reattached fitting and all was well.

P.S. – Be careful, as you can easily lock yourself out of the cabin or on the screened porch.

Day 2, Morning was clear, calm & sunny. Still had decent walleye fishing off the big island in front of cabin. Be afternoon it was raining & windy. Fishing was better. Searched the bays for northern but no success. Coconut walleye for dinner & finished off the apple cobbler.

Day 3, Carbon copy of yesterday morning’s weather. Fishing only medicine. Strong wind in the afternoon improved the bite off the windward side of the small islands, but made boat control more of a challenge. Caught 25 Walleyes the final hour off the small island in front of cabin. Dinner was a standing rib roast with corn on the cob & brownies for dessert.

Day 4, Windy all day today – good for fishing but work when it comes to boat control. Caught lots of walleyes in the windy cuts between the small islands. More big fish today: 24” x 2; 23” x 2; 22”; 21”; 20” Leftover rib roast sandwiches for lunch. Baked walleye over a bed of sweet potatoes for dinner & finished off the brownies. Off to Perrigo Lake in the AM for 4 more days of Piscatorial bliss!

Jed, Angie, Alania & Austin


July 19 – Day 1, 10:00AM Arrival Ted, Angie, Alana(17), Austin(15) Our trip started with great excitement. As the plane flew off, Austin quickly put on a gas tank & motor & too off fishing. The rest of us… we started unpacking. Five minutes later… he returns. He caught a northern & he was also “caught”. A treble hook of a husky jerk rapala was deeply embedded between his thumb & pointer finger. He sat at the end of the table & we removed the lure & snapped off the other 2 hooks. Then we debated… cut the skin, push it through, call the plane? 20 minutes later he looks up & on the wall we read, the KaBeeLo Lodge “Remove a hook the easy way”. Well… it works! A little first aid & we were off fishing.

Day 3, It was day III as I write this & I still have not fully figured out the map of other locations like we were told by the people before us. Quote “the big rock behind the island”. Yes, there are a lot of big rocks. So, I am going to try a drawing. Maybe then you won’t need to fish at every Big Rock!

- on this choppy day we could hardly keep up. Drop the line in, pull one out, as fast as we could go. The girls found the hole & the guys quickly came & crowded in!! then by the way- fish cleaning is a board on two log’s – the seagulls led us there! —-Guess a girl just needs a little help with a map. We loved the rain & wind for the fishing & the sun and calm waters were great for exploring (not so good for fishing). We went up the creek in the northeast corner. We caught a few small northern & found it easiest to get out & pull the boats over the rocks & beaver dam. It was an expedition led by an eager 15 year old boy that went nowhere. But we did it!

Hot evening games! 
• Triple solitaire, and
• Stick the card on your forehead (facing the other players) & bet your card is higher (forehead poker?)

Day 4, We are all set for day #4 – the plane brought us much need necessities – water & more minnows!

Almost 30 years ago I visited Bear Paw. My Grandmother, father, mother & siblings. Grandma & Dad now watch from above as I return with my family. Dad would have smiled as Alana’s face lit up with a 26” walleye or Austin caught his 38” northern. I wondered if the return could be as good as my childhood memories, and it was. I think of how much my mother must have added to the experience as she spoke of bears scratching the side of the cabin or exaggerated how we must “survive” in the wilderness. Dad woke and gave us the morning report, “I have good news & bad news is it isn’t raining, it’s snowing” and the pans of water in the old cabin were frozen solid. Yes, today’s cabin is somewhat more luxurious than the old. But I am sure the memories will live on just as strong for my children.

Another fun night activity- (on calm night) yell off the end of the dock & listen to the great echo!

A New Bear Paw Tradition

We are leaving behind a special gift for the next guests of Bear Paw. We find this #14 Rapala Husky Jerk to be very special. This lure caught 3-38” northern both by trolling & casting. This is our gift to you. Please pass on a memory of your trip to the next guests!

Dan & Randy


Great Trip. What a fantastic cabin! The old one was nice but wow, this one is incredible. Overall, not as many fish as other trips to Bear Paw. However, we had a great time and caught a lot. The biggest walleye was 24” and the biggest northern was 44” and 25 pounds. The island and the rocky point south of the cabin seemed to be the hot spots. Not much luck in the Bay of Pigs. Had some real nice walleye on the north side of the lake. It was very windy the second day. The waves were very large in the middle of the lake. Off and on rain every day. Another fantastic trip. Can’t wait until next year. Thank you Harald and Ann!



