After supper back to falls from 7:30-9, could not get jig & minnow in water fast enough.  Lost count, over 40 walleyes for both of us. 

- Jim & Alex Hunter | Missouri

Brokenmouth Lake


New cabin for our 2005 season complete with 2 separate bedrooms, indoor shower with hot/cold running water, solar lights, knotty pine paneling, vinyl flooring, refrigerator, wood burring stove and a large deck overlooking the lake, can accommodate 5 people. This is the ONLY cabin on the lake and a beauty.

Brokenmouth lake is approximately 3/4 miles wide X 3 miles long located along the Brokenmouth River system. 

Guest Comments

2015 Season


Tom Latina | Loveland, CO.


Aug 9th

DAY #1: Trolled around lake with medium depth lures (Rapalas) to try and locate the fish.  Pretty slow day – ½ dozen fish; 5 walleyes, 1 pike.

DAY #2: Trolled a bit more – casted weed beds and had good pike action.

DAY #3:  Put on spinner rig w/leeches and twister tails and drifted in 20’ plus water – LORDY – GREAT walleyes!!!  26”, 27” & 28”!  AND LOTS!

DAY #4: Stayed in 20’ + water and caught lots of nice walleyes!!!

DAY #5: Repeat of days 3&4!

DAY #6: Harald came out and we had a blast – caught lots of nice walleyes.

DAY #7: As long as we stayed in deep water we caught nice walleyes.

DAY #8: I think a hurricane came scooting thru as we never were able to leave the cabin.  Somehow the plane came @2pm and took Harald back to the base camp.

DAY #9: Ho Hum – never seemed to NOT find nice walleyes!!  As long as I drifted in 20’ of water this has become a no brainer!

DAY #10: I think the group of eagles had to have been here, looked out on a sunrise like this and came up with the words “Just another day in paradise”!  Beautiful day – lots of nice fish and not 1 northern pike!  I think in all the years I have been coming here this is a FIRST!

DAY #11: Aug 19th Ugly start – gray, drab, raining!  Last day of trip ‘til next year – Just went in front of cabin about 200 yds straight out in 20’ of water and in 10 minutes had my dinner walleye!  Last meal of the trip – It was great and as always – memorable. 

2014 Season


Mike Johnson & Henry Janish | Mpls MN


6.25.2014 Day 1 - This is my 18th time going to KaBeeLo and my first time at Brokenmouth.  Impressed with the size or average size of walleyes – 18 to 20 inchers.  20-23.5 were the largest and were fishing the main part of the lake. 

6.26.2014 Day 2 - Up at 5am on the water at 6am.  Great morning fishing. 20” walleyes common 26” the largest.  Best I have seen in a long time. 27-1/2” northern also caught.  Went to the falls after lunch, very scenic.  Walleyes were plentifull 22” the largest.  33” northern was also caught.  The larger sizes were not consistent at the falls.  Evening 5:30pm fishing was done closer to the cabin we fished until 8:30, walleyes were larger, could not land one in under 18”.  Walleyes were 20” to 24”.  One large northern 37” was landed.  Some northern smaller were also caught.

6.27.2014 Day 3 - Got up early, 4 am and fishing by 5:05am,  Just fishing near the first narrows on main lake.  All walleyes were in the 18-20” range but one at 26” for the morning.  Came back at 10am and made breakfast, nice day with wind & clouds.  Afternoon wasn’t as good with it warming up.  Biggest northern 33” on a jig.  May writing can you tell I’ve had a too many cottails….

6.27.2014 Up at 4 am on the water by 5 am.  Walleye fishing was good 19”-24”, caught some on a slip bobber setup.  The fish would take the bait on a slow retrieve at times.  Cloudy sky no sun today.  The wind is light and it rained but nor hard.  We fished in as bay with spoons.  The bay produced 6 small northerns.  One 33: northern was landed in open water on the larger part of the lake.  Went for a meal at 10 am it is raining heavier now.

6.27.2014 Day 4 – After lunch we were back to our choice fishing spot as the rain had stopped.  We came very close to landing the largest walleye we have seen.  It was not to be this trip, hope that fish will be here next year.  We will recommend this adventure to anyone.  We had a great time and both of us hope to be at this lake next year. Henry.  Thanks a lot to the Lohn family.

Jim & Lili Clark, Yuma AZ


Jim’s 3rd time at this cabin

** Mesquito Alert **

1st day – getting to know lake and rocks in the lake.  Caught 9 or 10, windy warm day. Caught some across from cabin, jigs & leeches.  Cooked 3 for dinner.