Day 1, Arrived around 8:00am – group of 4 from the Milwaukee area – most of the group have been here before – all impressed with the new cabin –Started fishing around 10:00am – both boats stared fishing off the point to the right of the cabin = caught a 26” walleye – in the bay past the point we saw a woodland caribou & calf in the water – about 2 hours later we saw a cow moose & her calf in the same spot. Gary & Ed investigated the island directly across from the cabin – they found a windblow shore – hammered the walleye – Jim and Duk joined them later – joined in on the fun. Walleye after walleye – at times all four of use had fished over fish averaged around 15” – 18” – used minnows and leeches. When we rain low of minnows we used the dead minnows the fish coughed up after being caught. Jim and Duk fished that spot till 4:30pm will continuous action – Ed And Gary had gone in earlier – they came out and caught enough fish for dinner in about 10 minutes – good evening meal – went back around 7:30pm – fished same spots – wind changed – results weren’t as good but still plenty of action. Gary & Ed believe they caught over 100 walleye each for the day – afraid we are going to run out of minnows but Tuesday 26” walleye still in the lead, Gary considering taking walleye fishing lessons from Duk so he can get back in the competition – Excellent first day for all.

June 21

Day 2, 50 degrees AM High 80 degrees No Rain Fishing quite good again today. Between the 4 of us caught probably 250 walleye biggest 22 ½ – Most 14”+ 2”. Caught a coupl Pike 28”-30” on Gold Johnson Minnow but over all big Pike action not good. Most year’s big Pike caught wile jigging. Having some trouble with water at cabin as it keeps loosing pressure. To fix, turn off pump at solar box on pier. Take off house clamp on pipe going from solar box to cabin. Turn on pump let run for 15 seconds. Turn pump off. Reconnect hose & tighten clamp and turn pump back on. Should work. Will continue to investigate problem. The 50 dozen minnows are going fast. Leeches working OK but at this rate we might run out of bait. Looking to make minnow trap from sacrificing a plastic jug and a oil bottle.

June 22

Day 3, 60 degrees at 5:00AM High 80 Lots of Sunshine Started the day early (5:00AM) solo cruise – looking for Northern Pike. Caught several (12-15) in shallow water left of cabin. No size but fun to see them crash top water lures. My task was to return with walleyes for breakfast, caught 5 quickly but needed my brother to come and catch the remaining 3 for egg dip & saltine cracker walleyes. (Schmeck Gut!)

After breakfast our group of 4 explored the north side of the lake caught several walleye with small northern mixed in. We went back to out “favorite spots” and pounded walleye catching 23” and 25 ½” with several about 20”. Caught a 32” northern great day in the Great White North! Weather changed quickly and rain kept us in for cribbage and rest.

June 23

Day started out pretty slow. Walleyes not biting very good and wind was pretty strong. Went out after dinner to honey hole and things picked up. Started to catch a number of fish at a pretty good rate. Fishing with panfish pole that I brought up for some fast action. Was bringing in a small walleye when a great white Northern hit it and took off. Since I only had a 2 pound line on it was quite a battle. After 45 min. I landed a 40” plus northern. What a rush! My brother handled the boat and did the netting for me. Next time we will bring bigger nets!!


Day 1, John & Barret, Jake & Adam & Jim & Ben for 3 days those were the fishing partners on Bear Paw. We arrived on 6/17 & well out fishing around 8:30. Weather was beautiful sunny with a slight breeze. The group caught nearly 200 walleye that day with the biggest being over 25”. We didn’t have a lot of huge fish on day 1 but there were several others over 20 inches. The biggest Northern was only 24 inches but Jake and Adam were the only ones targeting them.

Day 2, was over cast & we had rain on & off. Fishing was good again. Barrett & John took the day with well over 100 fish. They also landed many fish over 20” with the largest over 25”. Many of these were caught in the same spot with in 30 minutes. No big Northern for Jake & Adam. Jim & Ben had nearly 100 for the day but nothing over 20 inches. In general the teams did a lot of exploring & had success finding walleyes & the incidental Northern pretty much everywhere.