2nd day – read about the falls so headed there in am.  It was true, caught 20-25 really nice fish.  Going back this evening for dinner.  Still windy but very nice day.  Back to falls around 4:30pm the fish are biting but we’re out of bait (which my husband has been baiting my hook along), so he asks what kind of lure I would like.  I say “you got anything pink” he says “oh yea – snicker – snicker –“ so he ties on a little pink multi colour spoon.  I cast out and proceed to pull in a 20” walleye on 1st cast.   He was stunned but that’s about how the evening went.  He also caught a few releases and we had a great walleye dinner.

3rd day – rained last night + heavy clouds this morning, going back to falls – last day went to falls, cold weather, still catching fish with pink spoon (1st cast).  Jim finally got spoon away from me and immediately caught nice walleye on 1st cast.  He caught a few more then went to cabin to start cleaning up – Mosquitos were so bad we couldn’t sit outside 0 just as bad inside.  Had a great trip!!!!

Brandon & Ana Bartz | Mpls, MN


6/5 Rainy all day; SW wind 5-8.  13 walleye - largest 24" average 19"

6/6 Bright sun all day; NW wind 10-14 (almost directly at cabin).  18 walleye - largest 20", avg 16".  6 northern - largest 30"  Pink/white lead w whitegrub/greenlead spraklygrub & tail + minnow  ** Mother Moose w calf spotted swimming to shore; after cooking burgers, black bear (~350 lbs) spotted sittig directly outside south dining room window.

6/7 Bright sun all AM; W wind 8-10 (scattered showers in afternoon).  25 walleye - largest 26", avg 18".  12 northern - largest 34".  Ratt;e raps, lead jigs w grubtails & minnows; tried top water w mild success. ** Saw a beaver hanging around the falls - not as exciting as a bear....

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Jim & Alex Hunter


May 25th Sunday - Arrived at 5pm, left dock at 6pm.  Arrived at falls 6:15.  First walleye at 6:25pm  Fished until 8pm.  Cloudy rain.  Alex = 10 walleye, average 17-18”.  2 small northern.  Jim = 12 walleye 17-18”

May 26th Monday - On lake at 9am.  Cloudy, cool & windy.  Went to falls.  ALEX: 6-7 walleye largest 22” 2 small northern.  JIM: 5 walleye, 1 northern 34”.  All caught on jig & minnow.  At narrows of main lake, 4 small northern & 1 small “dog fish” (BOWFIN).  After supper back to falls from 7:30-9, could not get jig & minnow in water fast enough.  Lost count, over 40 walleyes for both of us.  Smaller average size.  1 good northern did not measure.  Lights worked today when sun was out.  Not working tonight -= battery drained.

May 27 (cool & clear) - Morning: back to falls (where else).  Alex: 2 walleye (too big to eat), 1 northern over 30”. Jim: 1 small northern, 1-42” northern, 1-32” northern, 3 walleyes (1 @ 26”).  ALL caught on orange head 1/8oz jig, white body + minnow

May 28 - Clear & warm.  Wind from NE then to SW.  Spent all day at falls.  25-30 fish using jig & gulp minnows

May 29 – LAST DAY Guess we will go to the falls.  Sunny & calm this morning.  Caught lots of fish today Jim: 36” northern, 27” walleye, Alex: 25” walleye.  Day was hot then cloudy & cool tonight.  Wind to NE.  Have to head back to Missouri tomorrow.  This was one of our best trips as far as fish size & numbers.  Even the gulp minnows worked.  Jim = 24th year at KaBeeLo, son Alex = 22nd year at KaBeeLo.  We hope to be back next year.  Best of luck to all that follow.  “Tight Lines” Jim.

2012 Season


Submitted by S & S


father/daughter fished lake from the get-go. Early fishing was tough but moved our boat and GUESS WHAT? We caught fish. Found out that gold jigs were the answer to catching fish and used a lot on Day two. WOW! Day three with gold jigs and minnows we caught fish and basked in glorious sun. Day three – R.A.I.N.E.D – a lot! We stuck it out & had a blast with northerns.


Great – we got out ½ day early because no one was on the lake. After settling in we fished right off the dock – Dad caught ‘em but no one else. Second day, of course, we got into the fish despite the wind and rain. But, spark plug was loose on one boat so stranded for a bit until “rescued” by the rest of our party. Day three, more rain and more wind but fish we caught. Lots of them. Day four we begin to catch fish when WHAM – hook in the hand. It hurt but we managed. Looking for the rescue plane but nothing came by. We survived. Day five, our last, we fished, caught fish, had equipment problems while some napped.

2010 Season



Today I caught 15 to 20 fish this morning I caught 2 walleye in a row right after I custed twice I didn’t catch my pike today. I just caught many walleye although today was a great day of fishing it wasn’t any ware near as great as yesterdays fishing.


Today I caught 10 to 15 fish today my first 4 pike. I caught the first fish was 28” next was 28” then a 29 ½” the next one was 21” so today I’ve had the best day of fishing. On time my grandpa’s friend Steve was going to lose a big pike in our boat later today.

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