Day 3, the beautiful weather. Before I go to day 3, should note that BT landed a 24” walleye fishing with Ben & Jim in the morning. Man! The 24” walleye are big. Back to Day 3, Sunny and calm. Another big day for walleyes. The groups didn’t get out as early today. Day 2 was a long one. Alabama made a surprise visit Tuesday night and put on a performance for Adam, BJ & Ben that was mighty nice. The guys sleeping said the singing wasn’t as good as we thought! Out fishing, around 9 & overall another big day close to 200 walleye combined. Fished all over the lake again. For the walleyes it seemed that fishing the breaks & rocks was the ticket. Fishing the breaks/ holes were key to nearly all of the big fish. Jake lost that big northern he had been chasing all week. Had it to the boat & it broke away. Jim & Ben finally started landing some largest fish with the biggest being over 26”. 5 fish over 20 inches were caught by Jim and Ben at eh same spot BT caught the 24. We had a big fish fry on the Day 3 that fueled everyone for a late night of fishing. BJ & John again landed well over 20”. Biggest for them was 24”. Biggest Northern for the week was 30” caught by Ben (& Jim?) on a floating jig. Tried slip bobber fishing at night, but didn’t produce much. Was a great 3 days, can’t wait to get back again.


Ryan my brother caught as 18 inch walleye off the dock them he caught a 37 inch Northern.


June 7

Flew out to Bear Paw at 8:00. Pretty slow morning…15 fish (3 small pike) but several walleyes at 20”, 21” and 22”. Had anchor get stuck on island rocks, but dove down to retrieve it. After cleaning fish at noon, we jigged for Walleyes. By the end of the day…161 fish! Only 5 Pike and a few perch…incredible Walleyes! DNR stopped by for a visit…during dinner Best Walleye day ever- Vin & Tom 110, Jay & Jacques-51 At 10:40pm, black bear visited the outdoor grill – knocked it over and watched us watch him.

June 8

Windy Had a good day jigging for walleyes. Jacques and Tom caught 61 in the morning and early afternoon. Came in for a nap at 3:30. Vinne & Jay caught 40 in the morning and went fishless there after looking off rocks on the north side of the lake. Picked a calm spot to get into rain gear. Vinnie dropped a jig and got an instant hi. Jay and Vinnie fished the spot until they ran out of minnows. Caught walleyes on empty jugs, twisters and jigs, etc… Totalled over 100. The four of us went back at 7pm and fished 10 feet apart and caught 80 in 1 hour. Came in early to avoid the storm. Total for the day>240. Great spot is north of “Buffalo Rock”. Thought yesterday was good until today! Bear did not return yet, but seagulls kept dropping fish heads on the dock. Stupid birds. Buffalo rock is north of eagle nest left around of north from Bay of Pigs. All walleyes there were 16-22 inches.

June 9

Jay & Tom were clear Cribbage winners!! Back to Buffalo Rock. Walleyes still there. Filled the stringer to out limit and then threw anything at the walleyes…Regales, jigs, Gulp, jigs & twisters, empty jigs, jigged the raps, spoons… anything we threw the walleyes took. Vin got a 39” northern on jig end gulp. Stopped walleyes for purpose of saving minnows. Fished the lake…trolled spoons for northerns…35” on silver Minnow, lot of snakes. Walleyes by the pound wherever wind blew in. Eagle nest, but no young yet. No bear at night. Fishing less hard now because we are conserving minnows.

June 10

No bear return. Vin chopped wood for the fire. Nice and warm in cabin after a cool and rainy day. Caught walleyes a twister tails on any windward point. Total of 110 for the day. Nothing big… except the ones that got away. Did see Caribou mother and baby swimming in the northeast bay of the lake, while a very young fawn was “stranded” on an Island. Did not fish hard today either, since we are almost out of minnows, and saving them for tomorrow(last day). I tried to boil water in big pot… over an hour and never boiled. Tom and Jay HATE losing in cribbage.

June 11 Last Day

Fished the back lake and caught a bunch of small northerns and a few walleyes. Returned to Bear Paw and finished off the minnows. Total minnows used = 720+. Caught walleyes on anything along rock lime point! Jugs and minnows, jugs and twister tails, jigs an gulp, jigs and minnow heads, jerky, jugs and ham, incredible… and on raps. Jay and Tom won the walleye invitational international hemispheric championship of the Universe… secret! Cut the minnow in half more walleyes/minnow. Two eagle young in the nest. Bear never returned. The most fish we were caught up here!! Great trip… thanks Harald and Ann. Wolves howling and loons calling … and rain at night… not in day


Travis, Clyde, Tandy. (Wisconsin) 4/June/2010


We arrived at KaBeeLo. After a brief talk with Harald and a quick signature for our fishing licenses we were flying to BEAR PAW!!! It would be nice to start the fishing talk with a tale of a 40” Pike but that’s not going to happen this time. What did happen was the best big walleye fishing we have ever done. Easily over 20 Walleye over 20” the biggest one’s being 26”, 25 ½”, 25” & 24”. Live bate caught the bigger ones most of the time but twister tails played their part in conserving the minnow supply. As far as 4 Pike fishing, it was all snakes on any lure and style of fishing you could throw out there. We did have a lot of bite offs while fishing for walleye’s so maybe on of those was big Pikey, but no visual conformation. And on the 4th Day the Northern Pike rose from the depths on a propeller Jig with a grayish silver artificial minnow look alike. A 32” Pig that made us all smile. It wasn’t the 40” we had hoped to rise up but a Fat Bear Paw Pike none the less.


Day 1, 9:30pm, Dylan & Casey caught 12 Wally’s in the first 1½ hr. Casey caught a 44” Pike by “walking the dog” in “Bay of Pigs”“.

Day 2, 12:00pm, caught a bunch of small northerns in the Bay of Pigs (no Pigs yet today) & so far Casey is ahead of Dylan in Walleyes 18 to 9. We haven’t fished really heard – still scouting & moving around a lot. Where we found walleyes they have been biting well – sometimes as fast as you can drop the jig down. We’re using 1/8-1/4 oz heads w/3” twister tails. We have leeches & used them somewhat, but the walleyes bit regardless of live bait.

May 29

Day 4 Rick caught 41½” northern yesterday. Caught him by jigging for walleyes w/twister tails. Off and on rain all day. About 50 degrees. Today it was very windy and cold. Off and on rain. Casey and Dylan found a spot NE of camp and Dylan caught 43 and Casey caught 23 wallys in about an hour and a half. Used ¼ oz heads w/ twister tails. Used no live bait. Casey ended up with 117 walleyes. Dylan ended up with 88 walleyes throughout the trip.


We’ve been coming to Bear paw for the past 24 years but, 4 of the past 5 openers we’ve been frozen out, and last year a foot of snow fell grounding all planes and canceling our trip once again. So, this year was on of great anticipation as the ice left in record time and we arrived to sunny skies and temps in the mid-70’s. We started fishing for walleyes and found them in one of our favorite spots by the buckets full. In just 2 hours the four of us caught and released 85 wallys till we ran out of the Day One’s Minnow supply. Then it was off to find big pike and they were just waiting for Jim’s Bass-O-Reno. First cast, a 41”. Second a 38 incher. Then in the next 30 minutes it was a pike frenzy with Jim boating a 42 incher and Pat landing a 40-incher – the longest fish of his life. What a Day One!

Tom Franke and family


We are now just 357 days away from our arrival at the KaBeeLo Lodge for our next adventure. This trip was certainly memorable… not for the great fishing, but for the great time we had as a family. My wife, Cathy, had never driven a boat, had never caught a walleye, had never used a jig, have never used a spinning reel, had never put a minnow on a jib or taken a hook out of the mouth of a fish. I would say that her experience was terrific. At one point, Maggie had a 23” walleye on the line that let go of the jig at the boat… and my wife got the net under the fish before it could escape!

I have had fun before, but not of this variety. When we were on Confederation and I asked the girls where they would rather be for a vacation… on the beach of an ocean or up at KeBeeLo, both replied that they wanted to be in Canada. Mary exclaimed that it is more than the fishing… “It is all of this,” as she expansively waved her arms over the scenery. Indeed, the trip for me no longer is about catching a big fish (while that part is still plenty important), but it has become an experience of being family, being with my daughters and watching them be happy… and NOT watching tv, internet, or a bunch of kids trying to dress and act 5 years older than they really are.

Thanks so much for the extra day. It allowed my wife to slow down, and gave my girls and I good time in the boat… and we managed to rescue the bus driver. I will be back with my girls next summer… and am working on a plan to get my teaching friends up there too, but not at the same time smile

Please tell the entire staff a huge thanks. I am sending pictures of our happy moments, but there are no pictures of what is in the heart. My wife wanted to get up there and see why I am so emotionally attached to the trip, and she is still somewhat mystefied. However, when I explained how much of the trips are tied to my childhood memories, she understood a little better.

KaBeeLo Lodge


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